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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 8)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Suhag Rath)
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Rituals went on smoothly one after the other , those she seen only in films , she felt very happy as she got many relatives today ,first time in her life , sometimes it was getting difficult for her to keep up with the emotions when she felt the shower of blessings and love , like she always dreamed ..She knew well thanking Maan would not be not enough ...


She felt like she became a princess of some fairy tails that she learnt after coming Phulwadi   only . He eyes welled continuously .Amruth was feeling uncomfortable by this, even though she understood the her state of mind very well yet .. ,


and she worried her going close and console will make her cry more . She felt sad for her she don't know what to do and how to make her understand , but then Maan was with her all the time holding hands .... .and she got herself busy in taking care of guests .

Daadi too came to her in between reception seeing her cry baby face and when some of her contemporaries asked her about Dulhans sad face, she managed to say she is missing her family who died long back .. and she hold geets hands and  once again assured that she is her daadi now ..

But nothing seems to stop the tears of happiness ...and unexplainable feeling of missing something which was never there ever in her life , at the same time getting a world so dreamy that her little heart could not accomplice.
The wedding party was going on at palace ,Maan and Geet was on stage with Riddima ,Anjali ,Some Maan's friends .. and people were coming greeting wishing ...


Maan rolled his eyes , he even though well understood her plight his unwanted tears was making him laugh and miserable at the same time , knew better what he had to do now ...
He pinched her hands , "Why you look so scared ....?? Worried about our first night ?? " he chuckled and smiled at one of the guests greeted him ..without even looking her trying to see her reaction .
Geet looked at him , nothing could be read from his face he was not paying any attention instead got busy waving hands and gesturing to enjoy and all , she got confused Did i hear some thing .., Maan cant stop the bemusement seeing her confused face .
"Waisey u dont worry darling , I promise ..Kal se bhee rocking bana doonga ....Darling,,." 
he nodded cutely assuring …


"Kya Jeejaji .. Kya Rocking ??"" Riddima innocently replied who was standing beside to help with gifts the bride and groom receiving asked promptly ..
He turned to Riddima and smiled .replied very confidently ."I said Aj Ki Rath bhee Rocking banadoongey  , aj bhee " ,
Geets eyes popped out , her jaws dropped ,she chocked ..
Riddima asked Arman to get some water and she rubbed geets back who was struggling to devour what Maan Just side ,..and he still smiling .. Ye kya Bolney waley hi Geet trembled at the feeling!
Arman came with water and Geet drank it in a second and looked Arman like she will cry any minute ...Arman wondered what happened now he looked at Maan ..who was smiling as if nothing happened ..
Riddima cribbed blaming Arman ,( Every time she just need a reason to bash Arman , crazy girl )
Kal yeha Rocking Night Tha Mujey Bulaya Hee Nahee .Aj ke Liye Bhee Koi Mujey Abhee Thak Invite Nahee Kiya ....


She thought they might had some function party etc and Arman quickly understood seeing Geets pale face and Maan's cute sexy face what was the matter they speaking and .. He winked at maan and put his hands around Riddima but hesitating touching her( a rare chance ...ooh La La Armaaan dancing in mind ..) and he whispered huskily


.."Bina Thuhmarey aisa Koi event Thuhmara Arman honey doonga ..Sweet heart… I will explain kal kya Hua …, Zara socho kal Ka Party me even Maans mom not attended" he moved away with her

Bachelor Party They .. Riddima asked Innocently
Ha Ha ..  Arman fumbled he know what's Coming next
Thumbhee They??
Arman: No No ..I was Helping Amruth aunty with wedding preparations .
seems Baskets small brain stopped thinking arman let out a sigh in relief…..but not lasted long
Lekin Bachelour Party mey Geet Kya Kar rahey they ??,,,
Oops Basket ..u became smarter ..
Arman Vo Vo ..Maan and Geet ..vo hee Janey ..I told You na i was busy with wedding arrangements ,, and before she could ask further  he shouted  ..Aj Mujey Khar Jakey Sona hi ..uff i am hell tired ……
Riddima looked at him angrily  Ok , Mujpe kyun Batak rahey Ho ..kal ..u said wedding arrangements ,,, U helping Anu …???  the scene of Arman talking with anu was burning inside her …Geet is the only female that Riddima can tolerate around Armaan , and  is because she love and gets close to Geet ,sometimes more than Anjali .. not because she trusts Armaan
Maan smiled ...seeing confused Riddima and worried Armans face
Armaan was thinking everytime i try to save my Jeeja my beloved sis’s only pathi and get trapped myself and he is enjoying …Irkkkk … 
She waited anxiously for him , in the king sized bed ..
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Aj kya rocking hoga ??  a shudder of anticipation mixed with tension pass through her spine and ..she moved uncomfortably ... Her one movement making thousands of sounds .. Her bangles anklets and the small beads in her duppatta ... Oh god Its making lots of sound ... Then she smiled thinking why i am worrying about making sound ..!! Then he heard a hustle bustle outside the door and Maan just bounced inside and instantly closed the door ...She heard fading sound of some ladies ,,"Ithna jaldee" followed by a series of laughter
Maan thought Hmm Jaldee kyun Nahee oh man Just thinking About her he adjusted his underwear by holding the welt from above his pants , he felt difficulty in smooth walking when the hardness  in his groin just hardened
-------------to be continued ----my net is not working properly next part will be posted as soon as possible .please post maaneet intimate fotos on my wall for next update ..please----babies please avoid reading next part ..
the demand was high   ;) ---and suhag rath hi ..koi  Shavasan Yoga thodee karenga !-------

teaser precap
‎(please read in a tone Maan Oh Maan , like Abhshek screamed in Dostana ..Kunal O Kunal ..ok .)

""Maan ...Maan Maan ...Oh Maan,,,, "" she screamed .....she was on the verge of an orgasm .. But then the softness and smoothness in his assaults was not letting her and ..her whole body was like charged ..anytime explode and she needed that very very badly but , seems his sadistic mind enjoying and punishing her ignorance her attitude and killing her all shame if there left any , she continuously moaned his name pleaded him to be in , even sometimes her language crossed the limits of decency ! .the room was echoing with the heavy music of jingle sounds that was made by her bangles anklets and beads make while she moved ...and her movements are vigorous in passion , and animalistic with desire ..

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  6. beautiful magicia... love it.. beautiful pictures... continue soon.


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