Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 17 : Khurana History ( continued in posts below) 
( I know so many dont like this track , but is necessary , then u may tell u can make it short ..but .u Know Salman Khan is  a big star , Agar Unko bula Liya Maan Ke dad ke role meim ..Tho Role Thodi badee Hona hi Na ...
I know now in mystery torture no where Maneet dont worry ..Dark Fantasy meim Dedengey oK )
20 September 2011

( hmm i am trying this ..i dont know its good or not ..but as usual my craziness making me doing it ..me not .. its crazy magicia ..please bear with me in this crazy experiment.. comment fast .love u ..)

It should be started with Iyers story ..why 'hmm lets see

She was the most gorgeous
 woman any man can imagine some thirty years back ,Aishwarya Lakshmi,


Iyers Cousin Sister ,Iyer respect her a lot and fondly call her Ashu Akka( Ashu Deedi). Ash's mother died when she was 10 only , so when Shivanand parents died when he was just 8 in boat accident ,in Tamil Nadu
Only Ashu then 16was the only person who truly understood  the pain the depth of loss young Shivanand among the mourners gathered , like even her father who was an emerging building contractor at Mumbai , Krishnan K . Iyer

At first he was reluctant to his daughters decision to take Shivanand in , but then he thought as he got only one daughter and when she get married he will be left alone ..above all  nothing need to be spend in marrying off Shivanand in future he quickly agreed , above all by then it was already  known by everybody about the excellence Shivanand showing in studies and the scholarships getting for his studies , so quick math calculation concluded KK Iyers decision to adopt him as son.

and Innocent Ashu Akka became Shavanands mother took care of him at very young age of 16 , 
Sivanand very naughty boy then used to go out to play cricket and everyday he describe his errands to his sis-cum-mother-cum-friend Ashu akka .. , She knew well almost all his friends and on that Deepavali she asked Shivanand to invite all his friends home .. for pooja and 'indianised' party ... and then they came ...

Lucky and Abhi ..

Part 2: click here


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