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Chapter 3 : Sparks in Ashes

Chapter 3 : Sparks in Ashes
30 September 2011

Maan pushed his body on Geet making her immobile from the struggles, Her *breasts crushed 'against his broad chest 'He caught her hair behind , and with all emotions just consciced in the husky whisper "Yes there are many things we forgot '." and Geet felt her heartbeats which now beat faster rhythming with his ...
his lips where mere inches away
Adinky  they are as called started to talk little loudly , Saying some random jokes , because in last one month Maan got 2 warnings from Principal for manhandling Geet ,though Geet did not filed any complaint , they were always caught .They cant understand neither dared to ask Maan , why he turned from decent gentle man to sexy werewolf
Adi got his own fears , even if his pinky is bubly , not maan's type ..still the change in maan scares him underneath. Because after college day celebration .. ..

Robindo hold Khushi's hand which she pushed away in a jerk , Robindo raise his both hands up saying no ok ok . "Could u please come that side madam ..I want to ask you.. I mean ..something ..u know ..i know'sorry u ..know  ."
Khushi "Gee Geet  geet "
Robindo " ya its because ..i mean  uff no NO ' I mean please don't cry ,,they are old friends ..i want to ask you about the painting you put 'u know .."
He slightly pushed . Khushi .little by little with the notebook he holding ..and actually succeeded in moving her from standing and crying in front of that locked telephone booth .

Meera , simply known as shadow of Maan ,Just leaned on the walls of booth .it seems

She can see through the gaps of torn posters ''..

Maans fingers trailing from Geets nose tip , moving slowly down , and waited in Geet's lips pressing it hard , blood just flowed underneath the soft skin making it look deeper red .  And just draw the lip lines with hands ..Geet gulped her saliva 'then his fingers slowly moved down ..neck 'then down '..

Meera hyper ventilating .. What ..the  F

She walked to and fro for a moment tried thought of knocking .. Then she saw ..

Maan no longer holding Geet , who was arched back half close eyes ..with the index finger he was trailing down the cleavage through the unbuttoned deep cut of her shirt and .. His other hand which is no longer holding her was  rolling up the shirt edge and stroking the belly and tickling belly button ..

Meera's eyes cloudy , she cant bear the sight anymore , their friendship never let Maan think for a moment that Meera is a girl and for Meera its always her love to Maan , which she ready to gave any name maan want '

She cant see it anymore she turned hugged herself .. Trying to control her emotions just stood there closing her both eyes tight


Maan's mission was to seduce her but he ended in got seduced by her exotic proximity.
With Geet he always forget time-space ..situation ' When he see her he cant see anything else , it's the truth about which he not at all bothered , because its like that only .

When he pushed her inside he just wanted to talk to her because he had enough abashment , and after what he heard about Geet he can now view her only this way..
He wanted her to feel for him in that way .  But lost himself ..
He bent down to crock of her neck .
Nibbling her .kissing sucking . And pushing his hands down hard through her tight jeans ..trailing down through the cozy warmth of the panties and hidden heat inviting his fingers frantically and his fingers tactfully pulled it little sideways and now his bare hands on her soft flesh .. Which was profusely sweating 'wet by it '  her .. Fanny started to contract and release in pain yearning something she don't want at all''.YES SHE DON'T WANT IT ..SHE HATE IT ........SHE HATE MEN ......................
She tried to push Maan , but who was not in any senses .. He shook his head and pulled her shirt aside accessing her breasts  and no times crushed his lips and bite it , which made Geet jump in pleasure and pain .. His lips after the assault was trying to console the hard buds by stroking harshly .. And the hands hold on the other breast squeeze ,
His completely turned on body wanted her more than anything and he started to rub her with his body ..and Geets protests turned wilder ,
In a jerk Geet with her knees hit Maan on that place '''' a guys horrible spot ''.

"OUCHH'  a suppressed pain escaped from his mouth and he bent down holding his ..

That moment was enough Geet quickly opened the latch and jumped out ''
Right in front of Arnav '

Unshaven face , tired , exhausted look gave all answers of his absence of last one month ,
Arnav passed a disgusting look on Geet and her exposed cleavage when Maan opened the button , the absence of braziers just made the turned on hard buds more visible

Geet smirked , returned and extremely  scornful look on Arnav she shouted "KHUSHI."

Khushi's name draw lines of pain agony in Arnavs face '
Then Geet noted her at the other end , Khushi confused and crying and Robindo trying to say something cheer up which all going in vain .. Geet reached there and slapped Robindo ..and gritted and barked "Give it to your Maan .."

Shocked Robindo holding his cheeks stared 'while Geet hold Khushi's hands and stormed out ..dragging her '''angry ' frustrated ..and ..and above all ..most   aroused '..
please read it above and do comment

I am not here to any argument of hurt any persons feelings and emotions ..
Because everything which comes with an anomaly ..i mean not in natural way is because of the wish-never-happens happened with it .
often i can accept people as they are and the world is not sweety pinky type , when we have plenty of gays here in this world there are lesbians too ..but now its seems gays almost accepted in society and no more scorn reaction to it as there was once ..still the word lesbian is speck in eyes for us ! . 
Again partiality to women , people are less violent to word Gay is because they basically men and lesbian women ?? 

i am very weak in explaining and i need essays to explain what i feel but some of you who familiar with my writing can understand what i am trying to say ?  
and believe me friends for writing a paper on cancer or AIDS a doctor need not be a cancer or AIDS patient ...ok ...So keep it in mind when some of you send warning threatening (OOO I AM SCARED) messages in Fb ..LOL

So enjoy ..our hotty maan trying to seduce Geet a lesbian so far we can guess ,

ps: my lesbian friends i am not trying to picture or vulgarize of your feelings i respect every feeling even though totally confused just trying to find answer through my fiction 

Comments Reply:

Yes khushi's looks are similar and traits also similar to Gunjan , 
But i havent seen Miley Jab Hum Thum , so dont know much about her 

Khushi is Khushi kumari Guptha of Luknow , now staying in Delhi

studying Mumbai 

More will be revealed as story progress ...ok ...
Chapter 2: A Hidden Invitation


  1. thats awesome.... Why arnv is in pain?? what happened to him? wow meera loved maan and he is behind Geet... OMG geet hit him

  2. Arnav loves Khushi .. and .....wait and see...
    Yup Meera is in love with maan that much dedicated ..even if maan tell her to jump she will do ..calm patient sensible sweet ...good ..


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