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Chapter 45. Back Home

Chapter 45. Back Home
23 November 2011
dedicated to .For speechless and softlyspoken ...grrr ...for making good decent thread their mehfil with intezar shayriyam ..a must read craziness... 
naadan bachiyamEvil Smile akal ki kachiyamROFL

Geet was unconscious ,
Maan wanted to touch and caress her face ,but he controlled , her fainting he expected ...

Actaully arman told him , funnily if her protests really unccontrollable .then open the mask she will faint , even Arman got really confused , he would have too fainted if he did not forgot Maan Maans face

He hugged her , she was finding solace in his chest, her precious pillow , the moonlight just glittered her face ,he felt like he got another chand in his arms .. He naughtly looked at chand , who was making a complaining face , Maan smirked ..and asked dont you agree my chand is beautiful ..? 
Chand blushed ...agreed nodded and vanished behind clouds sharmakey ...

Maan looked at the plaster , he was about to remove he remembered arman ,
Then smiled ...felt happy how protective about geet caring unbelievably sweet any guy could be .then he thanked god , for making Riddima , he just scared (stupid insecure mind magicia cribs) .. Arman is such a sweeto any girl wille easily fall for ...
With that thought , he hugged Geet closer ...and dozed off .
As soon as he landed Kolkota the docs he already arranged rushed to them , they checked and informed its just shock ,
And Maan asked them to induce her some dose of sedatives . Because he knew well that it will be really difficult to take her to the place he wish if she is awake

He dont want to have any chaos in the air.....


Phulwadi : Khurana Sheep Farm Outhouse .

A very usual simple Morning ...

Geet felt heavy head , then sun light from the window behind Maan and the chirpy bird sound ...

And dogs barking ...Oh they came ..

Geet felt where she is , On Maan who was laying like a stone man , like everyday ...

She rubbed her eyes , looked around ...where am i? No i know where i am ..but  Why i am here ..?? How ccome ..?

One second ..her journey ,rama massi the tribals then, the captured van burning men inside,screaming sajjan falling on her , chameli smiling and giving hersooka roti ,then ..chameli falling down after hitting brahma , cheenus cold body on stretcher , sister tressia , tea plants smelling wind and ninja ..chopper removing mask ..............her head felt like spinning ..

Man removing mask ..and that mann laying here  like he should ......
Then she heard Munshiji calling dogs and ordering his assistant to chain them ..a usual common day

She checked her body her clothes , in Maan's white Kurtha ..she abruptly stood up and moved to washrrom nearby ..a usual reflex , when the others reach and if she had overslept
There her night dress was hanging like she left yesterday .............

She splashed , water her face .........

Then she heard Munshiji calling ..

""Geet beti , ...""

Geet immediately came out ..she screamed .in surprise worry ....
Geet"" Munshiji ..""

Before she could speak ..,munshiji was standing beside maans bed slowly moving hands in maans hairs , then he as if he not at all heard panicked scream bent down and took mobile which was half melt by burning and candle wax , it seems like the candles on table fell on mobile and it burned .

Munishiji replied as its her worry was for mobile ,'dont worry beta ..naya lena waisey tho ye model kaafi purana ho chuki hi.......
Even in the midst of extreme tension her soul was sweetly turning to good old geet, the most happy atmosphere around , like the dream in which she lived , hearing munshiji's word the old geet just came out for a moment ...she thought
"Aha ...mera mobile .. Naya model leney ke liya kaun denga money ek tho salary gin gin ke detehy hi tahki ek paisa bhee jyada na ho..aur ,mera mobile purana ...""

She shot an angry glare ,the red shaded of anger on her face Munshiji gone ..apologetic ...and started to change topic...
Munshiji started .."geet beti , curfew laga hi ..isliye aaj , kesar romeo ..bindiya koee nahee ayengey ....

U have to manage today alone too not feeling good , i have to see doctor , i came her to take some important  files .. I will try to come afternoon .....ok  ..""  again the confusion ....

