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Chapter 54. The Wedding (Part 9)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Suhag Rath)
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She waited anxiously for him , in the king sized bed ..
Aj kya rocking hoga ??  a shudder of anticipation mixed with tension pass through her spine and ..she moved uncomfortably ... Her one movement making thousands of sounds .. Her bangles anklets and the small beads in her duppatta ... Oh god Its making lots of sound ... Then she smiled thinking why i am worrying about making sound ..!! Then he heard a hustle bustle outside the door and Maan just bounced inside and instantly closed the door ...She heard fading sound of some ladies ,,"Ithna jaldee" followed by a series of laughter
Maan thought Hmm Jaldee kyun Nahee Hoga  oh man Just thinking About her…   he adjusted his underwear by holding the welt from above his pants , he felt difficulty in smooth walking when the hardness  in his groin just hardened
She curled her toes tensed nervous anxious Kya jaldee ..pehlee bar Thodee hi ..she thought and fought with herself ..tried to console herself  .but then ...he came closer to her , she felt his eyes piercing through the dupatta  in to her heart beating uncontrollably , he sat on end and He slowly inched .She just wished He do not speak anything ... Because every word he is speaking is with double meaning and she is dying with embarrassment .How can she forget what he spoke during pooja ,in a voice only she could understand barely he is speaking ...
The Pandit was chanting mantras .. The part was about Kanya Dan and all
"Waisey Arman Cant do Kanya dan were right " geet looked at him confusingly ..Did he actually mean it  took my fight with Arman seriously ,.she fumbled .."No .No I was just kidding with Arman" Maan leaned closer and said .."When kanya Hud mujey Daan de chukee Bahuth Pehley .So my point is .How can he do a “Kanya Daan ” Now .." and he turned and concentrated on Pooja ..
He sat on the bed , breaking her trans .
She slowly pull her legs back and he got hold on it ..and very slowly bent and kissed her toes slightly licking its end ...she shivered , hold her breath tuck in her tummy waited for her next move ... He smiled seeing her Reaction , even after this much ..and he once again realized its her response that is driving him crazy over and over again making him falling for her ...
He lean close to her and lifted her dupatta slowly ...
She lowered her gaze , hey eyelashes were madly shaking.. He slowly kissed her forehead ..
With tears in his eyes ..........
She felt his tears and lifted her face ..he hold her cheeks with both his palms pressing on its on either side and looked at her eyes ...
And kissed her fondly he nuzzled on her face and she too kissed him back . ......... Their tears mingled...And when their soft sweet kisses turned to passionate they could not figure out and not bothered ... He laid her and him atop ...
Ahh .. Her necklace hurt his lips and her soft skin too when he was trying to kiss her in the nape of her neck .
He felt frustrated and he don't know how to remove the necklace and all and she just sat there shyly enjoying his irritation when he cant remove them easily .. 
Somehow he managed to take one big chain ..then when he struggled with the other pushing and pulling , she hold his hands .."Ye sab khandani jewellery hi , tootna nahee chahiye .. Mujey mere bahu ko gift karna hi daadi told me " and shied smiled ..
Maan rolled his eyes ..and said himself ..grr bahu ko deney ke liye beta tho banana padtha hi , ye sab utharney mey laga tho kab beta banayenga ...
She smiled ..naughtily . and he felt insulted , ek tho Maan sigh Khurana Dont know how to unlock a necklace the other , he was high all the time ..and in that mood men will get irritated easily .
Maan asked . ..Pehley hee rasm rivaz party ke chakkar mey bahuth time waste hua ..... .are you going to help me or not .. He was all totally horny , especially when the folks asked hi to dance with her at the end of party and when he hold her back , the softness of her back ...and his hands when moved he felt the heavy roundness of her back  .

