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Chapter 21 : crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 21

WinkFor the first time in his life , he felt afraid , to be alone in the house ..alone in the house with her ...
But Buaji ..
he stood in front of Buaji , almost panting searching for words ..stammering
He in fact stopped them blocking their way standing in front of them ,
Just Give me 10 Minutes I will take bath and Get ready, I will drop You guys '
Buaji and Garima Looked at each other , in awe ..
Khushi joined her husband ..Ha ha bilkul buaji ye Apko chod Dengey
Arnav passed a deadly look at her , in anger
Buajia nd Garima saw that , and they misinterpreted as, he was just being formal and their stupid Shanka devi took it for real and that is making him angry .
Nahee beta Hum Chaley Jayengey , bekar mey Thakleef ..
He insisted No I will ,
Ha ha Bilkul he will drop you guys .. Chaliye jaldee se ready Hojaiye ..
Lekin Khushi , I need to take Bath ..Merey Kapdey kaha hi ..he spat gritting his teeth , time is running by , whatever happens he is not going to take bath publically ever again ...
Kapdey ..Apkey Kapdey ?
she muttered
Ha Khushi ..Merey kapdey ..Akash ke kapdey tho yaha hoga Nahee ..Right ? he inched closer ..
At any cost she dont want to stay with him alone in the house .. No never ..
She ran around like some cockroach scampering in search here and there ,
searching between cusions of sofa , under TV stand , even she checked inside a flower vase in scurry !
KHUSHIee Merey Kapdey kaha hi .. and what the hell are you doing ...
she dont have a clue what to do next ..and what she was doing ..
Humey kaisey patha she innocently replied
Thuhme Nahee Patha '.. He don't trust her , he was sure she was the only person behind it
Khushiee Jaldee se ..Mere 'Kapdey Detho nahee Tho Acha Nahee Hoga ...
He shouted , Buaji and Garima worried .., Garima then remembered something ..
Bituwa ..Vo Vo ..Hum ..and she went inside babuji's room and brought his dress
Hum jab kapdey nikal rahey they thab humney ye dekha .. Thab mujey malum Nahee Tha Apka Kapda hi ..lekin ..unkey nahee they ... but now ... Khushi thum Bituwa key Kapdey babuji ke Sath Kyun rakey ..
He looked at her and she felt she is going to be burned alive by his anger , she stammered ..
Humey nahee Patha Sach mem , May be by Mistake '..'
, yes indeed she don't know , because she was out of order from her mind thinking the previous nights events ,baby amitab bachan's birth after the six month contract ends, his 'parvarish',son father confrontation 'his profession even though nothing related to the context she saw a boys wrist tatooed "Mera Baap Lad Governor Hi " too , and what not ..and while doing daily chores and other works she was just doing things mechanically
And by mistake when she folded clothes of babuji , she misplaced Arnavs clothes too by mistake ,so she dont remember and thinks she had done that!
Yea ' Thuhmey patha nahee .. Arnav cant control his anger , she did everything and when got caught acting innocent like a baby .! ' how can a person act so genuine ' she was so pure ... her eyes a baby ! ueh ,...
Yea it happened by mistake , and all because of him only , na vo kal rath kuch karthey na hum aisey waisey sochethey , she thought , Mistakes happens but why he is looking at me like I did some unforgivable crime .. Kapdey tho milgaye ..ab kyun Goor raha hi Lard Governor , jaisa ki mainey unkey kapdey ka khoon kia Ho '
Buaji looked at the couples and their staring at each other as if they will pounce at each other any time like wild tigers ..then her gaze shifted to clock .and she whacked .her head in usual gesture.
Hay re Nand Kishore ''9.30 hogaya 'Paani tho bandh Hogaya '..
His hands ball up in to a fist , gritting his teeth controlling his anger ' Khushi don't know what to do , she looked at him scaredly then at..Buaji and Amma for help ..
Garima try to ease the situation ..Koee bath Nahee ' Koee Bath Nahee .
Hum ..Paani Bhar Ke rakha hi .. ..There will be enough water for you , and for whole day too
Khushi laughed like nothing happened , ya ya ..Problem solved , now you can take bath ..
Arnav looked at her like he will kill her ,
Yea ..problem solved .., if you havent hidden my clothes ..i could have 'he inched closer ..
She took some steps back , then gather courage , why she need to get sacred , she did not hide his clothes .., she stopped hum nahee hide kiya kisee ka clothes ..
Yea ..then how come my clothes on Bbauji's cupboard , it got legs and was it playing hide and seek with me Khushi ...
She murmered yes lard Governor ki kapdey hi .. It may have legs and horns '
Bituwa , now ..everything solved right you can take bath now ,,You are sweating ..
He turned, he replied ..making a face
Yea , but am not used to use this Mug, bucket and all , if it werent delayed i could have taken bath from shower easily .she ... He tried to justify his anger ..well with her Arnav most of the time forgets his ASR demeanor
Buaji ..laughed loudly ..bas Ithney se baath ,. Chalo .Chalo .. Titliya ..Damadji Ko nahlao ..
JI '.. Both Shouted at the same time and looked at each other in shock .
Ha Kal jaisey Nal ke pas legaya here in bathroom help Karlo .. Ok Damadji don't worry she will help you ..pouring water
He looked at Khushi who was getting scared .. And he narrowed his eyes ' a smirk started to appear at the edge of his lips and yes .. Its pay back time Khushi Kumari Gupta Sing Raizada ' i will teach you a lesson that u will never dared to mess with my bath ..ever again ..he pledged ..

he smiled and went inside bathroom .. Removing his vests exposing his well chiseld body
Buaji pushed Khushi , Nahee Nahee ..her mind screamed and her face reflected
Buaji in anger threatened , if you don't do whatever Damadji is saying forget we ever had any Relation ..
Hum .. Ammaji also nodded ..
Khushi jao ..Garima commanded ..
We are leaving now , I don't want to hear any complaint from damadji when I come back ..OK .
She sternly said to Khushi and walked out pushing babuji's wheel chair ..Buaji also followed
At the door she stopped ..jao 'Khushi 'Seeing her angry face she yea ye and gone inside thinking deeply , why they are getting too much serious on this silly thing , and Arnav was hearing the conversation outside and he smiled ,he just thought its their love , part of their hospitality , love and care ..
Yes time to teach you a lesson Khushie Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada '
Khushiee 'He called her authoritatively , buaji eyed her to go inside warningly and in a jerk she dropped inside
Buaji closed the door and looked at Garima and both cracked up
babuji also smiled softly ,

Khushi ..thum Kya kar rahee ho ...

Hum Hum ..

ha ..Thum Kya Kar Rahee Ho ..he looked in to her eyes , naughtily still powerfully .

are you really going to bathe me ..

lad governor , shameless ..

she cursed him , but she is not going to make him win easily , as always she was in to his game once again ..ready to fight

she took a deep sigh ,and hold the back end of her Sari pallu and tucked to her waist,twisted and tied her hair to a bun , got ready to work,, surprising him of her guts and at the same time making his desires wake instantly when he got the glimpses of the milky white flat belly , swan like neck and soft and glowing skin of her back

she took the Mug full of water , as if taking sword out of its case and thrown at him trying to bring him back to his senses ...angrily and looked at him ...

ready to fight to any extend ...


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