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Chapter 37: Entrapment Ahead unknown

Chapter 37: Entrapment Ahead unknown

10 October 2011

Finally he was able to understand its not at all a political issue as it looks now something else he is very clever and crook and... and he heard the Name Maan Singh Khurana……

Sajjan heard it from the source from which Maan wanted Sajjan to hear his name.

Sajjan was seeing his only son after a long time 

"Apne baap pe ilzaam se pehley ek bar galey to milo bagua... buhat samay baad tum hamaray paas aye ho"
[Before start accusing your father you can give a hug to him son... Ha ha... after a long time ..really very long time you finally here with us...]

Both father and son Hug. 
"Where is your Lugaee (wife) is she still in America or madam visit India too 
Brahmanand:  "Babujee... you will never miss a chance..." 

Sajjan (Sarcastically):" Oh what I am telling I am just...saying... we used to see our Only Bahu in TV only..." 

Brahmanand: "So what... Don't forget it's because of her we all still having a good image  and... When I don't have any problem with that..."

Sajjan: "Arey how can that be a problem for you, when Ghar ki Bahu out you can Don't forget your son is no more a kid now

Mrs. Sajjan (in between): "This is what I want to tell " ...clearly hinting Sajjan's flaws and his recent interests ...

Sajjan: "SHUT UP YOU .YOU Woman... woman of house should not talk when men are speaking... Cheenu baba Iska Beta nahee vo Bahu pe Gaya hai..." 

Mrs. Sajjan: "After all he is our Grandson I am telling Brahma you need to talk Bahu..."

Brahmanand: "Oh... I don't have time to refereeing your arguments discussion. So silly matters... I know well how to handle Alka... I think we had already discussed that enough... Leave that topic Amma... I am here for serious business issue... Babuji I want to talk to you..." 

Sajjan: "Oh don't worry These Media people There are some other matters too which will be soon sort out I don't believe you came for this silly matter, your father is still a lion... the king of the forest... does not matter that I am aged... not as long as we have money and have you... nothing,...a week or twoafter that everybody will forget these all issues 

Brahmanand: "No, not this matter...  "his face became tight serious... 

Both men went to their private room... 

Brahmannd is an IAS officer and his wife Alka Patnaik daughter of an uncorrupted Ex-CM who was face of some political party. Alka do not need her father's reference she herself is great writer and social worker, Her contributions, especially her studies and involvement in the problems of Adivasi women now made her reach at United Nations as a woman to represent India. She was reluctant to go at first, because what all she wanted is not name and fame but chance to do something she could, for the society, do things rather than sitting in cozy cushions and give speeches.
But Brahmanand made her go saying that if she refused the government will send some politician in her place, who first do not know any problems and would be visiting there to enjoy the position only .as a true person worked among adivasi, she can bring light to the problems in more effective way .and with the west's help she can provide better facilities to the poor and she agreed. Brahma did that partly upon his Dad's request (Sajjan's). Because of her support and influence all the while he was not able to take proper actions against his enemies. 
So as soon as she has gone he plotted the Maoist plan and massacred his enemies and Geet's team just caught in between...

What Brahmanand has to discuss is about a business offer he received three days before same evening the things started. Brahmanand believed and told Sajjan that when he was laying stones for the fantastic opportunity he was ruining things over here.

{Everybody want Maan to come fast so I am cutting off parts where I can without affecting story... now that you all might have a clear idea how cruel type of family they are After some family chit chats Brahmanand start discussion}

Brahmanand: "Babuji... abhee ye sab chodo... Do din pehley... Yaha Jab ye Safari Hunting game chal raha tha I was in a meeting... With Khurana Group, of UK... Seems they were instigating about us from quite a long time... and I am sure whatever happening here will be... un Goron ka play only 

Sajjan: "Isme Gorey kaha se agaye or idhar aisa... kya daba pada hai  Koi petrol vetrol to nahi 

Brahmanand : "Arey Bauji tum to bada siana nikley... petrol nahi... but something more  that makes us mala maal within seconds"

Sajjan was amused... not yet getting what Brahmanand was speaking about... 
Brahmanand: "Ha babuji... ap ne Nuclear Medicine ke bare mei to suna hoga... hai na..."
Sajjan: "jis se bomb banatey hain" 
Brahmanand  "Ha babuji or no bee … "
………………… like this the boring discussion goes on …………….

The summary is that... 
The Research and Development Department of Khurana Pharmaceuticals, the most money yielding wing of Khurana Empire was not getting license for the production of some banned radio isotopes from its active minerals, because of potential radiation threats during the extraction process as they say. These isotopes are really necessary for some tracing kind of experiments on living Tissues.
Actually they were in their errand of making some special medicines for the treatment of cancer. They want to develop their own brand and get patent, but the big companies already in the business were blocking their mission in all possible ways. Sometimes in the form of Governmental bans on nuclear medical experiments, sometimes as protests on Animal Rights... So establishing the factory in UK and many other western countries became nearly impossible.
So Now Due to Recent Strict Governmental regulations regarding Radiopharmaceuticals they decided to start their production plant in some other country, so they choose India, because of the Political Power they have here due to their dada, being a political manipulator in Cabinet level. And above all "Mera Bharat mahan" where money can buy anything even wombs.

Then came the question of the security needed for the storage and transport of these radio isotopes... they needed a place which is isolated from the public residential areas and moreover where occurrence of the mineral is in abundance, their research wing through some satellite records and all found Jungle Pur and few nearby places, having abundance of the mineral, moreover it was the place, people know very less about and are scared to go because of the fear they had coz of Sajjan, so they are contacting the local authorities and their Team found who's who in the village and where to contact "exactly" ... So instead of talking to Illiterate Sajjan which will take time to make him understand they straightly contacted Brahmanand... And they need Land and local support to establish their Purification/Extraction Plant under the pretext of a sewage treatment plant.


  1. Thank You Very Much Finally You Updated ..But Where is Maaneet ..?

  2. Loved it.but want to maan meeting geet soon.

  3. hey nice yaar..........
    but where is maaneet?????????

  4. Ohhhh so MAAN SINGH KHURANA is planning to take his Revenge

  5. Hi Dear...
    Toh Maan Singh Khurana in action ha... mujhe Brahma aur Sajjan pe tharas aa raha hai, bechare kya jaaen aakhir kiss se pala pada hai ;)I can see some thrillers waiting!!!


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