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Chapter 7 : Glimpses of Past

Chapter 7 : Glimpses of Past
16 October 2011

Suhasini Devi rushed to the hall , Khushi saw the tension and in her face , just in a moment reached there with complaining face , Robindo was not able to stop her , She whimpered and hold Suhasini's hands …"Aunty"

Then one of waiters came near her and told ,hinting the way through which maan took Geet.
Suhasini gave Khushi a confused look , before she could speak something "Come with me beta "
On their way she apologised "one minute beta , ye Maan kab apna bachpana chodengey , Usey ab teek karna hee padenga se ccomplaints , in last party also he behaved ..uff this issue …. What you kids think of yourself … Your generation kids don’t have a clue .." She was fuming Khushi was unable to cop up with the speed in which she walks , that too in Saari , by then they reached out house entrance door , the big door …they saw Meera walking tensely confused in front of it ..going to knock , then shake head ..again start her pouts …
Suhasini starightly aske dhalf releived .."maan ne Thuhme Utaya tha…"
Meera shocked "No No Aunty .."
Khushi did not miss the Chance "Vo VO Geet ko…."

Suhasini asked to double confirm both khushi and and Meera " Geet ..Geet ... .."

Both in chorus sacred ..looking each other ..nodded confirmed " HANDA ..Geet handa.."

Khushi in complain tone and Meera in confronting ..saving maan

Khushi "Vo auntyji Maan Bahuth piya ..and ..Geet ko ..Shoulder meim .."
Meera " geet ne bhee Bauth piye thee ..Shayad maan .."
Khushi " Lekin Maan ne Geet ko Utaya na ..Geet Nahee."
Meera " Geet out of control ho jathi hi .. "

Suhasini was watching both girls arguments shook her head for one moment , showing  aface nothing can be doen with this silly generation ….and quickly went inside the outhouse , the girls continued the argument for a moment then … both followed Suhasini who was heading straight to Maan's room ..
Meera never been in Maan's bedroom ,not even the out house , whenever they , the whole gang visit KM they will only roam around the Mansion never seen whats beyond at the end of that white rose garden.
for the first time she was entering out house , the whole hall and walls on their way to first floor decorated with photographs of Geet , or Geet or Maan ,, all about 5 , 6 years back ... the crazy,sexy geet looked so angelic in all that ... Meera stunned by her beauty so as Khushi who silently followed Suhasini

Suhasini without any single hesitation opened Maan's bedroom door .. Both Khushi and Meera shocked and they looked each other ..
They were actually shocked what they saw there than what they expected to be shocked .

Both Maan and geet were passed out ,Geet was on bed and a huge blanket is covered her full only her stilettos and ankles are visible . And Maan on floor half leaning to bed and was also unconscious and had his head on bed near Geets legs . It seems Maan droped her on bed and he himself fell on …

Suhasini murmered .."Ye Kab ade hogey . " and took a blanket from shelf and covered Maan adjusted heater and went out. After reaching door she waited for the Shocked girls to follow her with "What are you doing now ?' face , both tried to smile look at each other and followed .

When they were out Suhasini closed the door of the out hose , as a  warning she said " Maan don’t like naybody else enter his "LIONsDEN"" she showed them written on the side of door and under that his name Maan Singh Khurana…"  other than his Geet and now angel …." she laughed and added ""not even me .." the word "his Geet" pierced both the girls ears .. The pain was .grueling .

Suhasini Concluded .." So .." She seems in hurry
Both the girls ..mind wandering some unknown valleys of agonising dreamland was not able understand her hint at all.. They together aske d."So.."
Suhasini confused thout they too might have drunken .. She hold both of their hands ..guided to party area .."So..Enjoy ..Chill ..Maan will not harm his Geet … , she may have drunk more and he just may want her to get rest , after all responsible husband jo hi.."
Meera Khushi " HUSBAND "
Suhasini smiled .winked .." when they were children he used to be husband ..and she wife .." winked .." and I don’t have any objection ..,typical husband wife jo hi hamesha ladthey rahthey hi ..still see… "

By then Richard there "Devi … You here in Kids party ..everyone is asking you .., Hi Meera …"
Meera"Hi Richard …"paused "Uncle "
Suhasini said ..
Richard "oh  ..HA HA ..and this young lady …" pointing Khushi..
Suhasini " Mr.Shyam's Sister .Khushi ."
Khushi " in law…"
Richard " Sorry "
Suhasini "Shyam's Sister in law …Anjali's Sis "
Richard "Oh hi . Khushi nice to meet you .."
Khushi just nodded .they both were hell confused by the word husband and they were friends , and Suhasini too know about him etc.. Richard got confused by girls indifferent behavior and he looked at Suhasini .., she slowly dragged him and they went to the elders section leaving the girls ..thinking they drunk …and not in their hosh ..and she was very happy seeing Maan and Geet together after a long time ..really long that she almost started to fear …Now everything seems ok for her ..



He opened his eyes , his mobile ringing ,he attended .It was Adi .."Maan everybody left we too going ..sorry to disturb you ….. Now ..actually I want .."
He heard robindo in between …" stop essay ..sms bech ..uff:"then robindo dargged phone from Adi .." yara …kithney round hue… hayee lucky dude ..kal double dhamake party chaiey …adult party …..hayee u no more virgin…o god … it seems I will die a virgin too got only thapad .., yar ..mujse raha nahee ja raha tha thum geet ke sath …"
Maan cut the call hearing word Geet , actually he was not at all getting what they were speaking , .then he turned his head ……..

The beautiful slender milky white legs of Geet still wearing her stilettos , the ankles pink in colour , he slowly moved to remove it ,
It felt like he is touching rose petals when he touched her feet . Geet moved in her sleep .
He withdrawn his hands …


  1. wow!maneet friends???par??
    bahut confusion...
    pls solve all dese..

  2. Amazing, hope geet too soon falls in love with maan.I thought something will happen between them but nothing.

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    maaneet r hubby n wife.........nice to hear.......
    i loved it..........looking fwd..........

  4. @blue pal now u happy na .. in Mystery no maaneet so as compensation maaneet here ok ...

  5. @seema wait darling ...
    a long way to go ... :(

  6. @remmya . 2 ,3 updates i think confusion will end

  7. omg....thanks di...maaneet..loveliest..
    cont soon

  8. @munni oYee U Here Me Really happy ... Thanks U liked iT

  9. husband n

    dint expect that...

    continue soon...

  10. awsum updates luvd dem
    fanx 4 da pm plzz cont soon x

  11. Yeh sab kya horaha hai!!!!!


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