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Chapter 20 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 20

Buaji Auntiji ..i am Going Out for jogging ..

He said closing the door behind him .


They watched him going sadly ..

And looked at each other , and Nodded ..

Bituwa .aur kar be kya Sakthey hi ..

Now lets go and talk ..Buaji walked ahead ..

But Garima was not able to take a step ,

Garima .a aa Buaji turned and asked..

Humse Nahee Hoga Jeeji ..She shook her head sadly ..

Hm Hm

Ok Don't worry I will handle .. Buaji Understood her plight


Buaji peeked in to Khushi's room .. Sneaking her heads in ..then back then again in .

Khushi was in deep thoughts of various stages life of the Unborn Amitab Bachan in her Womb .

She was making Plans for his future ,

Hum Usey Hoop Pad likayengey ..lekin when the picture comes of Old Arnav-Bachan Confriontation he is looking like coolie, mawalee .. ..Then she erased and changed it to Suit like Arnav dresses and it was the Don attire ..and happy in her mind .

Hmm Ab teek hi .

next second in her mind her Son ,carries a Gun ., Don hoga tho Gun Bhee Hoga na ..., Nahee ..she started to worry..her son Underworld !?? Kids like them because of the shameful childhood and sufferings , need to do such horrible things in life and that eventually brings them in the dark ways of life ..That she had understood and was clear from the thousand of Hindi films from eastman colours to films like "chandneebar" .. ...

nahee Mera Beta Gangster Nahee Banenga ..

She stood up ..

Buaji was watching her expression but not at all surprised as she was seeing it from long back and the term ,sanka devi explains all ..

She knocked and got inside ..

Hey titaliya I want to speak something ' said casually


And she was still in her thoughts ..

Buaji whacked her arms giving her pain ..

Oouch .>jee Bujai ..

Kis Soch Mey pad gayee ho .

Jee Vo amitab Bachan.. Don

Bachan ...Don ...?? .hay re nand Kishore 'abhee bhee bachan vachan film mey doobi rahthee hi .chotey bachon jaisa ..

Ab Kaisen Samjaye Is Sanka Devi Ko ..with that said she sat on the bed .. Well Heavy Buaji and 50 year Old bed was not so good combination it screeched back with a loud noise showing its protest ..

She wondered ..

Uyee ye Ka Sasura Awaaj ..

Then her face lit with an awsome Idea , she knew its sound when people lay and ..she instantly asked but hesitating in using the words '

Khushi Awaj ..

Ha Buaji Appee Ka Bistar Ka mehar bani hi ..

Bitiya Jab ..Jab .. .. (Ok we know why she is "atk"ing at "Jab"s ..ok think ladies think


She was sure about not hearing any sound of the creepy bed since their visit ..Like their doubting and considering other matters she is not surprised

Jab Jab Thum log sothey hi ' She said the word Sleep with emphasis ..Jab Thum Log sothey hi thab aawaz nahee karthee ..hi ka ..

Khushi with her typical handmovemnets ..

Karthee hi ..Math poocho ..Arnavji Bahuth Gussey Huey The ..Zameen pe Soney KA Baath Thank Kar Raha tha ..

Buaji blushed 'Oh So ..

Khushi too smiled ..Ha Buaji lekin Choohon ka nashta Unkay baal ban ney Wala hi ye sunkar Bistar mey hee so gaya ' and she laughed out loud and Buaji was lookinga t her like ..what type of specimen she is ..

ThaB Awaz Nahee Kiya ..she asked fearfully ..

Khushi looked at her , and thought her fear was for Arnavs Wrath ..

Nahee Nahee . like saying some secret with wide eyes and low voice she answered

.Hum Humarey tharaf ..Bina Hiley Soney kee Koshish kartha tha ..Humaree Himmath ki Hilay . Nahee tho Beech raath Ko Utkar ..

WHAT the What The Bol key Sab ke Neend Kharab Kar Detha Laad Governor ..

She shook her head in negation ..

Buaji whacked her head again Haye Re NandKishore .Ye Pathar Ki Moorthee Jaisa Soya Hoga ...

Tho Kuch bhee Nahee hua ..

Nahee Kuch nahee ..She replied like a child deeply thinking why Arnav did not fighted for anything after the first day .

Buaji passed an agonizing look at Khushi and then to the door , she knew Garima will be there waiting and hearing everything ..

Tho Thum Bina Hilay hee humesha So jathey hi ..

Whats this , Did The Lard Governor complained the way i sleep to Buaji or not , If so defenitely i will get scolded .., Hmm ,Hum Bhe Nahee chodengey , Khushi thought

Ha Bilkul ..Hum athey hi so jathey hi ..Bilkul Nahee Hilthey .Bath bhee nahee Karthey ..bas Sojathey hi ..

Khushi wanted to tell thats she never get involves in any fight , she want to clear her said before he complains

Garima moved her head left right indicating with making face ..

No Hope? Nothing happened ..??

Buaji repeated her gesture and Nodded up and down signing nothing happened ..


They doubted but , making it assured from Khushi's said left them shocked completely ...
When they laid there deciding sides for each other ,and when she laid it made sound shocking Arnav on the first day , and when he made a fuss about it she said my side bed will make sound , and he retorted back , yes its your said how can it stay quiet ..making fun of her non stop bolna thinking that Incidents ,

By then Khushi left her Amithab Bachan and all back and was thinking about how she pestered lard Governor and started to sing swinging her Dupatta

Mausam hi Suhana ..Soney Ka bahana ..