all was driving him completely crazy and here madam is playing pranks
Geet really enjoyed his plight ..Hmm Subah se Thang Kar raha tha ..ab bhuktho .. she thought
She sat and turned her face other side ..
Maan looked at her attitude ... Geet ..!..
Geet : Maan Ap apney suhag rath ko hee biwi pe Chillatha hi .. She gave him an accusing look ..
Maan:and mera biwi Suhag rath ko hee ..Mujey attitude dena shuru .at least subah thak wait kiya ho tha ..
Geet : acha mey attitude , .. Ok ..aj subah se mujey thang kiya uska kya ..
And what u were saying on the stage agar riddima ko samj agayee tho vo merey barey mey kya sochenga ...
Maan : Acha tho madam ko apna reputation ka fikar hi ...Mera Nahee .. He cribbed
Geet : ap ko tho sharm haya ki koi care hee nahee .. Daadi a rahey they .. Thabee akar mujey tease karna tha ..
Maan Oh ho ..Hold on ..when Daadi came it was you kissing me ...
Geet : Apney jo kiya ..Uska Kuch nahee ..Sirf mujey hee ... Ok ... Mey hoom besharam ok ..Mere Se ap Door hi raho thabee sahee hi ..The big good Maan singh Khurana ... Congrats for your wedding and rocking ...suhag rath ... Good night ...she said mockingly 
And she turned the other side ...and switch off the light at her side ... and closed eyes ..
He tapped her shoulders , Geet Geet .. , she jerked her shoulders and throw his hands away and ..said
Maan agar aap aur chuney kee koshish kee tho ..i will get up and kahee aur jakey sojaoongee ..i am very sleepy ...i said good night ..! and i mean it …
Maan sacredly took his hands back
Oh Punjab ki sherni Jaag Utee , He always knew she is a sherni , but never thought he could see her that fast ..especially on Suhag rath itself he downheartedly laid back ...
Maan thought oh man she is serious .. He smacked his head Ullu ke Pattey ..maan singh Khurana ..Kya Kya Socha Tha ...Ab Bhuktho , then the Maan singh Khurana inside him Poked ..
 Maan Singh Khurana Ko Koiee Hara nahee Saktha Ye thum ho Biwi KA Gulam .. Biwi se Darthey hi .hi hi , Ek ladkee Ko ..handle nahee karna Atha ..How you were going to whole business ...... Maan , ye thuhmara Maan ka sawal hi ....
Maan shot a puppy look at the Maan with attitude ..twitching his lips cutely , the arrogant Maan felt sympathy to him ..he consoled Maan She just became Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana ..Thum Bhee Dikhado ...What real Maan singh Khurana is ..OK ...
He jumped up and sat and , then thought .Chee Shame on you , he poked the Maan Singh Khurana with attitude in his mind ...What are you saying i rape my own wife on suhag rath .. Shame Shame on You 
Maan Singh Khurana Dhakkan ..idiot ..Dikana matlab Vo nahee Uff he smirked in a special way ..Bool gaye ... how u made her fall for you ,dirty dance and shower chodo uskey baad ka think karo ..…
Maan a shower again , he looked below his waist, I already  dikha chuka whatever i have , this time again i try ,she will make fun of me..yar , evening se .. Ye ....bahuth der sey struggle kar raha hi ..yar .., i cant stand long and what if uskey samney hee izzath ka falooda nikal gaya tho ..
Hmm Maan singh Khurana inside him thought ..hmm ...You have a point Then make her horny . Make her .beg for you ............. .Make her shed everything and run behind you .............
Before he could complete his lecture wonder speech , he saw Maan removing his shervani and .. Pouncing on her ..........
Geet felt his weight on her , which she was expecting any moment , and she smirked , she was sure he cant see her face ..he hugged her tight , laying atop and spoke near her ears..
Geet , so ,you will not help me in removing this ..
No suhag Rath mey Pathee Hee ye sab Nikalthey hi .. You watch boly movies na..
when he heard her beautiful voice , he again became the puppy ,started to beg again ..Geet kuch der ke liye Socho i am not your pathee ..
Oh No No .. I dont want to do anymore paap .u siad in morning me not kanya and all ...No No.
she did not miss her chance to take revenge .Geet bas kar Yar ..i am dying ...
She smirked ,this time he did not missed it .. And His Maaan Singh Khurana inside blamed him see ,,, if you fail today Maan i tell you zindagee bar biwi ke gulam ban key rahengey.
Geet Thum Nahee chahthee ki ...
Geet wondered isey kab bolney mey thakleef honey lagee ...she smiled victoriously ..
Bilkul nahee ..Maan .Ap Sojaiey bahuth der Ho Chukee hi .
His hold tightened and he looked at her eyes which was glittering in victory ..he dropped her head and slowly slid down ..... As if he is moving away , she felt disappointed but the next moment .. Her eyes popped out Alarm warned her in her head .when she felt his hands rolling her skirt up ...
Maan chodiye ye aap kaya kar rahee hi ...
Maan sat on his knees and bent down his head and he rolled her skirt up , and placed his head between her legs .and he lowered ..slowly pushed away her panties , he smiled , she is clean shaven ... He lifted his face up little and smiled stroking her puffy flesh over there , she tilted her face to other side in embarrassment and her cheeks red ,
he noticed . She cried in her heart ...
And he slowly , with his both fingers the slowly slightly moved the thick flesh away , the hidden lips in her privates showed up , hmmmmmmm he said seeing the dampness there ..
Dipping ..and her inners were already soaking wet with her luscious juice


  1. Ooo eeemmm geeee tht wz rocking part awsm maggi loved it


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