Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 19 : Marriage Or Jail

Chapter 19 : Marriage Or Jail
09 November 2011

Nahee Nahee Nahee ….maan ki Mummy ko suddenly Ektha ne kaat Liya …

Ekta Kapoor suddenly bite Maan's mummy when Lucky after a lots of coughs and kichkich's put forward what Rajasree Suggested …

Maan was showing the face , the exact look he practiced after a lots of practice by looking at his own child hood photos many many times ..…his baby photos  ..Until his 2 and half nobody knew what type of 'Shaitan' he was……the massoom Maan's face whenever he brings his Mom's heart melt like 'mom' (wax)

And the bruises and dirt in face just added 'ghee" to it …

Maan hugged his mother and was pacified by her , she was extremely happy seeing him alive , so in that extreme 'khushi' she forgot everything …..  She was patting kissing crying caressing him again and again make sure he is safe …

Maan was like a lamb enjoying his mom's caressing , which he don’t like at all her pinching making his hair style ruin by her patting , but now he has to bear ... Then he saw his father at door step ……. Immediately he hold certain point at his head and …"mom .. Me …ohh aah .."  and …" I want to take rest mom …" and immediately laid and turned the other side …

Priety was sitting turning to maans side , she did not seen Lucky

She whimpered .".maan mera bacha …., zaalimon ne aisa berahmee se pit liya .."

Lucky "ha apney behan ko chedey tho bhai what else will do ?"

Then they had a short fight , but when Lucky whispered how Maan stooped so low and played with a Ladkees "Izzath" she instantly became a "Mother India " and rushed to Maan started to beat his back cursing him…
"khote ,ullu de pathe ,terii taan.. mar jany bhootanii de
mar jany, bhootanii de "
(I don’t know punjabi one friend in Fb helped me ..please correct me if I am wrong ..")

She was no where near to stop , Lucky hold her Hand .., and don’t shout and make everyone know what ahd happened …, ye ab family matter hogaya hi ..

She frowned at him ..

Then he said what Iyers suggested …

That’s when she closed both ears with her palms and stood abruptly and screamed


Then those "nahees" followed from the other room …in male voice three different ..
Lucky guessed Iyer was discussing it with their sons… he continued a threatening voice ..

:Damage is done …now you decide what for your son ……….Marriage or Jail …? "

and he went out of the room , while passing Iyers room , he heard Iyer speak

" Life long badnami or Stupid Brother In Law " ..

They all voted for Lifelong badnami , Lucky sadly gone out and he was sure about Piety's answer , so he immediately made arrangements for quick engagement then right at that moment and Marriage in the evening


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