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Arnav Khushi and Munnu (Part 1)

Arnav Khushi and Munnu
It got three parts , u can either read three on enjoy each as one shot ..
The first Part is this Post , Remaining links Given Below this Post

I know almost everybody will be expecting something like this too .

Both Arnav and Khushi was hell Tired.. So much work ' For Arnav it was all new, She knew well he was tired but then again he made fun of her .So she cant stop herself from troubling him.

It's a great thing he helped her in repairing the Generator ,which actually got more spoiled by her trials , and she actually genuinely thought of thanking him and before she could decide on that he came near her and said .

" Sab kuch thum se akeley nahee hoga hi Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada , paused , and I don't want your thanks , I did it for Buaji and Auntiji " and when he walked away without waiting for her reaction totally dumping her she felt really like killing him , And she actually brought her both hands together as if she is going to strangle ,

then he turned and watched her , and she brought it together as if dusting off the dirt in her hands
She thought , angrily
And no one knows how much he hates these all and , its her who dragged him in all these , making him work , still he became star of the day , everybody has to speak about How sweet Arnav is , making Khushi sadly proud and angrily mad .! ..

Kaun Jantha hi is Bhaley Daamad ke peeche Ek Khoonkhar laard Governor Chupa Hi ! .. she thought

She went to her room to sleep , then she saw him laying on bed , with same china wall of the thin blanket in between , sleeping peacefully ..She smirked , Another wild plan in Sanka devis' devil mind she went out.


After a while, As if nothing happened she went to the room and without saying a single dialogue she laid.

Aranv was laying with his arms resting on his forehead , stopping the light falling on his eyes , He was not slept.

Why she is so silent , unlike her , Arnav smelled danger .

He in a jerk sat .. and shouted

Khsuhee ..I am very tired Now don't try to play anymore pranks ..

Khsuhi laid there still closing her eyes Confused as if she was in deep sleep within 2 minutes , but the naughty smile was playing on lips , it looked like she will laugh on any next minute

Once again always ..Embarrassed

Arnav cant resist him from drooling on that cute face ..

Rabba Vey '.

Then after a while she senses she is being watched .. adored ..and her heaving chests was showing the effect on her of his thoughts , and she frowned with still her eyes closing, But then he heard as if a big bang on the door , pushing it open and the three naughty kids ran to the room , totally ignoring Arnav they came to Khushi side and Hugged her ..

Deedi Kahani Sunana hi ..Hum Apke Saath soengey '

all in chorus as if that song was taught by someone !

By then Buaji who was following them trying to run , panting , told Arnav sorry and tried to take them away ..

Khushi tried to stop , obviously Arnav understood its her another plan .

Buaji : bagua Ye Apko Thang kiya , They disturbed your sleep , I know bagua you are very tired of the whole day work ...

Arnav : Ha buaji .., he instantly agreed looking at Khushi, Khushi stared him Accusingly she did not expected that , like always he do , she wished he may say he will adjust and his tried to maintain his "good Soninlaw image " according to her , in front of them once again , , but here he accepted .

Then the cutest and youngest of them started to whimper and he hugged Khushi tightly .

Khushi too did not expected that , she just wanted to wake Arnav from his sleep, disturb him only for some time .

Nahee I want to sleep With you .

Buaji said Nahee Nahee Munnu Aj ap huamrey Saath SOjaiye ..hum Apko Sundari and Shaitan ka Story Sunayengey ..

Arnav smirked and smiled thinking may be the whole family knows only one story , Khushi understood his smirk , getting madder

Ap Aiye ..jeejajo ko rest karney do ..Jeejaji ko Soney Do ..Ap Hamra Saath soiye

Munnu confronted

Jeejaji Khushi dee key Sath so sakthey hi hum Kyun nahee Clap

All the adults turned pale,red,crimson, thinking something they only understand.

Khushi and Arnav stared at each other , uncomfortably , buaji emabarrassed and got strict , tried to hide it in anger

Nahee nahee ..Ab Sab bauth Ho gaya, bahar Chaliye ..hmm hum Kahath rahey hi na bas '.

Munnu stared at Arnav as if he will burn Arnav with his eyes , Arnav also so stared him back scaring him .

Aap bahuth Burey Ho AngryCry

.and he ran out ..making a cute angry complaining face .Buaji greatly worried for Munnu;s behavior

Buaji asked the elder boys to take Munnu to Garima , and turned Arnav and Khushi , Sanka devi I Ab thum so ajieyo . you sleep and she insisted her to lay on bed , like she did on new year night..

Buaji told Arnav also , I will close the door beta You too sleep ..and she walked .then more time apologised Arnav ..for munnu

Sorry Bagua .. vo Munnu ..Jabsey since his mother died last year he always rahtha ukhda ukhda .. Sorry . Bahuth jaldee Gussa Aatha hi ...

Arnav looked at her in shock , then slowly lowered his gaze and stared down. his emotions was unreadable .., ..

And Buaji closed the door and Arnav stood up and went out

Khushi was cursing lad Governor ek chotey bachey ko bhee nahee chodtha ..

Then she saw Munnu walking proudly , arrogantky totally ignoring Arnav who was coming behind him amused by his actions ..slightly smiling

He turned Arnav and said I accepted your Deal that does not mean I like you .

Arnav too agreeing his word s. nodded .Oh really ..ok .i know .. and he laid in his palce

Khushi and Munnu give a high fi and Khushi laid Munnu between them .. and she too laid ..

after 2 minutes

Nooo Munnu screamed

Both Khushi and Arnav sat in jerk almost jumped

Kya Hua 'they asked together ..Munnu hugged Khushi and said looking at Arnav ..

Hum is tharaf uncle ke paas nahee soengey , us tharaf soegey , ye Uncle mujey rath ko Kha jeyengey

He said he wanted to sleep the otherside , Khushi tried to convince him really hard , but he seemed really scared and finally khushi has to give in and she had to lay between Munnu and Arnav

Arnav gritted his teeth and turned .
then ... the bed was narrow and three people in it and it was impossible to lay there without touching each others body
Both laid , together hearing each others heartbeats ever louder , unable to sleep , unable to move , trying to stare the stars above them sighing silently gulping in frequent intervals , sweating heavily even in the cold breeze of Air Conditionar''. heavy jasmine smell ,in the air from the decoration flowers ..,silently sang the beautiful sensuous romatic songs .. taking the sleep away from their eyes .

A long night still Ahead '.. waiting them ..

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