Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Khurana history part 2

Lucky and Abhi '( yaro mere editing ko "Vah Vah Bolna ..LOL ..Kaisa hi Sallu ka beard)

Young Shivanand

Both were together in the Patiala Poly technique , classmates and soul mates even though they came from different backgrounds  and characters entirely different some magic just bonded them,
People often wondered how innocent straight , extremely straight ,religious , 'Aag Ka Gola" yet "Becharon ka Masiha', Angry Young Man but cutely shy that any girl get just fida on that small invisible dimples  , Masculine Mr. Patiala Lakhvinder Khurana  be bonded with the
shrewd sometimes mysterious extremely smart when it is really necessary for his own benefit '.confusing a typical smart fox Abhijeet Chadda???

God knows !! ..But they are great friends , yes in any trouble Abhi fell just because of his over smartness usually ended up by some guys totally beaten by the Macho man Khurana , then he himself take the person to hospital and pay for his expenses until he get well , Khurana is not stupid ,, He will soon just sense out the Chadda's .foul plays but with tears and hug and dosti ka vasta Chadda usually make Khurana Melt like Makkan ...Butter'and their .."ye dostheee hum nahee chodengey 'just continue 'even stronger and deeper ''". And One day 'just like that Their dreams of life just made them land in Mumbai 2 years back ..

They with their knowledge obtained from college pursuing the Civil Diploma little experience in making some patchworks at their home town . Started their contracting company , a single room they hired to live and with rented equipments ..actually most of their company in the papers  only .so whenever they get some sub contracting work they just hire all the equipments and other requirements needed.

Most of their time they are out of work and money , Every month Khurana's Daddiji a rich hard working farmer in Punjab send his son money giving excuse that money is his monthlyfamily share '.or ..profit from last years yield... , so that his proud and hardworking (he know well about his son)son don't sleep with empty stomach  and tell him in phone "Everything Fine Daddyji ..nothing to worry '."

And Chadda bechara the spoiled son of a good hearted school master proudly be parasitic on Khurana's Share as he claims he is Khurana's best friend which our simple Khurana merrily agrees and he is there for him only.

They actually lived in their office , no room , no office .Actually Day time it is their office , construction office a one room office with two bosses , and at night it became their home .

On weekends , they play cricket with guys around but soon Abhi's fraudulences in simple games too lead big fights with Khurana's winning, beating them to their death  and almost all guys stopped playing with them .
Then they cant sit without playing too actually lucky cant and soon a bacha gang formed and they started to play , So even when Abhi do some ..of his "jalwey" there wont be much argument .
Abhi actually don't like this playing and all , he loved to visit discos and all which he knew well his friend protector financier , a child at heart Khurana will not indulge, or even allow Abhi to do it . So Abhi is playing just because he don't have any option and he often end up in doing chicanery

So their 20.20s where going smoothly ,and on that Deepawali their playmate Shivanand invited them both to their house ,Shy Lucky instantly said no 'But But '.

LOL .. Ashus beauty was devoured many times by Abhi's eagle eyes . When she go out for shopping and dance classes .And in fact he asked one of the boy in their team to lure Shivanand too to play so that he can befriend and through him he can talk Ashu Akka

So he do not want his golden opportunity to meet her just go away like this And as the invitation was for both actually more to Lucky as Shivanand naturally close to Innocent Lucky, he can not go alone . And As usual since it was for a noble event he was able to make Lucky agree and they visited Iyer House.

And they where welcomed by a dance performance by ashu .. Yup when they reached
Ashu was dancing on A song "Nimbooda.Nimbooda.."

Both guys stood there at the entrance mesmerized .. The enticing beauty and perfect quick dance movements  ..  Even Brahmachari Lucky too was not able to take his eyes of Ashu .. But Abhi the crooked fox don't want watch others especially elders catch him drooling like that because he know that will lessen his chances to get close to her quickly skipped .from there ,finding a pillar to hid him half behind it 'and continue his driveling session "Aaaraaam Seee"( without any hesitation ) '
leaving Dumbstruck Lucky .. Alone ..in the middle of entrance who took two steps forward unknwingly when Ash showed some inviting moves 'now he is almost middle of the Hall and Dance was going to its climax , Ash's move ments quickened and now she is doing the circling movements 
'and and'she hit at Strong Lucky Khurana and both fell down , leaving everybody in shock


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