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Chapter 41: Enraged or Victorious Smile

Chapter 41: Enraged or Victorious Smile
10 October 2011

( Warning Its a very Boring Part ..please dont read , just skip and press like .. 
i have tow rite because i want to complete my first FF , for the flow ... Sorry to bore u all 
its contains how Maan revenged , actually amruth did all .. Sajjan and whole Village ...Ok press likes ...pleaseee)

Once he was sure Geet had survived that incident and was in Sajjan haveli ..New life has come to him..
Now no one need to tell Maan what to do Next , but have to be careful ..

He deployed more men around to search and got all information wanted instantly , it was very easy he caught 2 three gundas ,sajjans men ...Body gaurds Muscle power just one punch below the ribs made them tell all the truth ..nothing but truth ..

How doctorni kidnapped ... Raped ... Tortured without food ..and finally with the help of a tribal girl servant how she escaped

All happened in Sajjan Haveli ...Maan Just recovered from A coma State can not bear all these ,he collapsed feeling the pain of his sweet heart ...  When he gain conscious  in the evening .., His Mother with him ...asked him to find Geet , She said now leave all thoughts and find Geet as soon as possible ...before the others catch them ..So its high time he need to be controlled and get in to action rather than feel and lost ...

""And the Matters here ...I will settle . I already started .  I will teach those bas***ds what to mess with my Bahu "" 

Yes indeed , She already started her revenge in tru modern Kshatriya way , The ShoolSena Members the bogots of the villages houses were on fire , Income Tax ride , police Ride on various cases.. The black Money , The Illegal land Transfer matters , counterfeit , Hunting In prohibitted area and illegally keeping stuffed wild animals , above all most persons hoses for the complaint they filed for Robbery in plain day light ... ( Some masked people broke in and robbed their house they took all money they had as if they were sure where the money is , yes the same money they had that they got from selling their land to Khurana Construction)  .. They started to suspect each other .. Its only them know they had money .Then fights ... And Then series of Arrests .. For teh honour Killings going on in that village for last 10 years ..

All within 24 hours ... Maan and Amruth continuously on calls and the Haveli They brought became a HighTech Control room ...They were able to trace Cheenu ..who was seen around the Hospital where all sajjan family admitted ..seems he wanted to see his mother  , Mother an son rejoiced

But then  one of their Detective rushed to them ...

"Madam .."he shivered ...

Maan angrily .."What Happened Speak Dammit ""

Cheenu Committed Suicide !

They were in search of Geet , Cheenu and Chameli (they dont have any picture sadly) 
Then they spotted him in Bhuvaneshwar near The hospital where Alka was admitted after fainting at the airport , before Maans men could find him , he was seen dead
It says his mom dead and because the boy cant bear his mothers death and immediately jumped out of the Window ...Where his father was in ICU , When this happened  His Grandmother was around ..and she paralysed ...

Maan sat down ..his last hope to find Geet ..

They all moved  to Bhuvaneshwar , they understood nothing more left for them in Junglepur


Truth also revealed soon , but unofficially , Sajjan was mad at the events turned , his almost dead Son in pool of blood and missin culprit that too a n untouchable cast above all women he was mad ,,
He immediately understood his own Grandsons hand in it , and the enw of Alka  Landing made him mad , he decided to teach Mother and son a lesson and  captured Alka from Airport itself and spread the news she is hospitalised ,

He was sure Cheenu cant do anything without Alkas help and he would try to contact her at any cost

Alka was sedated and Cheenu somehow manged to sneak in to his motehrs room and there he confronted Sajjan and Mrs Sajjan .. There they all had fight and out of rage sajjan thrown Cheenu out of window ,,,,,,,, !! And in her protest to save her son alka died and in her effort to help her husband Mrs Kameena Injured and paralysed ...

Now Maan needed Sajjan to answer His ..

He moved all strings to Make put him jail and some Adjuctment with Politicians ..Maan Confronted him in jail ,

Sajjan Seeing maan , by then crooked Sajjan figured out maans involvement in it that for the Doctornee Only ...

He Laughed out Loud like a Mad Man ,

Maan punched hid nose to bleed hold his collar ...

Jithan bhee Badas nikalna hi nikal le ..

The more maan punched and hit Sajjan , the more loudly he laughed ...  Amruth Hold Maan ..

He is a psycho Maan , an whispered we cant break him that easily
And he dont have a clue where Geet is , he is Just making you mad and drive u crazy and u do things that goes in his favour ..

Amruths experience once again guided maan

Amruth Turn Sajjan ...

I wish You Get out of this Jail the soona and see whats waiting for u at JunglePur

She smiled cheerily hold Maan hand

We dont left anything to do with this creature ...lets go and bring our Bahu Home

Gracely walked away ,

Sajjan scratched  his head , he dont have a clue what Amruth said ...


Sajjan spend all his savings to get out of the case of murdering his own grandson .. Finally he managed to get bail , he had no clue whats waiting for him at Junglepur , and whats going to change in 2 weeks ...

By then Brahmanand now in wheelchair because of the spine injury and paralysed Mrs kameena is discharged from Hospital ,
As soon as Saajan got bail he went hospital , when time came for him to take his family back he paid a visit  at his wifes who is nothing but a burden now  and ...

He left Bhuwaneshwr  , headed to Jungle pur .. With his wifes deadbody and Handicapped son ..
 he ran out of almost his money to turn the case , he need to spent lots and lots of money .. Sold out almost all property he owned as Brahmanands benami at Bhuwaneshwar now only Jungle Pur is his only escape where he was sure .he is the King



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