Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chapter 20 : A Mother In Distress

Chapter 20 : A Mother In Distress
09 November 2011
They all voted for Lifelong badnami , Lucky sadly gone out and he was sure about Piety's answer , so he immediately made arrangements for quick engagement then right at that moment and Marriage in the evening .

Shivanand don't know how to convince his sons , its not some mathematical theorem so that he can easily prove , So he called his lifes Principia Wifematica , his last hope '

All the three sons attacked her like some KG class students ask about the picnic ..

She calmly walk in and sat on the couch ..and asked all of them to sit 'They understood their mother the supreme court Judge of their family's seriousness and Dev looking at his brothers as if starting permission if he is speaking their mind started ' "Amma see What Appa was saying '., I prefer life long Badnaami than marrying with That stupid  mann Singh khurana , '. Have you ever seen his answers ,' how careless he is ' even if he some how manages to do problems ..and even get answer , when he write it in answer column he put digits wrong .."

Shivanand interfered " and he always put one question number and answer the other one , I always wondered how he passed Board exams .." Rajasree Glared at him angrily , as if how dare he talk against her damad, and that one shot was enough for Shivanand to Chup Bilkul Chup ''
Dev understood the unspoken tension he concluded fast
"u may be feel it wierd ..actually what I mean to say how careless he is '.and how can we give Geets hands to him 'Geet my baby ', how can we ."  and for every word he spoke 'both Bheem and Arjun and even Shivanand was nodding in agreement

Rajashree rise her hand to stop ..

She asked .."Did You ever thought how this incident will affect our family and future .."

Bheem cant control .." Mom don't be ridiculous 'Family pride and all ,  isliye hum apney bachee ko us Rapist Ko Dedey  "

Rajashree Angrily " She is not raped , I talked her , they were fighting and , we all know geet ..and maan too became a Bacha like her and that torn her clothes ''"

She panted when she let out all her tension in one go ..and continued in a very lower voice ..

"Even You who witnessed and knew nothing happened used the word Rapist for maan ,because you think it was an attempt of rape '.and ..think  son .. when this story spread among people ..attempt of rape will reduce to rape 'only and ..future of our Baby '."  She was struggling hard with emotions and tears not fell down 'in front of her sons ..

" Now when I thinking of my girl facing world with that dabba in her 'matda" , she will loose her happiness forever and we will lose 'how long and from whom and wherever you can protect her day or another she has to fight it alone '

I don't want to see her hurt , 'so marriage is the only option .., don't worry I was married at 13 .. And maan is not a stranger for us , she will be in front of us , or even with us .."

She waited for her sons to understand and analyze facts ..

They were fighting hard , They prefer lifelong badnaami than the stupid Jeeja

Arnie Instantly asked .."Ok if Marriage is only solution , why cant Rahul Marry Geet as decided earlier '.Rahul Loves her a lot '."

Rajashree calmly replied .." Ok 'Now call and ask him to be here before Devs marriage ceremony start ..I want to see sindoor in my daughters maang when she doing dutys of grooms sister in rituals '"

That words seems final , Brothers were happy and Arnie confidently took his mobile to call Rahul..
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