Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chapter 23: Shila Ki jawani Personal DVD (New Defenition for marriage )

Chapter 23: Shila Ki jawani Personal DVD (New Defenition for marriage )
20 November 2011
Lucky understood why he disclosed this now ..

Then Shivanand continued so i want Geet to be with us untill she is 18 , by then she could have completed her studies too...

Luckily Lucky too wanted this ...Because he knew his Munda and his ...hi hi LOL
Chal chalan very well , how a marriage and the privillages will affect .. He had some clue ...

The thought about his son and his opinion on this subject send shivers down spine

He remembered a chit chat with his friend he heard a few weeks ago ...

Now Luckys visual changed to black and white circles going round round and flash back ...

Shantanu maans 2 year senior in school ,college and childhood friend ,had some mishaps at the inauguration ceremony of their  Dhulwadi factory his father ordered him to marry a village girl Khanak .Circumstanial demand and pressure from village panchayath , his fathers order and a potential behind the bars threat  , Shantanu agreed but he escaped from his home when they reached Mumbai ...  Mr.Khandelwal really worried and was in search of his son ..and he was almost sure where he could be ..He dialled Lucky .

Maan , Shantanu , Robindo .rich spoiled brats of town ,was in their usual den Maans Room at Khurana Mansion. Lucky assured Shantanus father that he is here and he will make him understand the importance of marriage and send him back .. So he went to Maans room where the trio was discussing something ..

Maan was saying ..

"Shants ye thumne Bilkul teek Nahee Kiya .. ,Bhabhi ko Ghar chodkar .idar akey chup rahey ho ..Thuhmara bee Kuch farz bantha hi ..
Lucky's felt he became a little taller and his chest too much broader with the khushi maan just pumped in him with his advices to his friend ,
He felt proud ... And himself he said ..kir Beta Kiska hi .."because of pleasure and its heaviness filled in his heart his legs frozen just before the entrance and .. It demanded more so he waited there to Maan continue his ..preach ...

Maan""  Yaar Ye soch ..Hum raath Raath bar , ye balkani's uthar ke ,haath pav scratch kar ke .. Kithna mushkil se ..chupthey chupathey . Jake ek do char "Reshma ki jawani" dekhney ko milengeee ...he emphasized ..Sirf dekhney ko ...


He fell on bed and rolled and hugged the pillow ..bhe ye soch Thumara lottery nikal gayee ... Na koi tension Na janjat ...Poora ki Poora Shiela ki jawani in personal DVD collection ...

And he gave  ahigh fi to Robindo...!!!!!  All the boys chuckled ..

And Lucky ka kya haal hua hoga ..hi hi ..i dont need to write ...
Some how he barged in ..and but he cant show he was overhearing his son ..apna izzath ... Ka khayal ..just passed the message with some cold preach grinding his teeth to Shantanu to go back ...

Aag ka Gola Khurana Uncle ko Deke ..Boys Fisla ..and When he was about to Busrt ...Maan sensed some danger ..Ran back them ..Shouting .

""Bye Daad ..Let me Make Sure he reach home ..." without turning back ...


Thinking That Maan ...Lucky Siad

Yes Yes ..Aap Bilkul teek kah rahey hi ..

We will Marrry then and let them stay their own houses untill they complete their  studies...

Both Shook hands ...

Lucky really felt happy as if he had saved his whole world before it get doomed ..



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