Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Khurana history part 3

 And Ashu was on Lucky's chest, above lucky , eyes closed in fear .. And lucky hold her tight yet careful as if he holding a delicate rose flower ...

Everybody stunned , don't know for a moment what to do , innocent Shivanand rushed'' Lucky Bhayya deedi'' .. then both Lucky and Ashu stood up , Ashu was fuming in anger and her nature was polite sweet type so .she was holding her temper ..

Sensing danger of them falling in deep love , Abhi quickly acted , Yes one of his past time watching bollywood films , he know well when 'ladka' 'ladki' mile for the first time through a fight definitely they will fall in love , a 'thappad' will just boost up the process , and he can see a thappad getting formed in stiff ashu's hands shaking in rage. He came forward and before Ash could click "lucky's" foto in her mind he showed her 'hyna smile' politely asked sorry on behalf of my friend and moved the Lucky from the scene who was struggling with pagdi and Dothi and all which misplaced and was about to fell , the encircled and tied strands of 'pagri malmal cloth' got loosened and he was trying to put it on.

Abhi casually pushed Lucky away and told Shivanand to help him out .And helped Ash to gather her chunri that fell down , Ash thanked him as if she reading some grocery list and arrogantly walked away , actually escaped from the embarrassing situation without any applause usually thunders around when she ends her performance. .Abhi happy super happy she said thanks , but sadly Ash got more irritated to savior , because being a super beauty of Town she encountered thousands such helping hands around and she undoubtedly doubt everyone .

She was cursing the person who spoiled her Dance and Missed the usual shower of praises she used to get , Krishnan understood his daughters foul mood he went to kitchen where she was "cursing' alone the person who hit her like a pahad . 

On his way to kitchen he saw struggling lucky who was trying to retie the pagri as well as doing some crazy movements with legs in Shivanand's room . He went to kitchen and tried to pacify his daughter but still she was not at all in the mood , he dragged her and showed the nadan bechara , who is suffering , his actions made ash laugh and both father and daughter moved to help him , He blushed seeing them at once and politely requested he don't need any help .Seeing him blush 
{ hayeee My Salman blushing..guys all sallu fans time to have a short flash back of sallu blushing in your minds its awsome 
Please if anybody could help me with pics It will be really nice}

So seeing him blush ash mind just simply cheered up , then Shivanand called Krishnan saying some guests are calling him , Lucky already made Shivanand to go and play with his friends because he was not at all helpful , When Lucky saw Shivannd too going he was scared and almost started to cry , that made Ash really happy,confused,funny,wondered and naughty .
She found it extremely cute and started to help him with his turban , but lucky shivered moved away and away .. Naughty Ash enjoying his ablapan just moved forward and pulling the turban clothes in her hand and try to tie it around '. trying to hold him , finally when Lucky understood there is no escape , he strongly held his hand around Ashu and her hands making her stop pulling pagri clothe further , shocked Ashu before make noises put his palms on mouth and whispered "please don't pull it further ..otherwise Anarth ho jayenga .. Please '.and slowly released her .., in a moment the agitated Ashu pulled the part she holding up ''and ''''.

The cloth in her hands and his Dothi on floor ,

Actually when Then both fell along with his pagri his dothi knot aslo came out in hurry and in tension he somehow managed to tie it back , in accident he tied the dothi knot along with his pagri end , and when he released shivanand from helping him , shivanand left the door open , so he was struggling to move without his dothi get fell down and as part is going on in house he just scared somebody will just drop in and to his unluck it was Ashu herself ..

Ashu instantly closed her eyes and tried to move , and hit by Lucky again they tried to move collided again , finally fed up Ashu dropped her shame and opened her eyes , she doubted he was flirting with her , she saw him too in closed eyes out of shame , she blushed giggled and ran away .. On her way she encountered Abhi who got suspecious of both Lucky and Ashu's absence and was in search of them ''''''..

What more to say Krishnan very much impressed with Khurana and Chadda company , Lucky and Abhi's company , and He started to give them work .Lucky's extreme innocence and goodness just won the hearts of Father and daughter , and Abhi got a share of it as he is Lucky's best friend , and When Abhi finally confirmed Ashu just waiting with her heart in her hand ..for Lucky to just stretch his hand for her ..
He get in to the best plan he could to get Ashu and trap Lucky

Ashu being only daughter of Krishan the rich builder he don't need any Khurana support to bring on his own Chadda company in real'


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