 ...she ..asked sacredly .."what day it is ...??'"

Munshi ji ..smiled warmly .meaningfully little ashamed too..""acha tek hi teek hi ...., no need to remind me beti .. Thuhmara salary ek week delay hogayee ..i know ...i thought i will give settle all account when u go village , ur home ...ok ..afternoon jab ayengey thab dengey ..if u have some urgency.ök ...:""

She hell confused , she took mobile from munshiji  sadly ...damaged
Then she quickly grabbed munshiji mobile called rama number . "Massi"""  her voice shivered , rama as usual very happy ...some how are u talk and her usual ...rama asked when she is coming , she cant wait ..for the day she see geet in Nuns attire.... She went on ..geet disconnected . !!!

She knew Father Benedict's number.. She dialled that too , as usual his assistant picked it and she heard she informing father about geet calling father attending call asking how is studies ... , etc etc ..she  ...She cant believe ..and .. She whimpered ..father got concerned ..father asked what happened ...

She was not able to speak //""father ..u ..u alright ...i ..i ..u ...""

Father " what happened my child ... I am fine everything ok ..i am fine .mujey kya hona hi..  Did u see an y bad dream ..."

She was not able to speak ..She some how managed to say by , hearing fathers assistants calling for him something , like always he was busy in the midst of work ..requests ..
And she dont know much numbers ...Because after she got mobile , she forgot that habit .. But Armans ..she recollected his number and  ..she called him ..
""armaan ..."" ..
"" arman ..angrily ..thum kal kyun jaldee chaley gaye ,.
Mujey ek bath convocation date phir change hogayee ....dr.shashank going to china .., ""

Ärman ..what day it is ..."" her voice was sahking ........ /

Arman laughed out loud .."" Kya thumney ye poochney ke liye phone kiya ..check mobile date ...  Kya hua thuhmey kal bhee ..khoyee khoyee si thee if ..u were drugged .......thumney kya , hamarey Morphine akeli lena shuru kiya hi kya .... He laughed ... " and continued ..oh riddima calling ... Abhee abhi thak call busy honey ka questionire cross questionire ... And ..ok bye geet catch up with u later ..""

Munishi ji seems really unhappy , she looked at him ..then without even asking he took his mobile back and said .."" beti kya hua .. U dont seems to be not well , mujey ..important calls aney wala hi ..and ...""

Munshiji was irriatting her to the core , ek tho she is in tension and he ..."" budda ..din bar .. Paper pe kicharkichar kartey rahtheu hi .and saying important calls ...eek ""

Munshiji continued ..""upar se balance bhee nahee...OK ..mey chaltha hoom ""

She rushed and checked her clothes bags , morphine bottle .,   franticllay ...and she heard sound s from kitchen .......she rushed ...munshiji made kitchen a mess ........... All plates scattered and ..everything messed up ..

Munshiji apolegitically , "" i want a cup of coffe , badee cold lag rahee hi abhee bahar jana hi ..could u make one for me too please .""

Geet frowned ..thought angrily ..""mainey kab ..coffe peeney ja raha tha ... This old man is getting in to my nerves ,,"" she tried to rearrange and made coffe and served , and she was thinking about milk , she ran and quickly opened the fridge ..milk was there and ...

To her surprise the daal she prepared and kept on fridge was there .................!!!  No how can she doubt she ever left from here ..

Munshiji after having coffe left , with her cup of coffe she went to Maans room ,, he looked so tired nad exhausted ...his eyes closed and ....then she remembered what she did

Due to tension she almost forgot what she had done with Maan , and again when she alone ...she tried to withdrawherself away from him , but .....she looked at him ,,then she felt pain at heart ..

She like everyday when kesar and romeo will not come , she cleaned him and made food for him  she was not dared to open his eyes ......

But then ..she hass to .....

She inclined his bed ..make him lean sitting position ..opened his eyes .. And took the spoon fulll of food and ...


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