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Chapter 21 : Not a Friend indeed .. :(

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Chapter 21 : Not a Friend indeed .. :(
13 November 2011
That words seems final , Brothers were happy and Arnie confidently took his mobile to call Rahul..


Rahul Narayan Iyers colleagues' son and Arnies classmate best buddy soul mate and what not ... was , almost hiding in his room , Because seeing arnie in tension between brothers marriage arrangements and sisters tantrums to attend best friends wedding he himself offered His service to Drop geet at her friends wedding and responsibility of bringing her back , But when riots broke out he decided to stay at Thanis house still everything get calmed down , but then Geet was adamant that she don't want to miss each and every rituals of her brother ..

Then when his escape appeared in the form of Maan the stupid and Robindo the Cupid , he too agreed ,and send her with Maan .But then he was sure Arnie would not like it , but he formed some decent explanation that Geet in Saari, and it  was getting it difficult to ride , in between street fight riding bike not safe '

But then the problems where under control in the night itself after 2,3 hours geet left with maan ...and he reached home , by then he heard from his mother Geet is missing , maan's car burned , Rajshree not well , Shivanand not well ..back to back ..

Before Arnies anger fell on his back he slipped to his room hid himself saying his mom dont inform anybody that he is home , and told her what happened at Ganguly House , Though his mother scold him she as a mother agreed to his request being a simple mother  , then he heard Geet being discovered along with maan ..he felt relieved and was resting happily in his room , then he got Arnavs call ..he smiled ..he know well how to tame Arnav ..then 'what he asked ..

He shocked ' Arnav asked him to marry Geet , actually it was already almost fixed by their parents very long back .. But then Rahul was not actually feeling ..Khair ' Marry geet Tomorrow ..No way.. He is not making any issue marry Geet because he don't want loose arnies company .. He had decided long before he will tell his decision not to marry Geet when actual time comes ' And that time come will this much sooner No way '

Then arnie sweared  Nothing happened , They discovered right on time Maan did not do anything with Geet as People assume , if someting like that  do you think that stupid maan will be still alive ??  do you think i will ask you to marry her , or, Dont you trust me ...

Rahul replied trust You ... Silence Arnie Rejoiced hearing the boldness in his voice , with that new life energy in him he asked confidently

... 'Rahul ..Rahul get some best suit soon and reach here ..before everyone tie that stupid maan tag on my sister ..
Hello rahul ..

"Kich kich shak dik ..beep beep '"

Arnie tried again thinking network disturbances ..

" the mobile number You are trying to reach ...

He stopped , the same prank they did together when his girl friends calls between their combine study ..
He got really angry .. But then its his problem he tried land line Arnies Mom Picked up Line ..
She was concerned about geet and asked she is ok mom ok dad ok ..Arnie Patiently answered then he heard Rahuls sound ..Then he also heard Rahuls Mom asking him to comeon Phone its Arnie ...

The line disconnected ..Arnie Throw his mobile in anger ..Closed his face with hands , sighing deep sat there ...  Silence ... Then after 10 minutes Their landline ring, and Rajashree answered putting it in Speaker .

It was Rahuls mom , telling Rajashree their decision to Make Geet Marry Maan was very good , they all are very pleased and welcome it , since the circumstances demand it .. Rajashree smiles and looked at Arnie and others ...

Finally rajashree Invited her to come to marriage and ended the call ...

The brothers understood there is no escape ...

When A person Like Rahul , and his family so close cant accept Geet , even though they sure nothing happened , just because people assume she spend night with Maan , fearing badnami they withdrawn ...Today or tomarrow this Badnami will haunt Geet her lifetime unless she married to ...Sigh

Arnie Stood ,

"Do We need to arrange another set of Varmala ..and get me list what all we need for her marriage ..tears escaped when he said last words ...
Arjun stood "we do it together ..not much time left ..."

Dev looked at his brothers and Parents ..

"I will give you .."" and trio gone out ..

Rajashree Hugged Shivanand and consoled him ...and whispered , "Tell Khurana Bhai Sahb About Geet ...He will Understand ..and we can request him to be with us till her studies get complete ...Apka nahee Talengey Vo ..Apko Chotey Bhai Maanthey hi ..ispite of all those happened between your family's .."

So I tHink ..All Of You Happy Now ...All Supari's to kill me should be withdrawn immediately 

Coming Up ..Maan:  I want to """SEE ""   You "MY DEAR"" photo Grapher ...

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