Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chapter 9: Sleeping Tigress Drooling Lion ..

Chapter 9: Sleeping Tigress Drooling Lion ..

26 October 2011

Then he decided something , And slowly shed down his coat and waist coat , then shirt .. Removed his Shoes .. With Jeans ..He sat on bed near geets feet ..who still was unconscious …
Then he scared for a moment ..if the geet waking up is his old Geet , his friend wont she ask what are you doing ? But then .. He wore his jeans again because he don’t want that to do with his Geet , whatever she do he just cant cross her limit like that .. Because ..because ..he love her ……..yes she is his love and can he …but then …

He slowly inched towards her and touched her toes ..which was red ..and his soft touch seems give her some comfort ..and she started to rub it . Stroke it to relieve the pain and enhance blood flow ..her expressive face …just encouraged him …

His eyes was fixed on her face and his hands … he smiled …thinking ..

If Robindo see him like that .."GF ka pav dabatha hi .." he chuckled and stopped , when the warmth of his hands suddenly with drawn , geet with a complaining face shook her legs …………. Bent it ..and the blanket flipped …the satin comfort just slided down her smooth skin …..Maan shocked stared at her bare thighs ..which was clearly visible when the slits of her dress flipped it on either side …….

It was getting it difficult for him to breath then ..he was drunk too .. And he slowly touched her ankles stroked his hands up … feeling the sense he cant explain ..
His mouth was filled as if he is wishing for the sweetest sweet he loves …( Happy diwali folks ..LOL)

Then he bent and slowly licked the ankles ,and kissed sucked … geet in that semi conscious state moved turned other side ..

Maan feel on bed when his trance suddenly broken by her moves , he looked up what he saw ..was some he was not able to control .. He grabbed her bot flesh and squeez then stroked smoothly .. He felt his arousal ..he crossed his legs ..then he cant ..he laid behind her and slowly hugged as if he is hugging some butterfly ..

When his hot chest pressed her soft fleshy back cold , he felt like heaven ..he felt like to crush it hard to intake her then its his precious Geet .. He slithered behind her touching skin to skin flesh to flesh ….

His warmth and hot breath when fanned behind her neck ..she just turned and hugged him tight … making him breathless he completely turned on .. He hugged her tight and started to nuzzle nape of her neck … she too started to respond .. When his hands found its way what he is doing .. He had no idea …
{everybody remember what geet wore na ..


He put his hands through her dress stroking sensuously her exposed belly and grabbed her breasts and stroked and he dig his face deep in to it … with his tougue he drawn circles around it and the wetness of his tougue tickled and she giggled arching back giving him more access ..

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The nipples full erect invited his lips to get assaulted and his bites send waves of desires in her ..her hands moved stroking widely behind his back and she pulled his hair … stronger and stronger … with one hand he stroking her one breats and his mouth slowly sucking leaving then shower an array of butterfly kisses then reapeting the process on her other breast … and his other hand freed him from his jeans .. And then it snaked through the slit open of her dress and touched her pantiline ..pulled it little down and when he got enough acces he instantly cupped her fanny .. And with its warmth she parted her legs …

And the wetness touched his palms … and he dig his forefinger in it .. Trying to push inside as if he is making his way to..

With his fingering Geet started to moan in pleasure and .. Her moans just encouraged and he inserted his middle finger too ..moved it up and down ..sending lightning pleasure in her spines and … she moaned loudly ….

"Khushi stop IT yar .."

{ ok let me explain…u may be thinking whats this …in sleep she say maan and now khushi ..whats this ..? Ok .. Let me explain her sleep she was dreaming …beautiful dream and in her beautiful dream she is herself ..pure Geet …innocent and her dream with her prince Maan , now she is drunk and semi conscious … she was in between reality and dream …and the fingering ..of Maan .. Too confused and ..she uttered "Khushi .."}

Maan stopped , defeated , he withdrawn his fingers and then the door flung open if she was waiting to enter .. " I am here Geet …"

She stopped and stared at the Naked Maan .. Lying tiredly beside Geet .. Her eyes widened ……His ……...

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  1. kya Khushi aa gayi....ummeedon par pani phir gaya Maan ki....

    thanx for pm

  2. too hot yaar...
    poor maan..!still in a state of confusion!


  3. @remya he dont want to believe even though he is shown the truth ..just because his love for Geet is limitless

    @thusti , Khushi good friend of Geet how can she leave her just like that ..and .......kiskey ummedon par

  4. arre humari aur kaun....hum ek hi baat to chahte hain...yaar samjha karo

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