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Chapter 56. Revealations (Part 1)

Chapter 56. Revealations (Part 1)
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And seeing the situation and shyness and all Amruth forgot what she came to tell in its real force... She somehow managed to request Maan to take Geet out... kab tak yahee room main.....and he agreed... instantly as if he wanted to end conversation faster and want to resume what he was doing inside ..
Even Then, the next day Amruth had called Maan 3 ,4 times shamelessly  to remind him go out and finally just to avoid Amruths Nagging calls Maaneet Finally went for an outing
Seems they had great enjoyment and they started to go out everyday .And will be home about 10.30 Only . Amruth and Savitri was happy
At least bahar tho jana shuru kiya ..! Kab thak ..Sirf room Pe .Hee...!
Amruth was worried about their safety .Amruth always worried if they missed any enemy of Geet , if one exists . And Savitri worried about “Honeymoon Couple Caught On Mob –HOT ” Titled MMSes that may spread any day if precautions hadn’t taken properly,  so they asked  body guards where they actually going and all and they replied with a hidden smile, nothing to worry ,  all Maaneet will do... is... Drive out and go to Armaan’s Flat (Arman was still in Phulwadi , some personal issues )
Order food and will stay at flat till night ..that too body guards need to remind him more than 2 times that their duty shift is going to end.
Amruth sighed... is Larkey ka kuch nahe ho sakta.!.. And she decided to speak..... Usually Maaneet will return while Savitri and Amruth will be waiting for them after supper before going to room , Amruth and Savitri will be extremely sleepy still they wait for them , just to see them ..,
And When Maaneet will come in great hurry as if they are on some errand which they had to resume again in the next very minute !
They won’t even mind to sit and have a little chat with their elders 
 And all they do is... while passing say Good night and smile Together and... Go to their room...
Maan was looking very happy and he was looking like some race horse, all the muscles flexed beautifully shining... Fit and fine Full of energy ... as if he had just came out of the ring winning a prestigious Race..
.. but Amruth really got concerned about  Geet…
Even though The continuous blushing on her cheeks and the shyly dreamingly winking eyes generously contribute her a stunning look ,but  the dark circles beneath her eyes and pale skin tone  .above all something they cannot explain .. all gives their experienced eyes clear indication of her ill health .....the dreamy life style and extreme happiness seems ,made Maan and Geet oblivious about their body changes .
Amruth and Savitri started to worry  about Geet’s health, of course she is doctor but seems she forgot that and not at all taking care of herself .Amruth decided to confront Maan...

It was their yet another typical outing , sneaking in to Arman’s apartment . Arman had immediately arranged a spare key from his landlord when Maan had requested him .
Geet was feeling very Hungry, Maan had fallen asleep after their quick session ,
Last night he was not able to sleep , they were taking a bath before “sleep” , of course together helping each other Geet was leaning back on Maan in their tub and Maan was shampooing her hair softly, he hold a hank of hair and started to make foam on it , then he gently massaged her scalp , the feeling was divine for her tired body..she almost closed her eyes ..and she opened her eyes to a sensuous dream when Maan who had already  washed off the lather and started to kiss the back of her neck ,..same time gently massaging her back ,her curves and when.. his hands when trailed down and tried to explore the hidden valleys .. ,she can’t hold anymore she turned and hugged him tight ,he lifted her up and make her sit at the broad rim of the huge tub and started softly , very gently ..he was actually trying something different , her hold on him was not as tight as it used to be , he too felt her tiredness at the same time he understood her passionate desire for him , even if he ask her to rest ..she will not.. .. and if he forcefully turned her down , she will crib and fight with him making unbelievable allegation ,like now u don’t love me anymore !! u got bored of me ?? and all ..and gets sad ...
She and her sudden mood swings are really started to confuse him , he then tried to understand  may be.., like him ,she too may be can’t believe the happiness peace  they are having now ,hold on the emotions making turbulence inside them in extreme happiness, the unbelievable fact of them being together forever and deep hidden fear of human mind of losing it .. .. and she is a female easily get vulnerable to such emotional turmoil’s ..
.  the water was flowing trying cool their hot body and the pleasure coiling inside her pushing her to the edges of ecstasy .. and they cummed together , it took really long time and she was tired so that , when they came out of tub ..she got little staggering for one moment and if he did not hold on her on time she would have been fallen , and ..he was caressing her worrying ..but she turned on again .. .

Maan really wanted her to take rest and he said that he is sleepy and tired ,she twisted her lips in complain and tried to kiss him Goodnight but he stopped her tactfully and softly patted her to sleep  because he knew if she kissed him ..then he can’t let her sleep!  ..and within five minutes in his arms she fell on sleep , making Maan realize his decision was correct ,She was indeed Tired ..and the soft Moonlight falling on her face with the soft smell of flowers blooming outside the garden all ..he hummed
Cchaudhvee ka chand hi ...Ya Aftab Hi ..Jo Bhee Hi Huda Ki Kasm ...
....and ... watched her almost all night ...when he closed his eyes he can’t remember , then the reminders from Amruth , he was really sleepy .
Geet nuzzled on Maans neck and started to nibble his lips ...he smiled in sleep asked her ...hmm Hungry ..
She hmmm he smiled naughtily .....fir se .... then she understood what he meant ...she whacked him ..ohooo apkp tho hamesha ,,yahee ..dimag mey atha hi , he rolled his eyes guess who is speaking ...
He asked her to take the mobile on her side and she took it and she saw a missed call message from Sr.Tressia ..she sat up , hugged her knees. Maan hugged her from back ,
Dont think Sr. Or Anyone from Church Had cheated you
She looked at him confusingly , she was thinking all the while that Maan might have a really big amount and they gave in , It is her and Chameli’s luck that Maan had found out them , If Any of That monsters ....She shivered but ,Maans hold on was her really tight .that she strangely felt nothing , a simple numbness and aversion ..once again she realized in his arms that when they sit nothing can harm her ..
And she completely glued to him..  and whimpered . He consoled her and she told him how she managed to reach there
Cheenu ,Geet and Chameli drove to Bhuvaneshwar ,Cheeny tried to Contact his Mother ..She was in Delhi just arrived and she wanted to Give Surprise Viist at haveli so that they cant plan anything to Harm chameli , The mother and son had planned everything for Chameli ,

