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Chapter 57 .Revelations (Part 2)

Chapter 57. Revelations (Part 2)
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Geet ..listen sweet heart ..

She did not told me actually , it is you .only informed me about u being there ??

Me Geet stared at Him ..

Yes You ..

She got confused ..
Geet You were informed about our visit at Convent Right In search of You ..right ??

She nodded ..  and said , I Thought ..its Arman only ,and I Have seen him too ... Roaming there ...

Yes and you Told sister about Arman Right .. 

Hmm ...Sister asked me if I want to go with Him then Go Back To Phulwadi , But I was feeling ...she whacked ..all because of You

Mey Ithna hot hoon Tho Ismey Mey Kya karSaktha hoon.. Made the puppy face , he loved to see her like that smiling shying even when some serious tension goes on..he looked at her lovingly ,which she misunderstood ,she feared may be for another .....
Acha Acha Teek Hi Sir ..Maan Singh Khuraanaa..and shied .. he smiled , he know she is tired and now she is scared of herself because a few more seconds if he look at her like this she will melt and slowly come closer to him ..shyly hide her face on his chest ... wink , bite lips ...uff after that he cant control himself.

Ha ha ..and Sister addressed me as Armaan ...  and i knew that you never visited Orphanage or Never contacted anyone other than rama massi and father Benedict , And to them too u never discussed about Your friends ...   right ?? and he shared what had happened with him and Arman when he reached there in her search ..before she started to get worried in their memories and start worry.

(ref : Chapter 42)

Maan and Armaan was frustrated by the lady’s talk and arrogance ..

Maan said calmly , Tell her maan singh Khurana want to meet her and shot a glare that was enough for the woman to shut up , she reluctantly turned and took a paper and asked Sahib what u said ur name

Maan Sing Khurana  

She note down something taking more than the actual time required to write his name  ,

Maan wondered , what great note she is writing  , because the way she hold the pen itself says points the grade of literal skill
Armaan Shook the head and said ..

""Buddy u still want to see that ....... So called Sister patritia ..BolO

I wonder if poojari got this much gamand just guess about the god going waiting out ..let me enjoy the beauty of silent nature who tolerate these crazy woman .....

And he went out .....

Maan waited waited ...after half an hour Siter stormed in ..

Mr .Armaan i have nothing to speak to you , .. I want you to leave soon , i have other important works to do and we are closing the office its already 5.30 ..and visitors are not allowed after 5.30 you can leave ..

Maan tried to interrupt .. "But sister ""

Sister "Please leave , the area is not safe to travel at night .. As wild elephants roam by when sun sets ..we are going to close gates please leave  ...." In hurry sister took one file on the table key bunch .and left out waited for.... Maan to come out and locked and walked back to Church ...four hours waiting thus  ended in less than 2 minutes


Maan silently went to car , he said driver to blow horn and Arman is back ..

He asked "Did u meet the dangerous ...Sister tressia..Patrissia ..or ...treesa something
Maan :"Yup finally ...waited 4 hours to meet for 2 minutes ..u meet her ..
Arman laughed .."" Thank God ..I ddnt ""

Both laughed ...

Sat in the car ...

Arman "what next Buddy ...""

Maan .""lets ...""  Realization stuck Maan ..he laughed like a Mad man and hugged .. Arman .she is here ....

Maan Informed her Chameli is Safe , which she already got confirmed from Arman while she fighting on her wedding day . , she smiled .. Sister had  Moved Chameli to some safer place and Arman took her with him to Phulwadi , Now She is in Maanvendra Singh Khurana Memorial Hospital , getting a treatment . Doctors advised her not to encounter any reminiscent of the mishaps happened with her
And Arman is taking special care of her .

Geet again in tears , Maan shook his head in disappointment ..
When happy tears When Sad then also tears ...Thm Aurathon ka bhee ...Jawab Nahee ..Ha ha ..

She whacked softly on his chest and kissed him on chest ......whispering i love you ..

Amruth and Savitri started to worry  about Geet’s health, of course she is doctor but seems she forgot that and not at all taking care of herself .Amruth decided to confront Maan... So when today they returned and said good bye...and was about to pass the hall  Amruth stopped them
Maan Geet... Humey ap dono se Baat karna hai...
No beta added in calling… Daadi too was looking serious... Maan smelled danger...
They were drenched in the rain , while coming back from flat it rained and both of them wanted to enjoy rain , but they cant ,,because of the security threats and the presence of body guards around them , and finally when they reached Haveli premises , he immediately dismissed the gurds and asked them to park the car , they get down from car and enjoyed the drizzle .romantically holding each and walked in the faded moonlight . and when the droplets tingled their skin their urge to be stick to each other’s bare skin just increased exponentially , Maan when leaned to her saw the sweet rain water trailing down , between the narrow hollow of  her curves , which he felt more juicy now days ..and the wetness was making it amazingly beautiful , he whispered something in her ears and she instantly felt the dampness between her legs not from rain water , and she whacked him ..and he continued something more and she was so shy , that ’she was not able to protest and stick to him as if she will any moment get melted in to him .. he while saying was plunging his tongue in geets ears and was tickling her ...they both were really high and ..the anticipative vision of each other in nothing , with the thin film of sweet rain water were made them deadly turned on and their bodies where on fire when they entered Haveli ..and its then Amruth asked them to stop...

He hold Geets hands and dragged her to hall and they sat with them , restlessly in a hurry .
Savitri called Lachhi ,and asked to bring towels and Maaneet wiped themselves disappointedly .they used to help each other in this after bath and after that ..  actually it kind of became  a foreplay for them...

Savitri asked them whether they had dinner ,Maan said he is not hungry , But Savitri said oK AP Hungry Nahee hi Tho Nahee Kahiye but Bahu ko tha Khana Padenga ...She was really Gussa At Maan
Geet wetted her lips , she looked hungry and thirsty , and totally exhausted. And she seems really scared of the tone in which Amruth invited them , seems Amruth wanted to speak to Maan alone , so Savitri hold her hands and guided her to nearby Dining room , Maans hands were folded to hers and it took a moment for them to untwine .he was not letting her go ....finally Savitri had to give “Gunda threat” look to Maan while Geet was pleading with eyes about to cry and finally maan left her, and When Savitri and Geet went

Amruth Ignored all the romantic antics of her son and concentrated on her flipping magazine . Finally when Maans attention turned to Amruth  ,he cant see geet because of the curtains ..., he looked Impatiently at Amruth to continue ..and end it soon
Amruth came nearer to him and sat beside him ..

Amruth asked ...holding and twisting maan’s ears .. and in a really harsh voice asked
“ Beta , What do you think of yourself ..Kab Thak Apney Biwi Ko Mom ke kamaee mey palenga ... Office aney ka Koi Irada tho nahee ..”
Geet heard what they spoke , and she chocked and spitted the water she was drinking Savitri patted her back , Maan was about to rush , he got tensed  Amruth rolled his eyes and  whacked him  kuch Nahee hua ...You answer me first .. Geet and daadi came back , Daadi felt if she hold one more minute ,Geet will collapse of tension ,she knew nothing serious ,but For Geet all these new ...So Daadi stopped pushing her to eat , Lagtha hi Apko Ab Khaney Ka Man Nahee hi ..Ap Maan Ke Saath Khaleejiye ..and Geet let out a sigh in relief  immediately stood up and they both to the drawing room. ..Amruth’s face gone paler she feared what will Geet think about her .And Maan understood her fear and cutely looked at Geet in a puppy face showing his “becharapan” Geet sacred ..

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