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Chapter 6 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan


Chapter 6
he moved towards her taking slow steps ..hesitating for what he is planning to do ..
He dont wanted to look at her, thinking about the things going to happen , Gosh ..he could feel his body harden and ..
his hands shaken ...khushi felt him standing beside her , but why her body is not slashed yet !she slowly open the eyes ..and sees his hands getting shaken ..
ha ha .Khoon karthey waqth har khooni ka haath kaapthey hi ..
she looked at him ...
he looked at her , then decided to close his eyes and do ..waht he planned , but then ,, its ..really dangerous for her ...
better ask herself to do it , but how can she .
you should do it ..before she could get sting by it ..
he once again hesitated ...
oh god .this waiting for death is really torturous ..she thought in pain ..finally she shouted .,.,
Arnavji Ruka Kyon ... Kar deejiye na ..Jo Apney Socha ,,tha ...Common do it ,,
She cried , shouted and ordered ..
yes ..Now Arnav .. he sata nd instantly , lifted the blouse little up with the tip of the knife and teared it open in a swift movement
Khushi felt the cold ness of metal she closed her eyes tighter she could ...
and then cried
Ammmaa a...
blouse along with the inners tore open in front ...and the honey bee just flew away .. ..Arnav one moment trailed its flight then ..next moment , very much concerned , he asked khsuhi looking at her
Khushi are you ok ...
and he felt his breath stopped Embarrassed

Yes he asked her "are you ok ? " but he was sure that moment he gone completely not OK ! ..

He turned almost immediately , the hustle , the hush in which he turned Khushi opened her eyes .. And saw him turning his back '

She and him only at 4 feet distance .. She and her death '

Yes she is seeing her death face to face ..and that moment every control gone out of her and she started to scream '

Bachao ..bacho 'Help me ..Help mee'..

Arnav frustratingly ran his hands in his hair ,

Oh god this silly is making things difficult 'Why is she screaming ..he turned and pounced on her closing her mouth , sprawling his body almost atop her .. ..

Shut Up Khushi 'Shut Up ..

She shook her body trying to get him away from her under him , crushed under his body weight '

She hit her legs up and down . Trying to escape ..He entwined his legs around her lower body making her lay immobile '

Don't move ..Khushi ' I am not going to Rape You '

With his eyes ..Ok .. he assured 'with his eyes ..

And whispered I am not going to rape you

..more to himself , strangling the urges between his legs by pressing hard against her body which is ironically not helping at all

She seems a bit calmed down ..

And he slowly moved his hands which shut her up ..

I want to live ' ..Please don't kill me '.I don't want to die ' please please '..

Again she started to throw tantrums ..

What The '

Here I am worried she misunderstood of me taking advantage and she screaming don't kill me ..a much needed "what the" moment

Dekho Khushi .. Mey Thuhmey Kuch Bhee nahee Karney Waley hoom Ok ..Abhee Chillana Band karo '

Ha Ha ..Ap Kuch Nahee Kar Sakthey ..Ye Duniya Ko Patha Na Chaley Isliye Ap Humey marna Chahthey hi na..Please ..Apko Is Vajah se Humey marney Kee Zarroorath Anhee ..hum ..Kisesee se ..

She swear-ed touching her thought

Hum Kisese Nahee Kahengey ..Ki ..Humara Pathi ko Aisa Kuch problem Hi 'Sachee

He quickly rose from her and Shouted ..


Precap :

Again he laughed .. Making her mad ..

Ha ha ..kyun nahee ..sab shadi kar key '

She paused , her face instantly got red , but still in her fighting mood ..

Oh ..I.I don't know that '.. He looked at her naughtily '

So people are getting married .to .do ..such things '...Right ??

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