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Chapter 42: Kidnap

Chapter 42: Kidnap
10 October 2011

..The Black Bike They stopped a little away from the gate , the dim light displayed on the board
ngels On Earth Convent""

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It was not that much difficult for those Hunks to jump across the tall Boundary wall , They looked each other and the Old Chowki Dar sleeping peacefully , One pair of eyes behind the mask shrinked little small seems he was smiling .. The other one was so much tensed that he looked here and there and asked in jestures what ..

His friend pointed to the 4 large dogs sleeping on each other along with chowkidar ...

Both guys laughed to each other .. One dont had any clue where to go , he just followed the other
He asked in codes ..

Ninja 2 : Ninja 1 are u sure its there only
Ninja 1: Yup
Ninja 2 : yar Galath Jagah Jayengey thio maamla ...
Ninja 1: I know i have seen the map in tehir office , for visitors help ..please keep quiet ...
Ninja 2: Oh ..U so smart \
Ninja 1: yes i am .., dont trust the dogs , they are not awake because of the pefume we sprayed smell exactly like the smell from tea plants .. One sound they will be tigers ...
Ninja 2 patted his back , he cant hide his happiness
Ninja 2 : You such a smart 1 shot a look ... Ninja 2 ..oh oh k ...shhh

By then both  reach a building ..Outside written "Women's Dormitory " Ninja 1 was seeking a way to get inside .., ninja 2 bloked him ..
Ninja 2 : ar dormitory hi ..kuch gadbad will be like getting urself in some crows nest  these all women , gosh women make such loud ...he began to cribe
Ninja1 : shh   she is here confident ..
Ninja 2: Maan ... Please ..if you are this much sure she is is here then why this kidnap and all ...

Ninja 1: Shh Forgot the Rules ..NINJA 2 (he stressed )  and chuckled ...Thum Nahee Samjengey ..Koi nahee Jantha Ussey ..

He somehow managed to find the unlocked window , he opened it and with great expertise opened the other too Armaan Impressed ..
Ninja 2: Now i doubt whta u realy were in your past , i need to check ur profile again before i give Geets hands to You ..
Ninja 1: Just laughed shyly and continued his work

He removed window pane and placing both hands on the window edge and he quickly jumped sithout making any noise ..Armaan impressed , thought hmm , munda sporty hi , kaisey believe karu ki ye ithney din Coma meim hi , but then Arman already seen him and He knew the secret only Geet and Arman only knows 

Its Not Much big , 12 bed , some area to cook food and eat and all women were sleeping ..

It did not 1 minute for maan to recognise the beautiful feet sneaking out of the blanket which is small to her height , she was sleeping in the upper berth , .. Maan was not able stop his tears ...He dont know what to do next , he was feeling weakness ...he cried and turned Armaan ,

arman shocked to see what he ahs seen , Even though he joined Maan in his search , he was sure Geet was no more in this world , or they find her like this , because he knew well Geet , If she is in any problem then he will be the first person she will contact , it was sure the tribal girl chameli also will be there , but then it will be defenitely Arman only she will contact , a person can give her shelter and protection ,She knew well Armans father a business tycoon big enough to protect her from any Sajjan and she ad nothing to worry or feel shy to seek Armans help ..They are Great Buddies ..

Still why she need the shelter like this was something He cant solve all these days ..And Maan continuously giving answers ..It will be like that only .she will not contact contact any one of you..its like taht ,, no she wont that ..

And the answers from everywhere they got just added his belif of geet no more living .but then he dont wnat to hurt Maans hope that easily ...

Arman shook Maan and signaled him to proceed ..
Maan slowly featherly tried to take her on his shoulders ..,

She shivered in her sleep , a touch she cant forget , teh touch brings life to her . Her soul recognised it and it just woke her up , she found herself in one strong big maans shoulders ..She shouted ,, seeing her sleep so beutifully Maan fotgot to plaster tape on her beautiful lips ...

Arman qucikly ran to the dpoor and opened then all woman woke upa nd was chaos every where

And they all cried  shouted , Two masculine men dressed in Pitch Black like night out in the woods , Ninja costumes .. Maoists , Bodo Guerrillas or naxallites what are they ..
Who has enmity with poor disciples of Angels on Earth convent ..what they want ..all scremed seeing one ninja taking the assistant girl in his shoulders kidnapping , by then dogs too awake it tried to attack arman , by then maan with Geet on shoulders came and sprayed something on Dogs and they instantly fainted .
The men workers , maali , assistant chowkidar or some others tried to stop them , maan quickly thrwon geet up in air and two three smashes hits kicks ..Arman and Maan Together .here and there and the men grounded thrown away some behosh then geet too was about to fall and Maan quickly catched her ..and holding her hand swirling her in air and moving his legs quickly he fighted and asked Arman 
"Ninja 2 ..Bike ..."" Ninja 2 quickly prnked to the bike Maan Fighted with the men 

(Hi Hi everyone wnated Maan to do Actions he is doing i dont wnat him to waste his energy on dirty kameenas , i want all his energy for geet baby only ...the fight sequence .. please remember HritikRoshan add ..i will try to get video soon similar to their fight )

.by then Arman started bike and ride to maan ,
Maan made Geet sit and he sat back Hugging her tight ..and it drove to the dark wood s

All happened in less than 5 minutes ..


The woman really worried , By then sister Tressia and other nuns from convent they had took Salomi ,
Everyone wanted sister to complain , but cold blooded sister Tressia reluctant to report to the police and strictkly warned everyone do not talk about it ... And she went to her office , two drops of tears , and she wiped it quickly and called someone 

The  nuns and other workers really felt sad , they already dont like strict Sister tressia , she will be this much cruel  they cant think , it hasnt been 5 hours that poor salomi kidnapped , by then she is moving poor salomis little sister dump , deaf mentally retarded little mary  the little angel .. ..who cant even eat herself ..


Precap : Torture    hmm mera likes kaha hi ..??  


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