Cheenu would go along with his father and  and Alka will visit them and They Both request they need a servant and Cheenu request for Chameli and if they had any doubt they wont get enough time to make bahanas or plan something for not letting Chameli to escape from the place.

Cheenu told Geeet Once His mother landed everything will be solved
So he took tickets for Delhi .He had parked his Jeep in Railway station .But Bad luck ..before he could contact her she had heard the mishaps and took the next possible flight to Bhubaneswar  .In his hurry to save Chameli he had forgotten to take his mobile .so Alka was not able to contact him either. In frustration he throw the tickets and took an autorikshaw and admitted Chameli to same hospital where Sajjan admitted Brahma.By then Geet Managed to get Burka for her and Chameli so that none could see them and they split , so that none could doubt.

. That actually saved them

 Geet said Doctor her sister had been raped by some stranger and she dont want to bring any shame to her , the doctor got convinced by her story and felt bad and decided to Help .
After making sure the ladies are safe to some extent , Cheenu headed to airport before he could reach he saw Sajjan and Brahmas Men taking his mother unconscious to Hospital .
The live telecast of the channels he has seen Alka ,coming out of airport and before she could do something Mrs.Kameena Hugging and she collapsing . He was sure his Dadi had drugged his mom to unconscious stealing everyone's eyes , her heavy work pallu blocking what she is doing ..and all. Cheenu understood his mom in danger so he went to hospital to inform Geet .

Sajjan men traced him when he reached airport and sajjan directed them to follow him , and they followed they seen He going hospital where his parents admitted , Cheenu's Jeep in Railway station and  police already traced his credit card payment to buy tickets , to delhi ... For their luck ..someone  found the thrown ticket seeing it not used he sold it to  some other people ..and they travelled to Delhi .

Sajjan concluded Cheenu deported Ladies somewhere safe to Delhi where his mother got good contacts, after making everything alright he is here to see his mother so they decided to confront and the rest happened .

Geet was waiting outside the female ward in Burkha .., then  she saw cheenus lifeless body on stretcher

None knew what condition Chameli is actually , and the next Day when Maan Singh Khuranas Rage fall on Kameenas and the negative waves against him made search for Chameli and secretly for Geet all just became official ..and we all know how our authorities take interest in mere official matters ..

After 3 days when discharged , Geet and Chameli left to Her Orphanage , there was no other place she could go and ..the memories and feeling of shame not letting her to face anybody of Phulwadi too ..

They calmly reached Orphanage , Some important prayers were taking place in Church they can hear it from very distant , Geet understood its prayers for Father Benedict and Those who died , She wiped her tears ..

Before they could enter the church premise they heard sister Tressia ..walking to and fro and yelling in telephone ...A usual seen ..Geet knew she had transferred to some other convent in North east , May be she came for the funeral of Father ,

Sister Tressia Ended the call ,gone suspicious stared at the girls muslim girls approaching , the Hazel Eyes .How she can forget the twinkle in it ...... Without saying anything Sister Dragged her to nearby shed , used by chowkidar to sleep when his shift is over ..

Sister hugged Geet , "My child you are alive ......"They both cried , Geet never knew this side of sister .From sister she found the search for her .

Sister  already had the doubts of her being alive because when police was taking double triple curiocity in her , a dead person , they took almost all her photos ..belongings her contacts etc ... Sister wondered why the hell the authorities want a dead persons contact list .When the prominent person is Father Benedict the police seems more interested in a doctor ...    That time itself she got doubtful , well thats her nature , She is very brilliant .She objected church sponsoring Geet for her studies because she understood what Geet really likes and all and she scared if after becoming a doctor and marry some guy she fall in love with ..they will be loser ..She was just doing her Job.

Her eyes did not missed the Gundas roaming around .She sensed something is Fishy ..

And when Geet told her whole story , She decided to help.Because she was sure the government will not help , instead they will try to wipe out all the signs of their misdeeds and the shool sena warriors , the crazy men ..will one day find her and kill her if they knew she is actually alive . So her to be dead is the safest way of her protection , the next day she is going back to Assam . She knows spies in the church authority too .

So along with the missionaries of Charity people  who also there for the funeral ,she send Geet and chameli to Kolkotta saying they from kolkota the same day . And on her way back to Assam she casually visited The Monanstery there and picked Geet and Chameli along with her under false names Salomi and her Mentally retarded sister Mary .

Mary admitted to the asylum they run and Salomi joined them as an assistant .. And started her work among the poor Tea Estate workers.


But Maan , i never thought she could reveal about my whereabouts to anybody ... and u found me ... if it is not from her then there will be definitely a traitor  , and if i contact her again , chameli’s life also will be in danger .. so ...   i am sure she is doing well there , Nobody know about Chameli’s involvement ..Nothing came in news papars  sisters told me...’Geeet

Geet ..listen sweet heart ..

She did not told me actually , it is you .only informed me about u being there ??

Me Geet stared at Him ..

Yes You ..

She got confused ..

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