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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 7)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 7)
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Arman was tensed and he was actually thinking 1000 plans to block her way so when she pushed he lost his balance and fell behind …opening the unbolted door .. , on the floor …where our Maaneet trying a general Imran Hashmi ..sequence …Smoooocheeee  Yummy creamy with Haldeee ……
It was clearly visible how Maan struggling to escape , ….and ..Geet attacking him ….
Daadi thought , Hmm My Bahu is not Bad …….  She smirked …
and whacked on Maans Shoulders ..who realized its Daadi , and tried hard to push Geet away , but kya karey ..he cant push her !  Maan wondered where all his strength goes in front of this little girl ! may be he know the answer very well because the effect of her on his body was visibly pudging out between his legs ..  He wished Daadi look only at his face ……….He felt so pathetic at himself ..
Armaan smacked his head .”Oyee shameless There Bahna ka “maan” ab there hath mey hi , before this Hot Maan effect snaffle it away in front of her ….daadi  Saas”  and while laying itself he bite Geets toe so hard … He know she definitely might need really hard shock .to get out of what she is doing with that hot hunk .
Geet in jerk moved back and before she could see what bite her ,she saw daadi ..and stared at daadi !!!
Maan , in next second hid himself behind Geet and mumbled …daadi ..oh ..No
Geet tried to push him in front , but Maan hold her shoulders tight and remained behind her ..
he asked …Daadi … Why you are here ..In out house ..
you forgot rasm rivaz ..the muh Dikhayee nad alll ….
as he spoke ..more confidence came in his voice ,and he no more mumbling …he stupidly tried to accuse her …what else he do ..when all he wanted some private minutes …to release and relax …sigh !!
Daadi “  ha ,,,Muh Dikh ayee (in a special tone ..#)  ” dakkan Maan replied
Maan “”yes daadi ..Mom ..if she see you what she will think about you me ..our Khandan …”” because Maan well knew that there remains a silent rift of the Khandan war between Amruth the princess Of Rajghat and Savitri the Queen Of Phulwadi ..always in completion who is more generous more classy …more in royal way ….
But geet who can still taste the haldee in her mouth understood … her face gone pale and it accomplished a full yellow colour …Savitri  really annoyed by Maan’s cheap manoeuvre …
Daadi ..”” ha ..Ok ..let her too Come and see ..the Muh ..betey Humey …Dikh raha hi ..Apka Peela Muh … Joot boley tho muh kaala ye suna tha ..Ab nayey Zamaney mey peela Hoga …Shayad …”” she sighed ….”Ab aap bahu ke peechey chupney se bahar ayenga ki nahee …”   
Oh man ,,i Am so dead ..maan’s hold on Geet tightened ..and … he smiled cutely some five year melt anyone's heart ..Geet too tried to step back ..But he remained …hiding his assets ..”"maan”” and with her around its not going to calm down too ….he felt helpless 
Daadi ..””Maan Ap Jatha hi ki Nahee . Humey Apney bahu se milna hi Haldee ki rasm Shuru Kran ahi ..Ab Jaldee jaeye ..before the others too come here and .. i told you ..Khurana ski naak nahee katna chaiyee …jaiye …..”
That was a Command ,she moved aside a little pointed out and asked him to leave ….
Armaan mera jeeja Jatha Kyun Naheee…he frowned ..and Armaan still laying on the floor saw , the sharmnak incident ! , understood ……Why Maan the sher suddenly became the hyena. ..(geergid some animal ..its in hindi saying i cant recall )
Oooch …” the sound escaped …OH Mama its really embarrassing … To his OOch daadi looked at him suspiciously … Now what !  ab kya bacha ..Khanadan Ka chirag muh peela kar kar Khada Hi .. Ab Kya !She wondered ..!  
Armaan stood up immediately and gave out his significant donkey laugh and grabbed the cloth , a towel .. , before he could give, ..he sincerely wanted to save his Jeeja  ….But
Maan wanted to kill Armaan , he kicked Arman’s leg …
Armaan Ouch …Oh i was trying help him and he hurting me …Dikhathey hoo Jeejey .…
Daadi rolled his eyes ..pehley mey mey , now ooch ouch  ….Whats with this Guy !!!
arman smiled ,grit his teeth in pain and explained even though she did not asked ……Daadi i was telling maan Ooch time nikal gaya ,rey ,and ouch …dress change bhee karna hi .. Chalo jeejajieeeeeee  (the special tone jeejaajee)… he well explained his ooches and ouches and hanged  the towel on his shoulders carelessly…
Jeejaji ..i will wait for you at you room let my Behan do some change ..Ok and without looking back , walked away …
Maan watched Armaan going desperately …….Now what … Apney hee pair mey ..mainey KicK Kiya ..Uff
daadi ..Ap ko Janey ke liye Invitation dena padenga  kya …. hmm
maan Oh No daadi …  and he immediately pulled Geets dupatta …hanging loosly on her shoulders and …covered what he wanted to cover and ran away ..from room ,…before dadi could register what happened there .
Ok daadi i will change now….
Daadi wondered and she exclaimed loudly dupatta lekey Kyu bag raha hi ,.and kya change karney jaa raha ..hi ..betey ..Apko kurtha pehan na Hi …She reminded him   but he has already gone…
Poor daadi .none of her jawani tips were not able to give her the hint of why maan desperately needed a dupatta …and ..geet too ..then she feared ,,,,,thinking ,,,,,,,,,,
why he need my dupatta …….
and flashes of memory rehearsing suhag rath came on her mind and she worried …really .
is baar bhee mujey hee karna hoga .sab kuch ..vo kuch nahee karenga ….vo dupattey mey hee baitenga ….!!!
Maans words your dreams are no more only yours its mine tooo echoed in the back ground !!
before she wander in the sexy past ..Daadi hugged ….
Betey Aj se Hum Apkey Daadi ..Hi ..not dadi saas ..Ok ….
Geet smiled in tears … Daadi understood her plight ,and patted her back and said …….
Chalo Ab Tayar ho Jao .Jaldee.Ladkey Waley Athey Hi Hogey ………………………. (ps they had some rasm in which some ladkeywaley will also join them )
bringing a river of tears of happiness  in her eyes
Now what happened in the wedding …….I dont feel like typing …….Just watch this video …..So perfect so beautiful By our dear Sweet Angelika ……………..
Angelika ..thanks thanks Thanks ……….for such a beautiful video that i dont need to type any explanation ..It perfectly fits ……………..thank You 1000000000000000
A Vm Specially Made For Maaneet marriage in Mystery By angelika12
next ..Suhag rath ……………..i am sacred …what i will write now .!.


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