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Chapter 17 : crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan


Chapter 17

Khushi was walking towards the entrance , the car was waiting for her ..

Then she saw him coming from the other end '

His wide steps were powerful and measured , he resembled like a lion walking fearlessly and confidently in his kingdom .. , his dark eyes were so piercing and was fixed on her while his gait was all towards her .he is irresistibly handsome , and stylish , she could see her own image in his eyes and she felt ..something she can not decipher .. She felt her legs going weak and her abdomen making tingly itching sensation deep inside and some unknown desires prevailed in the air made her throats gone dry ..

Her steps stumbled the moment she felt he is extremely handsome and she in in his vision , then her steps lumbered and she felt him her each action is under his scrutiny she tried to maintain an amble thinking deeply she should apologize to him or not , or how to start or should her mouth keep shut then he was just inches away her and he stopped ..

Khushi Thum teek Ho ...he Instantly asked and she nodded , he asked her like someone knew her for years ... then he lost his words ...
seems he too in in greater starting trouble than her ..

She had closer look at his face now and she could see the impresion of her five fingers as deep red marks on his cheek along with a scratch , may be from the ornate ring she wore she thought and she hold her breath , and that moment she decided to apologize 'and her eyes welled up 'she was about to open her mouth '

She saw Aman along with Police Join them ..

Police , That means ''''.he do not Believe me '.. He is sure of each and every word he spoke Yesterday .. He thinks as some s**t in his Hotel make Money ''.

He ' Without her permission her tears flowed down her cheek .. , and he could see fire through the tears that burning his soul ..

Inspector talked Arnav about Something and she was not able to hear anything as her ears gone dump by the havoc in her mind thinking about his not trusting her and the after effects of police accompanying her to her home , but she did not wanted to resist his doubt on her and she wanted to prove that she is innocent at any cost to him , she felt challenged .. Whatever storm it will create was nothing in front of the doubts of him on her , she did not realized why she want to prove to him so desperately !

Mr .Raizada ..U Guys go By car , we will follow by Our jeep ' And they Moved ..

Arnav waited for her 'restlessly he was out of words , he felt like if he did not talk to her his heart will explode , but what to speak he don't have a clue .

So he is coming with me , When Anjaliji said her Chotey , assume its Him , but Anjali Jha ..Ok may be he is the person in Charge to deal with me .. So .. This is how he is going to drop me , not trusting me a little bit .. Called Police ..and I have to go home under Their Esccort ..

Aj tHak humarey mohalley mey Police Nahee aye e..How I am going to answer My parents '.

He don't have a heart , he don't know peoples feelings 'and what he is trying to prove ..and to whom ... to take me in his car ' may be to Anjaliji .. or that Chotey ..Still he dont beleive me ...then

What he wanted to prove ..he cares me ..when he does not trust me a little bit 'why do he need to come with me ..

Khushi Stopped showing her hand ..He perplexed ..

Hum Akeley chaley jayengey ..

But Khushi ..he fumbled ..He saw her crying , and he felt the pain ,and he was sure its not because of worry to reach home , but something because of him , but whats that he was not able to figure out ..

Hum Akeley hee Aye They ' remember ..she looked in to his eyes '

He don't know what to do to say that he want to come ..just stood like a dump answerless ..he was feeling very bad , thinking about Yesterday , how he misbehaved with her

Aman looked at his Sir standing speechless , completely surprised ..The man who lead 100s of conferences in front of 1000s of people here stay mute , seeking words in front of a little girl'

My Would be Bhaabhi is something he thought and he cant stop his laugh ehe'

Arnav stared at Aman ..Aman fumbled ..and assured with his eyes ..he will do the necessary ..

He handed over the Bag of Khushi he was holding and said Madam Your bag , lets Go ..

She looked at him angrily snatched her bag and said Aap ne Suna Nahee Hum Akeley Aye the Hum Akeley Jayengey ..Humey Kiseekee Koee madath kee Zaroorath Nahee ... her voice started to rise and cracked at end .. .

Aman , said ..but Its my duty Madam , I have to come Aman said politely ..

She felt sad for getting angry at someone who is nothing to do with her misery , he passed an apologizing look to Aman and moved ahead .. Accepting his coming with her .

Arnav looked at Aman ,

Aman Understood his pain ..Sir Nothing to worry ..I will go and they gone ..

After few steps .she once again looked back at him , who was watching her going completely shattered ..

He wanted to scream , plead mercy for his aching heart , but what he want and what to do ..he don't have a clue ..he just stood there numb ..

Her vision blurred when she saw him again standing speechless like a Rock ..Like Nothing affects Him

They left ..

Arnav Just dont know What To do , a Question he never faced in his Life ..She is gone , he is never going to see her again , but he had never met her before .also , and then why ... and he is missing something .. and the pain he is feeling right that moment he was not able to give it a name ... but there is pain ..
Ok Friends its long part as I may not ..may not be able to update tomorrow and day after Tomorrow as we have weekend start here at Friday'

SO this is their first "Mulakkath" ..and how it ended ..

So what you want guys Should i go on with whatever happened in their past or continue with present with past visiting without knocking in their thoughts 'please tell me your Suggestions

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  1. Ooooh... dose pictures add beauty to the story dear... Dis part was sooo good..

    1. Ya and most my time goes in finding pics apt for the scene begging it in FB and all ..LOL


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