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Chapter 18 : crazy Sundari Cute Shaitan


Chapter 18

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Like some said and me too feel that i have to come back to present , otherwise you will lose connection Dont worry I dont have memory lose like CVs , i will reveal their Past ..

He slowly retreated to the Bathroom and stood below the shower turned on ' The water flowing down his body ..trying to extinguish the fire in him .. That was not of lust .or desire 'but sheer pain ..

Pain of love ..

Their First meeting flashed in his mind,,Something which is as clear as it happened yesterday ..and

He felt he is still standing right there , with same state of mind being unaccepted unacknowledged and unrevealed


That day she left , ignoring him completely, she left ,fault was not in her but with him .simply not being able to express what he feels , and still , in front of her ,he seems he don't have a language to communicate.


They left ..

Arnav Just dont know What To do , a Question he never faced in his Life ..She is gone , he is never going to see her again , but he had never met her before .also , and then why ... and he is missing something .. and the pain he is feeling right that moment he was not able to give it a name ... but there is pain .like there was always .. For her ...

And Now after 6 months …. Feeling same pain of suffocated heart and feelings that burns inside it.. He felt his heart wounded again ,which was already broken and still feeling it like a fresh wound …

A love that he cant acknowledge , and it is deep down much ..that he can not even ignore ...


He felt he heard something out there, He came out , fully drenched .. Just hanging his towel around his neck and in his pants ..soaked in water ..

He came in the hall looked around , then he remembered something and went to Shashi Gupta's room .. Totally oblivious of the dripping water on the floor , from his wet pants

He saw him sleeping peacefully but he was sweating little .. Then he felt its bit hotter in the room and he slowly turned the table fan and adjusted so that Shashi can feel better , comfortable ..

He wiped off the small sweats from his face and forehead ..

Once again he checked everything OK , and tucked the soft blanket once again and turned to leave ..

He saw Garima and Bua standing at the Door .watching lovingly at him , the way he took care of Shashi ..

He without speaking a word came out and asked , he don't wanted to talk inside and disturb Shashi ..

Bua ,Aunty Aap Log .. , so its you I thought I heard sound from Babuji's room ..

Bitua ..Bua cant hold the happiness feeling once again how caring he is ..

She caressed his forehead in a gesture of "nazar" uthar ..and cried of happiness


" Humey Kis Janam ka Punya Mil rahey Thum Jaisan Daamad miley .."

"eh .' he was always surprised by her talks and which he can not relate ..because whatever he do was sincere , just following his instincts , without thinking what others think or in need of any benefits or attention , so he always gets confused by peoples reaction because he don't know how much it is meant to them .. By now he somehow understood about Bua Grima and all and ,started to learn, not to get shocked by their response of their spontaneous love ,cry, tears ..and all ..

He tried to change the topic , or Buaji will start her emotional atyachar , its not like he demean her feelings, but he feels it is unnecessary and he don't like her to be feel obliged to him , because he respects and loves them , he had long accepted them as his family too .. As should be .

Ap Log Jaldee aagaye ..

Ha Bitua Pooja Ke Baad Bajan mey Baitney Ke soch rahey they ..Lekin Kal Koee MP ya Minister a rahey they .isliye security ke Khatir they cancelled Bhajan today ..and we came ..

He got concerned

Ap Kaisey Aye .Mujey Bulaya hota ..You should have called me .

Nahee Bituwa .. Hum Nandini ke saath Unkey gaadi mey hee aye .

Lekin Bituwa …

Garima Hesitated , she looked at Bua ..Bua too understood , they don't know its fair or not to ask him ..

Jee ..He was waiting ..

Bua .knows its not fair to ask why he gone to bathroom this hour .., Shadi shuda couples hi ..they may .But .he is all drenched ..and..thinking about Khushi's character they are confused and worried ..even scared ,

Jee ,

Bituwa ..Thum .aisey Beegay ..Sab teek hi na ..Shanka Devi Nazar nahee aa raha ..she looked here and there ..

Oh that ..he tried to frame an answer and somehow managed ..

His inability to give them answer instantly already put sparks of doubt in the old ladies mind ..

He thought they may be thinking khushi might have played some prank on me , I have to clear them

No No ...Khushi is sleeping ,


The ladies sighed in relief , Thank God .. Its not her ..But then why he , ..They looked at him waiting for an explanation..

I ..i … he fumbled , that was enough for the ladies to get suspect of something their age people can understand …

and I just accidently turned on the shower .and … his blabbering told it all , how big failure he is in lying ..…Good Night Buaji ..Aunty ..and he went back to his room ..

The ladies looked at each other worriedly ,


He came back to the room , he do not dare to look at Khushi , who is sleeping , still turning the other side without looking, he hold on the blanket and lifted and dropped on her ..covering her full .

He Decided to Change his clothes , and some moments he got scared of her peeping him ,and he made sure her face is still covered and she is not seeing him …

Some how he finished and

Then he turned , her face is still covered and she was not moving ,he slowly sat in the bed .. And slowly lift the cloth from her face , she was breathing but he got sure she is not asleep , like she is unconscious ..he stood up in fear ..

What the ..

What I Have done ..What to do ..

He patted her cheeks Khushi Khushi .no response ..

He got worried and he dared not call Bua or Garima , he felt guilt , he was sure her condition was because of his actions , unforgivable a while ago .. Anything could have … no he don't want to think about it and will not let that happen again ..

Then he dialled his Doc's number ..tensed



In the middle of night after They all bid good night and gone to their rooms ..

Garima knocked at Buaji's room .jeeji ap Soyee Nahee ..

Bua Opened the door , and her face clearly told that she was not sleeping

Seems Madhumathi was in deep thoughts ..and she looked worriedly at Garima

Jeeji ..Ye ..Khushi ..

Ha Hum Bhee vahee Soch Rahee hi Garima ..

Poor Damadji aisey Rath ko ..Pani se..

Hi Rey Nand kIshore ..Kaun Samjaye .. Us Shanka Devi Ko …and whacked her own head ..

Jeeji Hum Ab kya Karey .garima is really worried by now …

Humesha bachom khelath hi ,and hud apan ko bachee samj thee hey .. ….Kya karey Is Ladkee Ka ..kaun Samjaye pathni ka farz kya ..

She shook her head giving up hope ..

Thum Fikar na karo ..Hum Kuch Sochath hi ..Payaliya

Garima moved her head negation .., They can not rely on Shy Payal .

Humesha Damadjee Ko Thang Karthey rahthey hi , Kuch pyar Vyar ke Bathey .karkey ,,Baitey tho .. ..Buaji cant continue , she felt embarrassed to discuss the topic with Garima

Ab Thum So jao ..Subah dek lengey Vaqth hum Kar bhee Kya Sakthey hi ..

( Ok dear ladies some of you might be knowing what they are thinking , and I think I don't need to explain .. Read between lines … ;)


folks remember this precap

Precap : Seems she had her bath ..she was looking at him ..and so innocently …asked him ..

Kal rath Kya hua ..?? His eyes widened , ..What ?? She don't know ..!

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