Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 9 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 9



He looked deep in to her eyes .. Slightly scared and full of innocence ..

He looked deep in to her eyes .. Slightly scared and full of innocence ..

Same Eyes that conquered and locked his heart for ever for any other women , from the first moment he encountered …

He softly caressed her cheeks , slowly tucking the tendrils fall on her face behind that ear , the moment his fingers brushed her ears she winced and tilted her head , feeling his touch ..sensuously

With her cute gestures he could sense that she is awaking the desires he burned down deep inside him ..

His hands slowly wandered her back drawing patterns to calm down her raising heart beats ..

But it was not at all helping instead it achieved certain rhythm to match with his and …she felt herself her whole body going weaker and weaker and its getting automatically slanting on him … she hid her flushed face on his shoulders , and he with a chuckle buried his face in the nape of her neck , and he slowly pulled off the band with which she tied her hair making it spread around her back .and he breathed in it ..taking the sweet fragrance of her ….

He parted it to another side exposing her neck , followed by a set if wet kisses along her neck and trailed up to her jaw line and …it soon captured her lips .which was waiting .ready to be taught and they started to learn in new horizons … experimenting , teasing each other passionately ...

he hugged her tightly ..with one hand while his other pushed her body further to him from her back kneading every single curve came on his way ..

Her blouse was open at the front , thanks to the Honey bee ...and her assets where hanging loosely frustrated.. To be caressed by him .. And she snuggled to him closer crushing her chest against his , the soft material of the pallu covering it give its way making her flesh feel the material of his shirt and she felt the heat radiating from his body on her …

Her hands automatically went his waist trailing down and feeling the hard muscles on his chest , and it simply find the edge of T-shirt he was wearing and she pulled it up .. And when it caught at his neck he pushed her little away from him kiss and quickly took of his shirt , baring his chest ..

She arched back , almost exposed at the front …he pushed her down to the bed …and fall on her crushing her beneath him ..and continued his kissing …

The raw urges was on the verge of breaking all controls ..

And quickly adjusted him on her … and bent down quickly pulled down the edge of her skirt little to get a view of her navels ..

He plunged his tongue deep in to it and sucking making her jolt under him in pleasure ..he deepened his kiss and slowly trailed it up ..make her squirm under him in demand and pleasure …

He kissed her , slowly nibbling leaving small red marks ..towards up along the navel , in between her breasts and he spend a little more time on her neck , as it seems gives her more pleasure , when he sucked small chunks of flesh he could grab from his lips and mercilessly knead her breast make her scream in pleasure and which was getting muffled in his mouth ..

He was playing her whole body with his sensuous touches like some musical instrument and how it reached there was not the question but the realization was ecstatic ..

…he could feel her completely wet and waiting for him .

And he played a little long and in effect her whole body once again jolted under him ,her nails dig his shoulders deep making it bleed and at the end of tremors of pleasure rocking her body she shuddered and fell back on bed …releasing her hold on him …scratching his body ….

He cant wait any longer …and ..

With his knees he urgently parted her thighs and he pushed him down , he could feel the tension in his inners and he just rose from her with clear intention of get off from the barriers ….and he realized his barriers …

She lied in front of him , in the lehenga misplaced all over , almost half naked ..

His mind quickly went back the moment he first met her .like this in Lucknow.

( \I know at least some of you are little aroused and don't want me to stop here .. , but my arnav here, the beast is cute too .so I need an explanations to his actions ..i cant just let him take advantage of a little girls sexual fantasies … though she gets in to his nerves at times and make him do things he could never imagine .. So please be with me …

Ok Guys Now That I decided to write it as an FF , we need a story , some flash back that helps me to write future track ..the story is little different from that of serial ..but most of the incidents I manipulated the way I want for my story .. I will try to make it as interesting as possible .

Hmm and what about my likes ?? ..and ummas for those commented and liked ..silent readers grr not fair ..now my pm list is grown beyond 175 and even one forth of it is not responding I wll send daily pms to those who commented on last update only …for everyone I will send pms when three update is ready


  1. what an update dear
    ASR will eat you alive lol......
    hot&beautiful update........[abina ]

    1. u know abina i would love to be eaten ..

  2. all copy cats...but gurti is the best...

    1. hmm
      all copy cats ..including gurti ...

      Hai; Mr.Darcy ...LOL

  3. Wooww amazing and hot. Kamal ka writing hei!


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