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Chapter 13 : crazy Sundari cute Shaitan


Chapter 13 


Dr. stared at all the men for one second and asked ..Where is the patient ..Arnav asked him to follow him   and he went back to his room ..



Doctor checked her up ,

Oh My God her temperature is very high!

Arnav was all worried , he don't know for what , that too for someone he don't know at all ,but he was really worried for her

For that moment he had forgot everything ,about Viraj and how she got in there story and all

He don't know what to do , he was pacing restlessly  , unable to see doctor injecting medicine

Wrinkles indicating pain formed her fore head, with her eyes still closed   and he felt the resonance of  pain and he got also winced

Doctor noticed it and smiled inwardly ,

Hmm bandha bahuth pyar kartha hi apney beewi se thought

She was gracefully gorgeous and even though unconscious with 104 degree fever , she was glowing like a princess , And Doctor thought she is Mrs Raizada ,because she looked like none other than a  Mrs Raizada could be .!


Dr patted his shoulder ,don't worry Mrs Raizada will be fine within 3, 4 hours , her temperature is high may be because of tension and all day  strain , sometimes high pressure mey aisa hojatha hi   , I gave her medicine and change her wet clothes immediately  .. And keep her in warm

For some reason Arnav did not feel to correct the doctor , he not even tried once or thought of correcting she is not Mrs.Raizada ,Whether it is because ,he don't want dr. misunderstand him be with a girl  ..  Or  actually ..indeed ..He don't want dr to think bad about her , or in reality  he enjoyed  her to be called as Mrs Raizada 'no idea !, he tried to justify ,hide his own thoughts from him , and he forgot he was and is a man who care Damn about what society think of him ' or what he do !




Arnav checked her fever , she is still hot .

And he cant resist his temptation to move the tendrils falling on her face ,


He took a towel and tried to wipe of water from her dress .

She is beautiful ' Its not like that he never seen women , but for some reason he felt she is the most beautiful girl he ever seen '  he found the portion of bed where she laid all wet because of the water from her soaked dress , he tried to move her , he gently lifted her up little , and immediately when she felt the warmth of his body , her arms encircled him , making him stop his breath , he tried to move her other side but then his fingers got entangled in her dori , made of some pearl string and it got broken , making her blouse lose from her body .


He dare not to look at what is exposed because he felt ...

She is precious Some "Pari" ..

Pari ..his thoughts felt strangled  at that second ..

He felt restless .. Angry , furiously sad ..for being left alone '

And he heard her whispering something in her semi unconscious state

Amma ..jeeji ..jeeji '.


And she fainted again ,

It is not going to be good , he need to do something , he decided


Anjali hurried to his room , Kya hua Chotey ..Kya hua .why you are so worried ..Koiee Bura Sapna ..


Because she too was experiencing the same '

No dee ./Just 'he show her Khushi ..

Anjali's eyes widened .. A girl in Chotey's bed ..

Who is she ? What happened to her ..and how come she in your room ..

He don't had an answer , and she was laying there with her blouse dori all opened ..he turned to see the other side ,and blabbered .

I was trying to move her to the other side

Anjali trusted her chotey she don't need any explanation

She checked her

Chotey isey tho bukar hi .. And geela Kapada ..

Yea dee That's why I called you doctor told to change ..

Anajli nodded ..yes we need to change her clothes

She called some waitress for help

Arnav waited at the corridor , he was feeling calm , peaceful at his mind when she was with his sister , he found her safe , still he had that unexplainable feelings ajeeb see bechainee when he had to leave away from her !





Humey nahee Lagtha chotey ..She seems from some good family

Apko kaisey patha dee .Did she talk to You . He asked anxiously , he wanted know about her desperately ,Anjali looked at him in surprise !

No , she is still asleep , behosh hi ,Insan ko dek ke hee patha Chaltha hi ..

Yea ..You are the best in judging people

Arnav Mocked

Kyun Nahee ..Mey sabsey Best ASR Ka Deedi jo hoom, Ok Subah Hothey hee Uhney unka Ghar Chod dena ..I feel she got trapped here ..Unkey Gharwaley might be worried ..and 
I will talk to Viraj .. Apka Gussa ..i will handle him ...

Hearing Viraj's name again make him mad

No dee uskee Koee Zaroorath nahee ..I fired him ..

Anajli nodded ..

Ap jakey rest kijiye Dee , I will take care of her ..

No chotey .i will

Take rest dee , Ap Apna Kal ka pooja tho cancel nahee karney wali right ? And Party at the evening ... You need rest

Because Arnav is well aware of Anjali's lengthy Poojas ,

Anajli smiled and patted his cheeks and bid good night

She thought fondly ,better she let him give sometime with  the angel in his room, once again she turned to see her ' and smiled ..Arnav looked at her frowning , then he turned to other side , may be he decided it better drag the topic again ...




It was around 9.00 , she woke up in a jerk and was about to jump out of the bed ..but two strong arms of the man sitting beside her pressed her down . All the while he was sitting beside her and looking at her , like every moment he is seeing her for the first time..

Kaha ja Rahey Ho ..

She looked scared at him

Ap Ap 'Hum Kaha ..Humey jana hi chodiye Humey and she tried to push him which gone in vain

Humara jeeji ka shadi 'jeejaji 'Humey janey deejiye .. She cried


Whatever she is speaking does not make any sense ..he slowly released his hands seeing the tears

She stood up , and her whole body waved in the air , felt she is about to fall and before she could he caught her ..


She looked at him ..

Mainey Kaha tha na ..You Cant Even walk   ..she looked intensely at his eyes ..


He hold on her tightly , he was sure she will fall down the next moment he leave her ..


Chodiye Humey .. Humey jana hi ..Humara jeeji ke Shadi hi ..and .. Humey Paisa ''''


Paisa 'the word made him mad , that moment all those Viraj said came gushing in his mind, So she is here for Paisa Money !


Agar Paisa bananey Ka Ithana showk tha tho Sathy Savitri ka drama karney ka Kya Zaroorath the ..


Jee ??


And don't you have any shame when you get caught making reasons of jeeji shadi and all , if you can gir sakthee like this for money , your sister can also make money the way you chosen '


Kya Bak Rahey Hi ..Apko Hmarey barey mey Aisa Kahney ka koee Haq nahee '

Ap Samjthey Kya hi Apney Ap ko ' You may be get used to see women like you mentioned now who do anything for your money ' And without knowing who I am how dare you to talk to me like this '


How dare me ?  When you can do something like these '


Shut Up !  She shouted '

Ap Samjthey kyahi apney ap ko ..



Precap : Slap '


Ok Please tell me how this story is going , now we little roam around the love hate relationship and how it started ..and ..right now they are married so whatever they speak and do in the past don't worry they are going to be married '  and in future they are going to be together ..


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  1. Wow magicia the incidents are carefully taken and mingled artistically to form ur own story. I loved ur style to make up a new one entirely different to the orginal. I loved the pearl breaking. Arnav felt love at first sight that is awsome.

    1. Thank you Sathy Arnav should feel love at first sight only because there is no reason exist for him to love her , a girl of her type ..

  2. Wonderful!!!


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