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Chapter 55 .Dirty Picture

Chapter 55. Dirty Picture

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After 3 weeks
Savitri and Amruth were not only displeased with Son, But also with Bahu... will somebody believe that they got their Bahu all the time in their Home after wedding and still they had barely have any acquaintances with her! Savitri got really irritated when her kitty party friend asked about Bahu like kya acha banati hai, kya pasand hai and all, they haven’t invited to Munh Dikhayee etc... Etc..., Savitri made excuse that they had all rituals at palace at Phulwadi so never thought about anything here at Delhi...

Then they demanded to the minimum of a formal introduction party, which Savitri was continuously postponing for last one week, to have an introduction party they need Geet right ! , but Madam Ko kahan fursath milti hai... Ok… Maan keeps her busy, but Maan ki dor to uss hi ke hath mey hai na... why can’t she tell him to give a break... Savitri thought disappointedly...

Amruth too was not very happy with it, She offered Maaneet a Honey moon to Switzerland or any place they like, on the same night they reached Delhi 2 weeks ago when they last had their family dinner together But Maan said he don’t want to go he will stay and enjoy their honeymoon at Delhi Only, and Geet too smiled admit tingly, Amruth and Savitri rejoiced by his decision, they thought they all going to have a rocking family time after a long Gap. But... uff Amruth probably now only knows what’s the actual reason behind decision...Grr Sahab zaadey Nahee chahtey k koi time travel may waste ho... Grr… waha jakey bhee all they going to do is spent time in bedroom only... so Janey ka Kya faida... uff, Ye Biwi Ka Gulam Merey Pati Ka hi Beta hai…???!!! She doubted…
After coming to Delhi, Savitri and Amruth decided that they won’t disturb couple, especially when Maan told them about his plan to celebrate honey moon at Haveli only... they patiently waited, 2 days 3 days like that one week passed, and started to Taras (yearn) for a glimpse of Maan or Geet, why... They wake up at 12 o’ clock...by the time Savitri and Amruth will be on their routine and Lunch time when Amruth and Savitri return ,They will be informed Maaneet just had breakfast. And when dinner time will Maaneet’s evening Coffee time which they usually had it in Their room or garden .
They used to sneak in to kitchen for breakfast, and after some funny events it’s decided that they will be served food in their room only...
(Little Character sketch : Just For this part .....)
Nakul Chief Servant , Nakul = Purana Wafadar ,. The handsome dude ,Cool with an attitude
He Rules Khurana kitchen and Servants Daadi’s favourite ( there is some rumours about daadi and Nakul in facebook , but they totally ignore it and live their life bindas )

