Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Khurana history part 4

So he weaved the strings of conspiracy and made the net to trap Lucky and Ash ..and he knew well and ensured their budding love will be burried in to ashes forever and ever ..

When Abhi make plan for himself then there wont be any escape and so it was ..

Lucky already shared his feelings for Ash with Abhi , dosth jo hi , Abhi bite his teeth and grinned happily hugged Lucky . Days passby

Krishnan already moved papers and Khurana Chadda merged with Mahalakshmi constructions which Krishnan Owned. So Lucky or Abhi had to accompany the site visits for new projects and being the lazy chap Lucky had to do it always and Lucky did , and Krishnan really had very good impression.

So when Abhi was sitting in his cabin with a few lafanga dosth of the mohalla chit chatting .., Lucky got in an told Abhi about the site visit and meeting he is going to have that day and he will be late ..  And casually asked what he is doing ..

Abhi watched the lafanga gang was respectfully watching their conversation ..

Dimag kee Bathee Jalee Instantly mentos jo khatha hi ..

He asked Lucky .." ha ..mujey ek kam bola hi Iyer Sir na ..That will be of ur interest ..u do that ..i will go with Krishnan Sir ..  "
Lucky confused but Innocence ka wholesale dealer hi na ..
Abhi said .. I need to collect some papers from our XOX office and Somebody will come from Iyers House to collect it .. Very Important papers ..ok '

Lucky got confused .. Abhi winked and told ..yar very important ..thats why I am telling u 'ok ..Now go  and collect papers ..Iyer sir need it today itself and he will be late .. So ..Yar ..meim isey jyada thuhme kya samjao 'Thuhmara Din hi Aaj ..bas ye maan lo ..

Abhi started talking all in gima fira and fira ' and he was sure buddu lucky cant get a single line .. Ab Jaobee..he shouted and laughed ..and hugged Lucky ..Thuhmara naam Yuhi Lucky nahee pada Yar Kithna lucky ho thum ..uff 'samja Karo 'This is really important..

Enough .before getting more embarrassed and get stamped a buddu Lucky noded and accepted ..ya ya I understood ..and laughed with Abhi 'lest he knew the depth of trap Abhi made for him
The lafangas looked at each other and confused they were really smart ..

Lafanga when Lucky gone asked whats the matter , ..Abh winked ..and gossipped that Lucky loves Ashu and today he is alone and she will come there as her father will reach late and her younger brother is sick . Shivanand was sick ..Abhi knew that already
And he told it in such a way  , not at all saying in words but chuckling winking .. That Lafanga Ganga was sure something is cooking up very steamy and hot at Lucky's home .They said good bye and gone straight to lucky home and waited hiding ..

Lafangas of mohalla usually indulge in such activities and Ash was a dreamgirl of many so they want to know the truth .

So as soon as Lucky left to XOX office which is little far away from city Abhi called the office and told the site in charge " Mem nahee Aa Paunga ..to collect the file Lucky sir will come 'U get the red file from my table and give it Lucky Sir who will be there in half an hour .."

Then  he went to Krishnan and said it is he who is going to go with him , Lucky is not feeling well with stomach pain ... so he is going home ." But sir jo Y56 ke project file that is in XOX office I will work on it and submit tomarrow .. Lucky told me he will collect it .."

Krishnan concerned " U might have told him to go home and rest "
Abhi " I told him this many times ..But he is not listening at all what I will do .i don't understand whats in his mind .., we could have easily collect on our way back ..but he .. Ok ..i will meet u at 4.30 at car park ..ok Sir ."
And they parted . He also told he cant drive in highway .. So shall we call driver ..and Krshan said ok and called his driver .


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