Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter 44 : Escape ..

Chapter 44: Escape ..
24 November 2011

Whats Happening ..Geet was reluctant to touch or hold the Ninja riding , The Ninja sat behind her hugged as if she scared his body will be tear open and devour her.

Though None was actually following them Arman and bike ,,it just fly through the jungle route .. He cant keep his mouth in happiness not only they captured Geet but the bike ride ...He screamed ...

:HHHeee HAWWW "'                HHHEEE HAAAWWW   his scream echoed in jungle ..

By now Geet got sure , actually felt little peace she had been kidnapped by some 'tribals only ..

Geet confused , here she is being kidnapped by two masked men and why the beautiful sweet cute peace prevailing her heart , the peace that she has been missing for days filled her veins and she dont know whats it , when the person hug her so tight ..why she is feeling like its her own body only hugging..

What s it ? Who is he ..? Why i feel i know this person , the heart beats resonating with hers ..the heat transferring from his body why making her weak and unfighting.Why each cell of her body just mingling with his  , When the speed of the bike rose the chilled wind blow on her face ,

Her body was freezing and she was wiggling with cold the other person leaned closer place his head conveniently in the nape of neck and when his breath was fanning heating her throat her ears she slowly leaned back finding more comfirt ..the hands tightly gripping on her tummy ,slowly relaxed when her body was cool-ly laying back on him no more protest fear expressed , his fingers start to draw pattern s on her tummy ...

Maan felt like whistling , he was enjoying his teenage and adulthood he missed .. Naughty thoughts dominating his mind ...  He wanted to lick and tingle her enck but the Mask , he cursed Arman for bringing Ninja costumes when he demanded some costumes to hide themselves ,

Different costumes done a small fashion pared in his mind ..spiderman  ..he is not going dangle down and have a frenchkiss , batman ... Eek two years popping up like Donkey ... Then then,, GRR why cant he bring Krish , his lips will be free ...  ... The satin soft neck and the moonlight making it magical was making him crazier ...

To remove his mask he need to take his hands from her tummy and which he cant do .. He tried open the mask by pushing it and in his dilemma he was shaking his body ..

Lest Arman knew Maan's plight ..Arman Shouted ...
"Oyee Maan sit properly and hold her tight  when u move , in this speed balancing is tough .."" with that spoke ...he bite his toungue ..what if Geet recognise his sound , he know Geet , he scared he feared her pouncing at him like wild cat ...But thank god , she seems like fainted ..he ride fast quickly ..

Geet as armaan guessed was almost fainted mesmerised in a trance ...( with such a beautiful ride in bahom mey of Maan singh Khurana how cant she be...) She heard Arman speaking some thing ..before she could get what he spoke ...

Maan hold her tight and kissed hard on her neck from his mask ..She shocked ...immobile ...Her eyes wide in surprise ... And she hell confused why i am not feeling scared ????????????????..


As soon as the bike stopped near the temporary helipad , Arman quickly got down and ...

Hi hi hi .. His eyes wide in Shock , Maan babu was passionately placing kisses , on her neck and Geet stretching back giving him more access , his hands moving stroking ...
He turned , what i am doing watching my sis making out with her ...

Arman thanked the person in Maans team who told them to get bike , because jungle road , some times if people following they might have needed to take  some raw routes and ,uff if they had taken car ..Ofcourse , I (arman ) only will be riding it ..and they could have started in the car itself ...

What surprised him most was Geets reaction , Uff he wished his princess Riddima could be at least one fourth romantic as hers ...

All the Men was watching in Awe , Well Arman was conscious , Geet is not less than a sisiter and ...he has duties ...

He quickly moved to Maan and patted Maans back to stop , Maan shrugged two three times and thrown Armans hands away , then Arman had to pinch ..

Maan uch ...""

Arman ponted Maan to the people staring ,

The Kidnapperd already settled a camp out there ...and a helicopter waiting for them .

 Seemed Geet was in the magical spell it took a while for her to realize ..and , before she could act , Maan quickly tied her hands and Arman plastered her mouth ..and give a meaning ful look to Maan , who was making a baby face .. Complaining cute look ..

Arman angrily shook his head like , made a it should be like this only ...face ...and took Geet in his shoulders and dropped her at the helicopter .

And Dragged Maan ,

Maan : Yar , we have to take taht plaster ...

Arman : hold Maan's collar ..Chup Bilkul Chup ..

Ab Jaldee is Jungle se Nikal le ...Varna the speed u go i feel , here Jungle me Mangal Ho Jayenga ..

And i dont wnat to come in front of her untill Matters settle down with u both , I think geet hide a lot of things ..actually u both , but she ...she had hide a lot of things from me and ...she has to answer .. And u too ...JEEJAJI ...

Then he turned to Bike ,

Maan : "where are u going arent u supposed to come with us ..??
Armaan "I want to , but ... Hmm .. I dont want to be Kabab meim haddi ..nd this sweet heart ..patting bike ohh ..i am alraedy in love with her ... ""

Maan chuckled ... Maan knew well Armans bike craze .. Then Aramn strted before he leave Then turned to Maan and Give a warning  in signs , like i will b e watching You ..

Maan seat belted Geet ,a nd  then him beside her ..The chopper was ready to take off ..
Once they were in air ,
 And removed his Mask .and  shook his head ..Geet saw him and ..Fainted ...


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