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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 10)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Suhag Rath)
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According to me Its Rating ,30++
 Its Raw and dirty 
For my cuties who is not interested in reading *** ignore and for the flow of the story I will abridge as ....
They just Did Some Fore Play ...

Maan sat on his knees and bent down his head and he rolled her skirt up , and placed his head between her legs .and he lowered ..slowly pushed away her panties , he smiled , she is clean shaved ! he do remember the small bushes the other day while he was proposing her !... He lifted his face up little and smiled stroking her puffy flesh over there , she tilted her face to other side in embarrassment and her cheeks red ,
he noticed . She cried in her heart ...
And he slowly , with his both fingers the slowly slightly moved the thick flesh away , the hidden lips in her privates showed up , hmmmmmmm he said seeing the dampness there ..
Dipping ..and her inners were already soaking wet with her luscious juice

She shivered when he slowly blew over it , it was damp with her fluids and when the air stroke on it , she felt ticklish , the beautiful chill over there made her whole body shiver and burn like it just caught fire
He slowly hold the flesh petals away with his fore finger and middle finger and stroked her pink rosy clit bud with his thump ... She moaned ...

Maan .........

He chuckled , That’s it ! ....But he was full on in the teasing mood and ..he slowly inserted his fingers and draw circular movements inside her ... 
She wiggled and was still moaning ., with pleasure of feeling his cares his naughtiness then above all the genuine reaction of her female body
Without any disguise , pure in amour!  . Her legs writhed and she was not letting him in , but his fingers were already doing its work .. And by then he had get rid of his dress under his waist.

She tried to rise up and protest , But the pushed her with other hand and she fell back with a thud , and he placed his hand on her chest , not letting her move up again ...still working on inside her driving her mad each passing second
And he stroked her chest , and his hands find its way moving aside the ornaments on his way  to the hard buds that was showing up above her blouse , he stroked teased and pressed .the buds ..making her moan ..more and more ........and she felt she could never wet more , then she was not in a state of realize the time and space she trapped in , all she ached for the moment was him within her , which he was withdrawing from her mercilessly ...........  at least once she pleaded , in soft voice in between her moans which he definitely missed to hear
He parted her legs further with his hands and sat on knees between her ,she twisted her legs protested  from parting as a last response of reluctance as well as crushing the flesh in the process to quench its thirst at least to some degree from its enormity. But he was strong and adamant and confident in his actions and  she failed pathetically drawing her to next severe level from where she can’t return to her sanity.  As planned he moved closer so that now he could easily insert his manhood , but instead of mounting on her he continued with his other intention , he wanted to make sure forever that she would think n-times before showing attitude to Maan Singh Khurana on Bed

Hmm Maan Singh Khurana ko Challenge Kiya ..Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana ..

He hold his rock hard penis in his hands and slowly rubbed at her revealed pink bud with its thick round head , making her wet and wanting more and more and ..more .........
Maan stop ...please ..please ............ ...Maan ......

He slowly parted her pussy further with his fingers and touched hers clits with his penis head ,and by then she realised her fluids are flooding and flowing between her but cheeks ...

Maan Maan...

He teased more and more holding his penis touching  every part , every hidden spots of her vagina , but not even once inserting and ramming ....

She can’t hold ..she shuddered heavily , she was already panting heavily with extreme desire she can’t control her breath and she was ...breathless ..too for some moments .Her vision was completely blurred with thick fog of lust, desire and passion .She can’t judge she was in hell or heaven , finally concluded she in the Hell of a Heaven

Maan ..please ..Maan Now ...Do it ..Now Maan

Her voice risen and it was an order , out of extreme frustration .......

(please read in a tone Maan Oh Maan , like Abhishek screamed in Dostana ..Kunal O Kunal ..ok .)

""Maan  ...Maan Maan ...Oh Maan,,,, ""   she screamed tried to roll on her body on both sides .the bed , almost lift her body up then drop it and then try to part the legs by sprawling legs up in air to have more access to the tickles made inside her  ..she tried to push her up and grounded it , the more she tried Maan slightly adjusted his fingers made sure she always get the constant supply only ..
..she was on the verge of an orgasm .. But then the softness and smoothness in his assaults was not letting her and ..her whole body was like charged ..anytime explode and she needed that very very badly but , seems his sadistic mind enjoying and punishing her ignorance her attitude and killing her all shame if there left any , she continuously moaned his name pleaded him to be in , even sometimes her language crossed the limits of decency ! .the room was echoing with the heavy music of jingle sounds that was made by her bangles anklets and beads make while she moved ...and her movements are vigorous in passion , and animalistic with desire ..

Maan suddenly left her  and ..and coolly stood up ... And moved back from bed giving damn care to her , Good Night sweet heart ......

He went to bathroom ... !!!

She stood up in a jerk still twisting her legs and rubbing her thighs to each other and ..shouted
Maan .
Maan ...You can’t leave me...!!...

Maan without turning back ..
Sorry I disturbed you . You said good night .and you really Mean it Right ..
He waved his hands in air and shrugged his shoulder as if he is no more in the game  ..

Maan ......

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