Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chapter 42 . Search ...And A Skip Of Tongue

Chapter 42 . Search ...And A Skip Of Tongue
21 November 2011
  1. Oh my love where are you
    I am dying to be with you
    The thing which we shared
    In my life, in my home,
    On OUR bed
    Doesn't it matters to you
    Is it meaningless for you?
    The four years of our togetherness
    You apart me from your life
    And after that unlimited years of pain,
    This is the only fact
    In which im living
    I am believing
    I want to live like
    A happy man with all the happiness
    But the one pain that you are not with me
    Is bigger than all the happiness
    When you are with me
    I was not more than a live dead body
    I start reacting on your words
    On your touch'''''''.
    What more
    You want from me
    Of Proof of your love
    Please come back
    I begged it to the god
    For my life
    This is not a life without you
    Oh my love please comes back
    I want my life to be with you
    And can't live without you
  2. Maan did not left any stone Unturned to find his Geet
    He searched every contact Cheenu had , geet had , Phulwadi , Armaan and Geets friends ...from every source he got only one message ... SHe died .Orissa Event .. Bigots burned Alive ..
    All knew what the press published only ..
    Maan then decided to pay visit to every person ..each an everyone good or bad personally .Amruth Returned to England .Savitri jai Singh gave Maan his time ...
    He visited her village and remembered her description , how she got saved from a child marriage by rama Massi and cutely describe how police stopped their van etc with big big gol gol beutiful brown eyes .. He heard her rama massi guirella war thats how she decribes it .. When he was in coma ..
    Her each jestures when he recall he cant stop smiling ...
    He met the Kalanath or Something ..the way she says ... Is now a turerculosis patient ..ofcourse he remarried when he released from jail and found out his first wife ran away with christian missionarry ..
    Maan cant hold his laugh , he decided will defenitely taunt her for this when he meet her .
    Then Pinky , he thanked her for helping Geet , she was at her fathers place for her delivery ..
    When he met arman he punched hard  his nose to bleed , for the irresponsibilty for letting Geet to keep morphine in her custody , then they Hugegd ..
    Arman said .yee So u Are My geets handsome Huby ..
    " She used to tell me ..i will get late , my Handsome huby will be waiting for me ..If i got late he will start doubting ...
    Arman being a lover Himself cant miss the sparkling happiness and about to burst out emotions in Maan , he cried "
    He felt Bad for Geet , she missed this much loving Guy in her life arman wanted geet to have all happiness in Life ..
    Maan Said Arman , She is alive .I know ...
    Arman offered all he could do to find Geet .And he joined with maan .They contacted Rahul , Who had no clue .. They traced all possible chances ..
    It was very difficult to find any clue about a completely dead person ..after all ..
    They met all the nuns in the orphanage taking special permission from the authorities ..traced those who already transferred to different monansteries ...
    Sister patritia , Sister maria , Geets school teachers .and Sister Tressia too , who dont like either Geet or rama . , Arman too know about it he said No use , she dont like Geet at all ..
    She dont even wanted Geet to study ..
    I have seen in television how she reacted to father benedicts Death , she accused the other casts who were with him was spying for the enemies ... Etc ..No use ..
    But maan wanted ..He said ..No I dont wnat to miss a single person ...
    As they expected they received a very cold welcome ..They told to wait for hours saying she is doing some prayers ..She is working in a very distant small town from Dispur Assam , A hill station , and doing charity work for the poor who works in the tea estates around .
    The attendar Lady Told him in the ttoti futi hindi with plenty of bengali mix that Sisters prayers take longer , She already told what she wanted to tell to press when she attended father Benedicts funeral
    Now nothing more she want to speak they can leave if they want , 
    Maan and Armaan was frustrated by the ladys talk and arrogance ..
    Maan said calmly , Tell her maan singh Khurana want to meet her and shot a glare that was enough for the woman to shut up , she reluctantly turned and took a paper and asked Sahib what u said ur name
    Maan Sing Khurana
    She note down something ,
    Maan wondered , what great note she had written , because the way she hold the pen itself says points the grade of literal skill
    Armaan Shook the head and said ..
    ""Buddy u still want to see that ... So called Sister patritia ..BolO
    I wonder if poojari got this much gamand just guess about the god ..me going waiting out ..let me enjoy the beauty of silent nature who tolerate these crazy woman ...
    And he went out ...
    Maan waited waited ...after half an hour Siter stormed in ..
    Mr .Armaan i have nothing to speak to you , .. I want you to leave soon , i have other important works to do and we are closing the office its already 5.30 ..and visitors are not allowed after 5.30 you can leave ..
    Maan tried to interrupt .. "But sister ""
    Sister "Please leave , the area is not safe to travel at night .. As wild elephants roam by when sun sets ..we are going to close gates please leave  ..." In hurry sister took one file on the table key bunch .and left out waited for... Maan to come out and locked and walked back to Church ...
    Maan silently went to car , he said driver to blow horn and Arman back ..
    He asked "Did u meet the dangerous ...Sister tressia..
    Maan :"Yup finally ...waited 4 hours to meet for 2 minutes ..u meet her ..
    Arman laughed .."" Thank God ..I ddnt ""
    Both laughed ...
    Sat in teh car ...
    Arman "what next Buddy ...""
    Maan .""lets ...""  Realization stuck Maan ..he laughed like a Mad man and hugged .. Arman ...


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