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Khurana history part 5

Ash don't like abhi much , but she always tolerated been polite to him only for he is Luckys best buddy . So when she got call from him she answered coldly . His voice was trembling shaking and pleading ,
"Ashu please don't go to our home or let him come to yours untill we come back ..ok ..i am worried about you  , I am ashamed to tell u that Lucky is my friend , I may be his friend but when I think about what he is doing please ashu , he may make reasons and try to trap you don't go ..it may be any reason with his honey coated words he may make bahanas to make u go home ..may be  some thing like he sick , none to help ..or may be some stupid file 'whatever just don't step outside the house '

U neither go our nor let him come at urs ..he is such a cheapo ..womanizer 'I know what you feels for him ..so I thought I may give you warning before you fell in trap like many other stupid girls in Punjab .."

Enough is enough , she cant tolerate somebody saying bad about Lucky or ordering her do this do that ' whatever if there she need to find it her herself ..She got angry and scolded Abhi its none of his business ..

Abh tried to be more sentimental a little more pleading , he knew well how to irritate her and draw her to the edge of madness
" When I see krishnan Sir I feel like I need to help you its my duty ', No Ashu please don't get trapped ,.. I am sure he is there today when none of us around is with some vicious plan ..please '"

Ashu disconnected .. That guy irritates her to her toes , then Lucky , No way ..She tried to dismiss all her thoughts '..Abhi disconnected line and smirked .
The force at which she disconnected just gave him the magnitude of her anger and he dialed another number , once again making sure Krishnan's meeting with the managers he dialed a number whispered something then dialed Luckys

Around 5.45  Lucky got call from Abhi asking him did anybody reached there to collect file , Lucky innocently replied none , then abhi asked him since he is in the middle of meeting just call Krishnan house and remind about sending somebody to collect file or you yourself go ..  Abhi was well aware of his schedule ..taking bath ..drying hair then prayer till 6.30

Lucky said he will remind them and called ashu , remind Ashu about the file or now he is busy so if none comes he will drop it around 19clock 'Ashu was fuming , she want to know whats in his mind , She asked him why cant u come now in day light and give me the file , Lucky was too ashamed her to tell her that he is in his towel , oil , need to bath and all , and his hair too .. , he just said now I am busy in between some important work will come 19 only ' Ashu really got angry ...she controlled and she said , ok .. I will come Now ..before Lucky made excuse she cut the call .and immediately she told Shivanand and gone out

And she went ,by then Lucky had quick bath , When Ashu reached none was there , she called lucky but he was in bathroom and she doubted more and she want the answer from the man whom she loves and she went inside ,

By then lucky had done with bath and he dried hair and when he understood Ashu teher he politely told her wait in drawing room and he wore his dress and was quickly drying his long hair ,

This was enough for her Ashu she doubted lucky unnecessarily making her wait , and she barged in bed room , and confronted with lucky , whats his in his mind and all ..

Then one Lafanga who was hiding according to Abhi's previous plan ..went inside home and locked bedroom door .. And gathered people living around there ..

Lucky was not able to understand a single bit ashu spoke ..

She was cursing him , doubting him ,then get angry ,
All her pouting just surprised lucky and when she sterted to hit his chest ,which was just like somebody throwing flowers ..he hold her hand so that it don't hurt her 'then somebody clicked their foto .and both lucky and ashu before try to find out who it is they heard crowd shouting ..

This can not be encouraged in our place let her father come then only we open ..bla blah '

Ashu looked at Lucky and slapped him and cried '

When lucky try to console her some body from window shouted ..

Still u contnuing the game u shameless ..Lucky broke open the door and started to fight with the people ..

Then there reached Abhi and Krishnan , Krishnan was waiting in the car , he was only informed by Abhi that , Abhi got a call from his neighbour and they both have to reach there immediately , all the way Krishnan was worried about Luckys health ..

They saw crowd outside and they started to pass comments , by then Krsihnan gathered Lucky is locked up with some girl ,

He said Abhi ..Shameless Girl , , I am leaving .. Then Abhi said ..Please wait sir and '

He went inside there was a fight going on between 15 lafangas and Lucky and Ashu crying a corner ,,

Abhi heroically gone and hold Ashu's Hands and took her to Krishnan's Car ..

Lucky thought Abhi is saving Ashu and continued his fight with Lafangas who passed bad comments on him '

When Krishnan saw his own daughter coming he hold his chest and fainted in car , both Ashu and Abhi rushed to car and they took ..him hospital ..

By then some people informed police and police arrested Lucky ..

On his death bed , Krishnan asked worried what will happen to his daughter now , He trust her ..but he worried about soceity , then the bold and handsome Abhi came forward and told him , I trust her ( actually the thing is he trust Lucky ..LOL)
And he will marry her and Save her from disguest ..Ash had only choice to marry Abhia nd hate Lucky to the core for she believed Lucky is the one who planned all these ..

 While lucky in jail , abhi married Ashu ..

And Krishnan send them to honeymoon and to some temples , 2 months away from the city untill the matters get under control..Krishnan survived. And he cancelled all the contracts that merge Khurana and Chadda to Mahalakshmi and ..
He gave all his assets to Abhi , Thus the Chadda Construstion established ..

It took 2 weeks for Lucky to get bale ,as there was none to help him , Abhi spread story Lucky tried to trap Ashu his girlfriend calling on his pretext and right time he came an d saved her ..
And When Luckys father did not receive his weekly call from Lucky he got worried and came to Mumbai and Understood situation and bale out Lucky , Then Lucky together with his brothers and father attacked Lafanga team and made them spit out what ahppened  and they confessed in front of Krishnan ..

Krishnan understood the foul play , but 'Abhi is her husband now ..No other option so ..He forgiven Lucky and decided to keep quiet and asked Lucky not to tell this to Ashu , for Ashu;s sake don't hurt Abhi and Lucky whos love was sacha agreed and went back to his Punjab , and luckys motehr immediately married him to a chulbuli healthy kudi ..

who within 2,3 weeks made lucky forget every sadness ' at least he is not showing it anymore and deeply love his energetic wife ..

And she persumed him to go back and full fill his dream ..do not give up as some loser ..
And they returned To Mumbai and Bring life to Khurana Construction from Ashes ..

By three months when Ashu and Abhi return from their Honeymoon , Relative Visits and  Temple darshans ..Luckys Wife Preethi  was 1 month pregnant ..

They Had Naveen Khurana Maan's elder brother exactly after 8 months ..In the very big Bunglow Khurana Mansion that Lucky made according his wifes Zidd  just Opposite to Abhi and Ashu house who were famous enemies by then ,

After 2 years Ashu also delivered a baby girl kavita , Aka Kat


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