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Chapter 38: Double cross deal

Chapter 38: Double cross deal

10 October 2011

Now Brahmanand in his own investigations found out about the Khuranas too, their son, missing last 5 years suddenly turns up, his men and some trustable friends in UK informed him all the things happened around there and the sensational recent update of Italian Mafia and all which none believe much and they doubt he may be involved with some global terrorist group and may be with some of other plans, because he might be in need of money, as Khurana Empire is now handled by Amruth who ran empire as some kind of "Dharmashram" (Charity Trust) for last 5 years... Even though the charts shows profit only, but according to their assumption they could have made even 10 times more profit, so may be the spoiled son (that's what the image of our Maan got after his kidnapping and decision to return India and all) of Khurana's may be in some plan... So they think it may not be of Nuclear medicines instead may be of nuclear fuels... or may be of global terrorism.

Then Brahmanand again did some research himself and came up with another conclusion, the vicious one which people like Brahmanand only could think. He checked other places they were considering for the factory site, but Jungle Pur got the special additional ingredient too, the tribal's. Taking in to account of recent issues among tribal's their protests their unison etc giving hints that somebody from outside giving them strong support. And the interest in illiterate tribal's... They might be seeking in need of humans as Guinea pigs for their medical experiments and from where else they get such healthy and stupid specimen... other than the tribal's... who "jiye ya marey" none will ask as they were not in any voters list. Even Maneka Gandhi is there for Dogs in India, but none for poor real Indians '

He shared all his own thoughts with Sajjan who instantly got the entire picture... Jaisa baap... waisa beta {like Son like father...} 

Then Sajjan got clear picture, He decided and confirmed all these Rebel against him might be plan of Khurana's. And this is business and they might have laid plans for this from even 2-3 years back. So they either want Sajjan to get trapped and get access to the Lands they required, so when they got sure that they failed, they immediately approached Brahmanand, and the media fiasco may be for reducing the price of Land, for which he will be never ready. 

But Brahmanand convinced, let them buy, and we sell without bargain with the amount they offering as the Khurana's assume Sajjan, the illiterate one... and since the factory establishment takes lots of money and skill, let them do it... Once it gets completed, and  also when the Kameena's can understand and be able to manage well then they take out their Kameena Pan, . They had decided once the whole company get established with local support and money they start some Andolan .taking Videshi Mudda or Environment protection or something and and that time The Khurana's will not have any option other than submitting to their demands as they already Invested so much money..

So the Idea of Double Crossing really allured Sajjan, And as Brahmand Requested same evening he arranged a quick meeting with his people... of his Biraderi ' (Same caste and status) and after a full nights discussion and lecture Brahmanand and Sajjan were really able to make the Zamindars sell the Land, but Khurana company were offering very less amount even below the market price, some people easily got convinced when Sajjan and Brahmanand lured about the profit they will get, some did because they were just too lazy, and most of them actually supported because it is Sajjan their leader whom they trust more than themselves, Sajjan's actual power, they will just follow whatever he will say and they said that to Sajjan Also'

"Jab Sajjan Ji Bol rahey hain to ' Hum Apko na kaise kehte... (It's only because of you Sajjanji... how can we say no to you... we trust you... we know... you always think well for us')

Yes, some more aggressive type like Sajjan were reluctant... and so the Baap Betey out of Greed to get their own hidden plan to succeed decided to pay the extra amount from their pocket to those, who demand higher amount... secretly ' 

And the same night deal all set ''Khurana Reprentatives Landed with bags of money and all signed documents selling their lamd to sewage treatment plant and they dont have any objection, the very few who objected where forced to shut their mouth and compelled to join with the group by the Gunda Power.

A beautiful double cross deal '

Everyone was on their own mission... who behind what ... only they themselves knew...

Tomorrow is their great Day they got meeting with Maan Singh Khurana... Whatever be he is... They heard he is some very young boy 24-25 ..  And kameenas was sure they easily can trap this boy coming ...By Hook or crook they would trap the Maan Boy and make him their puppet .. .
 (Yaro i know u all dont like current track ..but kya karey story hi na please click likes even if u dont like it just to make me feel that you are reading ...)


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