La LA .La ..

Hey bistar Hi Purana ..

Bolna Jana ..jaisey hamara ..

La la la ..

Buaji again whacked making her stop her crapy song ..

Chup Raho Titaliya ..Jab Bhee deko ..Bachon ki tarah ..

By then Garima Stormed in great anger .

Bas karo Hold her hand with which she was swinging the end of her dupatta while singing ,

I was Watching You always pester Bituwa with your crazy pranks one after the another since he came here Tho Fir Uhney .. She is so worried , Buaji Hold on her shoulder to remind her to be in control .

She turned bua and said crying .

Kal Raath kya Hua Vo janey ka baad ''...Uske Baad

jeeji..Mai .kaisey ..Akir maa Hoom ..

Garima thum Sambal lo apney ap Ko .Hum SamjaDengey ... Abhee bachon Jaisey Rahaney ka umra nahee hi .. Ok .. Humara bitiya Jaldee Samaj Jaeengee ..Hi na Titliya ..Ye Becharee Kya Janthey hi ..

Khushi was looking at the emotional atyachar of women worriedly , She garbbed her pallu closing her mouth , Tho Kal raath ke Bary mey ..Eveyone Knows ..

Dekho ..titaliya .Thum Hamrey Saath chal , Thuhmara Shaadi huee hi .ab tho Ye Bachkaani Harkatheym Chodo .. Kuch saj Daj lo ..ha .and Kab thak ye Ladkiyon jaisey .. Salwar kameez pahnengee ..Chalo ..Hum Achey Saari dethey hi ..bitiya ..

Sab Sarre hee pehanthey hi ..Thuhree Ma ..Payaliya ..Ab Thuhmey Bhee Saree ..

Garima Looked at Buaji Conficingly ... Then Buaji explained ..Hum

Khushi bitiya ko tayar karthey hi ki ... then Garima Understood what she was planning and a shy smile crept on her lips too ..
Khushi stared both ..Buaji Explained ..Holding her chin ..
Hum Ithna Sajayengey Ithna Sajayengey Ki Dekhney Waley ka Hosh ud jayee..
Buaji decided to bring her all beauty out and as first step she decided to change change Khushi's wardrobe in to Sarees .most seductive dress on women ..

(OK ..i think saree is sometime more effective than lingerie on some guys ..)

Khushi looked at them in Awe ..

Hamara Shadi hokey Tho bahuth Din Huey , Fir Achanak ab humse ,,saadi waadi .. , Tho Kya Sab Suhag rath Honey ke baad 'Hoga Shayad .. Most of the married women she knows wears saari only ..

And the most important question is how they come to know that me and Arnavji kal raath ..

May be ..badey hi .. Sh has seen in her movies teaisng suhag rath and all .. So they may have got clue from my body language ..So ..

The slightest confusion in her mind was completely vanished by now ..That means ..we had ..yesterday

And the greatest part of it came back after it as a realization ..and Uhney Kuch Farak nahee Padtha !


He came back from jogging ,

He went to his room , but he was unable to find the clothes needed to change , he understood it may be one of her pranks to make him delay for his bath , he was about to shout ..then thought about yesterdays events , and then how he managed to esacpe from her questions , if he calls her again ..then ..may be ..

He tried to search , every possible corner of the room ..

He was getting late it was already 9 or never

He shouted KHUSHEEE ..

This time Buaji and Garima did not Surprised , by now they got the actual reason for all his frustration and they are working on it .. and after looking at Khushi , they got the confidence that their plan will defenitely work

A Small shining Bindi, They are done , now they looked at Khushi once again and smiled complemneting each other satisfied by their work ..

And they pushed her inside the room ..

Khushi was all confused , and was trying hard to register the fact this is the way it is to be nothing else .and was calming her down ..

KHUSHEEE he shouted again and ..then he saw her '.

Standing scaredly at the end of the room ... Thoughtful
khhh ...hushi ... ye ..kya hi ... then she looked at him .. and their eyes met , leaving them completely speechless..
He gulped looking the beautiful form in front of him , in the soft material of the green saari she wore her skin seems glowing ..and the inscence of the gajras and other flowers left over at the room was ,all the way getting in to his veins filling it with desire and her perplexed eyes and pink lips adding fire to it ..and her open air in the wind was already .making the breeze smell her all around him ...

He really felt difficult to breath..fearing him of losing himself alover again ..

Garima and Buaji , saw his reaction seeing her , and they blushed chuckled satisfied and slowly retreated ..

Challo Hum Log Mandir janey ke Thayaari karthey hi ..

Uhney bhee le chaley Garima asked shyly ..tho tho..

Buaji .ha ha Kyun Nahee and they headed to babuji's room ..intending to give the couples complete privacy .


Bituawa ...Hum Log Mandir ja Rahey hi ...Babuji Ka Chinda Math Karo ..We are Taking him along with us ...
They heard Buaji Screaming ., which brought them back to the world they are now from something they cant explain...
Ji Buaji ..both replied almost together ..
then they looked at each other and ..they rushed out unable to share the same room ...
But Buaji .. ..
For the first time in his life , he felt afraid , to be alone in the house ..alone in teh house with her ...
But Buaji ..
he stood in front of Buaji , almost panting searching for words ..


  1. beautiful part......
    buaji's plan will work out??

    loved it............[abina]

  2. Loved it magicia. Buaji kya planning hei hee he he

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks U commented on India forum too ..very kind of you ,. ;)


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