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Chapter 14 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 14
Kya Bak Rahey Hi ..Apko Hmarey barey mey Aisa Kahney ka koee Haq nahee '

    Ap Samjthey Kya hi Apney Ap ko ' You may be get used to women like you mentioned now, who do anything for your money ' And without knowing who I am how dare you to talk to me like this '

    How dare me ? When you can do something like these i '

    Shut Up ! She shouted '

    Ap Samjthey kyahi apney ap ko ..

    Koi Apkey Deedi ke Barey mey Aisa bath Karey tho Ap Kya Bolengey Boliye ..hi Koi Jawab 'Bathameezi ki bee Hud hothee hi '

    Hat jaiye Humarey Rasthey se '. And she tried to walk away

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    He turned in a swift movement and

    He Hold her Arms Tightly and Turned her and locked her in between wall and him ..and looked in to her Eyes ..

    Bathameezi Mainey Ab Shuru Bhee Nahee kee Hi ..Thuhmey Jawab Chaiye Na '

    and ...

    How Dare you To Shut me Up '

    I am Arnav Singh Raizada and I don't need to think something about me ..because I am Everything '

    Samjee Thum '

    She looked at him , What did he said ..he he 'Ar ..Arnav Raizada...

    Thum Jaise Ladkiyon Ki ithna Aukath Nahee Ki Ki Arnav Singh raizada se Aisey bath Karey '.

    He spatted ..Oh Now she know , understood well yes He is Arnav Singh Raizada 'the Same Man...

    Arnav Singh Raizada , she gritted her teeth 'A person she hate most at this moment ..

    So You are Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada ..Her voice suddenly got cold ,Arnav Sensed the extreme anger in which the voice was soaked .

    Humara Saath Jo Doka Hua ' Sab Apkey Vajah se ...

    What ? He thought what Dhoka...

    Yes Now that she don't have any defense ,she is accusing me , Behind the angelic face she is cunning, shrewd

    How could she be cunning ? He hated her more '

    (TongueOk humara arnavji ..is totally an idiot he don't know what he want .. When she claims she is innocent he accuses her of chudailgiri and when she shows chudailgiri he angry at her of not being innocent ..)

    Jo Dhoka apney Hud ke faidey ke liye Humara Parivar ke sath kiya hi and Uskey baad

    Apko koee haq nahee Hamrey ya hamrey jeeji ke barey mey Aisa baath karey ..

    Humara Sath Jo Dokha Hua Hi .. Vo Sirf hum Janthey hi ...

    And all because of Peopla Like You 'Jihney Daulath pe Ithna Guroor hi ..Ki Vo Samaj Sakthey Hi Daulath Se Kuch bhee Khareed Sakthey hi .

    She cant hold of her anger and she attcked him ..Pushed him ..whacked him on his chest ,

    What the hell .. she is talking about ..Dhoka ,Her Parivar ..Nothing seems to have any sence or is she tricking me again ..

    He perplexed

    He hold on her both hands making her stop .. In an iron grip ..

    Chodiye Humey ..Chodiye

    Trying to get free herself from him , pulling her away from him ..and She fought for her life ,then suddenly she noticed her clothes got changed ..her eyes Popped out ..

    seeing her shocked face Arnav also dropped his hands ...
    she touched her clothes and screamed ,,,,,Humaraey Kapadey '..and she looked at him as if she saw a Devil .she scared that he did something to her ,

    fear instantly turned to ferocity.

    And then it seems the burning fire in her eyes evaporated all tears and .

    A SLAP ''''''''..Clap

    Arnav felt darkness in his eyes and his cheeks burning ...Cry

    Ap ne Khushi Kumari Gupta Ko Chooney kee Himmath Kaisey kee

    That realization was shocking devastating for her considering the man , arrogant standing in front of her

    Ap 'Ap ..Humey '

    How Dare you ..humarey kapdey ...

    Khushi , khushi Kumari Gupta is her name 'hmm , Now he understood what had flabbergasted her and made her mad' first he felt like he should clear the things for her , then his Ego or some unknown feeling of broken trust , how can she think of me ..like that ..how ..he pushed her back 'and locked her in between him and the wall ..again making her immobile '

    And dramatically take his hands off her in a jerk and spatted '

    How dare you to think Khushi Kumaree Gupta ..that I ' Touched you ' I did something to you ..I will prefer chop off my hands before it touches a girl like ..you '' Arnav Singh Raizada kabhee bhee thum Jisaey Do takey key Ladkee ke muh nahee lagthey ..Now Get Out ..he roared , he was mad with anger , how could she think so mean of him ' how could she '??

    Now get out , Your Blackmailing tricks will not work on me ..

    Remember I Am Arnav Singh Raizada

    he shouted again

    And Find some other place to make as much as money you want for your Jeeji's marriage ..or yours '..get out ..

    She was no more crying , she felt completely defeated ' and she tried to walk with heavy foots and then collapsed . And even though he was turning the other sid e..he felt she needed him now '..and .before she fall , he hold on her , saving her ,cursing himself unknowingly , in pain without knowing the reason , he hurt her 'he is the reason for her agony ..

    He laid her on bed '


    6 o clock Aman Knocked ,


    Arnav said Come in ..

    He did not slept .
    He was sitting beside her , completely in pain
    He is famous for his anger , and never thought of his actions for the second time , but whatever he had done with her .. making him think again and again and getting stabbed by his own words ..
    jab Mey Uske barey mey bura boltha hoom tho mujey hud Ithna Dard Kyun Hota hi ... a question he asked million times to himself ..
    ' And he felt some thing to take his attention off from her ..which he finds impossible to do it by himself ...vlcsnap-2012-05-15-10h58m49s90
    Aman came and saw her laying , Oh Its her Oh My God ...'

    He looked at Aman , the other Night Aman did not saw her ..

    You know her ..

    Yes Sir , she was here to meet Mr Manish ,

    Manish ??

    Yes Who took our compensation and ..

    cancelled his wedding and reception so that we had the other party hall for free..

    Arnav remembered his Decorators removing the names in the flower arrangement .. at Party hall Manish Raj Weds Payal Gupta ..

    Payal Gupta ''

    Gupta ..

    Khushi Gupta ..

    Payal Guptas Sister ...

    He closed his eyes ..in guilt ..


  1. Wow magicia liked the last part more. Asr feeling guilt...

    1. LOL ... Uska Hobby Banchuka Hi everytime shouting khushi and then .feeling guilt

      thank you dear for the comment

  2. brilliant...


  3. Replies
    1. Thank You first friend ..Nowadays your comments got shorter because of no comedy in it ??


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