Lachhi: helper , Chulbuli bulbuli .. Kudi ..she laughs and cries .. innocent

Rajesh: The Cook a Normal Bechara Guy  , he loves Lachi but never said

Savitri heard Lachhi crying and Rajesh consoling her, one Afternoon when she was returning from Club, when Lachhi saw Savitri coming she cried more and ran away somewhere inside, Rajesh who was standing turned towards Lachhi, did not notice Savitri’s presence, seeing jawan larki crying and consoling jawan larka Savitri got tensed and asked
Savitri: "ye larki Kyun Ro rahi hai…?"
Rajesh:"Nakul Sir ne Daant dia Hum Dono Ko na Isliye Vo…"
 His eyes were fixed on the direction Lachhi went so he failed to realize its Savitri
Savitri: "Kyun danta…?" she thought If Nakul had scold them both then there will be some reason, because Nakul is a Purana wafadar of the family...and he managed everything well till the date
Rajesh:"Hum ne dirty picture dekha na... Isliye "
Savitri fumed…
Savitri: "Acha Dirty Picture jawan Larka larki together... how dare you Rajesh.Vo Bhee Is haveli mey  ..”
Then she realized , they might have sneaked in her room to get the DVD ..She started…Then Rajesh realized...about his mistresses presence
Rajesh: "Oh... Oh no... Hum na..."
Savitri continued...: “you watched dirty picture... In this Haveli....tum se kisney kaha mera DVD collection ko hath laganey ko... bolo…bolo...” She was highly embarrassed if they took that DVD then they might have seen the other films of her collection... Ridiculous these illiterate people... god knows what all stories they would be going to make and spread about me.now.. she was terribly angry.....
Rajesh was getting paseena paseena out of fear… seeing his Sati Savitri malkin Savitri in... Enraged Durga Form.......
Rajesh: “nahe nahee Dvd nahee... Maan Baba ka Dirty picture...” bechara don’t know how to mention what they have seen and above all all the naukar chakar  use this code only for what they are seeing and hearing nowadays in Haveli
Savitri: “Maan Ka dirty picture...!!” Savitri shocked did someone made MMS of her pota....naheeeeee…nahee naheeeeeee kabhee naheee
Savitri: “Maan Ka Dirty Picture ! Kisney Nikala Uska video... Bolo Bolo…” she screamed shouted violently and almost every naukar chakar heard and they all rushed to the corridor....
Rajesh cried nahee nahee madam. vo dono jab breakfast ke liye atey hain to... to to...
Savitri: “To To...Tumney video nikala...”
Rajesh fell on floor hold her feet and begged cried...
Rajesh: “Madam hum sirf unka Romance watch kar rahey they aur hum sab ne koi dirty picture nahi dekhi or na video banai hai… Hamey maaf karo...”
Maaneet Kitchen romance was really funny. Every day Maan makes break fast and Geet wood feed him "apney Hathon Se".As soon they enter he dismiss all servants and cook from kitchen and asked Rajesh to close kitchen door and give Pehra Outside so that nobody could disturb them .
Maan made Geet sat on kitchen island as usual and started to make breakfast .He made coffee and was planning break fast , checking stuffs he would need .
Geet was eating a Tomato , Tomato ..Vo Bhee Morning Morning ..Well Geet madam KA taste bee Ajeeb Hi! (If Maan make a point on that she will surely  tell him , that he is also her choice ..so Maan dont want to feel himself Ajeeb and Usey apney Hal pe chod detha .)
When he took out Egg from case Geet ordered , Maan Please I dont want Your Omlet or Cheese whatever You make ... I dont like its smell ..
He stared at her for a moment , then he got some naughty idea ..He came closer with that special cute traits and locked her between his hands ...Geet shied naughtily and winked at him , bite her lower lips little , all indicating how much she is ready for him ....  (Ajkal bachee Besharam Hogayley re.)
and he don’t want to disappoint her , one long deep ...sour (It tasted tomatoes ) kiss... .. and when he let her to catch her breath she immediately catch his hair and pulled towards her arching back ...instead of kissing her neck and curves , he lowered more and started to role her ,kurta up .. she shivered ....in excitement ......because the dampness over her private parts already started to tease her .. and he slowly laid her on her back  he nuzzled on her flat belly .. tickling her .she moved making fall some plates from the island and none cared damn and they continued what they doing 
 . and ... he trailed kisses up further ... and after a slow bite on her ear lope he whispered 
You so ..Hot .Today..I want to eat a Half boil .... and he retreated back to her belly in same fashion... "Öooo  La La ..Oh La La .."
, Geet was enjoying his kisses and she frowned , when he stopped and she  heard him , kahee Inka Irada Suhag rath Jaisey tho Nahee ..OK .Mr..Maan singh Khurana if you have any plans light that ..i am sure i will strip on this Kitchen Itself .and make you too ..and and.. she murmured and stammered ..when he continued )
He stopped at her belly button slowly pinching it and started to draw circles ..slowly stroked it and took the Egg broke and spread on her belly .. she shuddered , and he slowly kissed and licked .. nibbled ...she started to moan ..(bollywood bachon Ko Bigad Rahey Hi)

Lachhi heard the sound and was rushing to kitchen , she saw Rajesh , and when he stopped her told her Maaneet inside , she bali umar ki larkee cant hold her curiosity ,peeped , Rajesh was requesting her not to do ...  , She has seen Maan breaking egg and after that what he did ...she shied nad turned ...and some cute moments with Rajesh .. Rajesh asking she blushing and .not letting him see what she saw ..it is then Nakul catch them ..Rangey hath and ............
After that incident Savitri ordered Nakul to serve food in Maan’s room only... and their chances to meet became rare and Nakul even banned the servants go around Maaneet room fearing Youngsters will bigar jayengey…
2 days before, Amruth finally knocked on Maan’s door ignoring the chuckles and moans and other.sounds that instantly turn every person with normal sexual urges to hyper ventilate and .. .. sensuous sounds ended a door slammed inside ... Maan came out..all sweating Amruth Ignored ..., still Bahu Ka chaand sa chehra nahee nazar aaaya...!! When she asked about her, he said with a blush in his face: “she is in bathroom and its going to take a little long time..u know ladies ...” clearly indicating that she don’t need to wait ,  And seeing the situation and shyness and all Amruth forgot what she came to tell in its real force... She somehow managed to request Maan to take Geet out... kab tak yahee room main.....and he agreed... instantly as if he wanted to end conversation faster and want to resume what he was doing inside ..
Still the next day Amruth had called Maan 3 ,4 times shamelessly  to remind him go out and finally just to avoid Amruths Nagging calls Maaneet Finally went for an outing
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  1. OMG very very bold and passionate update. Enjoyed alot.

  2. i never want maaneet to be this much shameless


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