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Chapter 5: Broken Heart

Chapter 5 : Broken Heart
11 October 201116:33
(thanks auj for title suggestion)

Khushi asked ..still doubtfull feeling sad '"Geet You ok Na.."
Geet put both her hands on Khushi's shoulders '" Anything for you sweety .."
Khushi "still .."
Geet :" Shhh '..i just don't want that stupid think that I came for him'"
Khushi ."But Geet in sleep '" then she decided not to speak about it ..Geet gave a frowned look ..
In sleep you were looking like an''''''.   I don't know how I would stop myself ''" geet chuckled ,."Are u sure Geet we need to wear this dress only '" Khushi was not feeling comfirtable at all when wind blows behind her back 'though Indian Dress same type she wear usually  , it exposes her back completely.. And Geets dress '

Geet was looking hotter than anything in the red dress '

Geet bent her hand and hold khushi .." leave everything 'Come lets go ..Lets kill all that bas***ds '"


The Khurana's just need bahans to have party many of their business deals are decided on such parties and its more meant for the govt.Officials who can not take any other treat publically due to their position and image , so such parties helps Khuranas to please those who need to be pleased for their business empire's progress.

The little angel whose birthday party was it actually was celebrating the other side of the mansion with magician and all .

Every guest is guided properly and Geet and Khushi as instructed by Maan was guided to Youngsters Area

Maan was waiting 'behind the big false flower tree placed near bar area he wanted to give that special gift to his special friend ..who ..he wished would come this day too bare necked '

She got down from the car Maan sent for , made his driver say Maan's mom did it .
Knowing how loving and caring Suhasini is Geet and Khushi without any doubt agreed to use it .

As usual Geet Made her way to bar section , Maan expected ..and Khushi searching a hidden Corner ..

Then the flash light fell on the new guests just arrived  Both the girls gave a killing smile and pose for the photos ..
Dont Forget to comment on my Editting ..LOL I learned Layers and All Ha aha they are HOT right  

Everybody just let out gasp .."Aah.." in chorus 'The two beautiful girls just looked hotter than ever . Robindo almost fell down seeing Khushi like that .. And Geet in gorgeous red dress carelessly moved Bar area'   she was in  real need of that .. , Khushi was finding it difficult with strong light and she held her palm against the eyes .. Seeing her struggling with light , Robindo instantly reached there and showed her way ..   ..

but khushi was perplexed ..even though she managed to smile as their plan and 'present themselves happy   ..she was always scared of such parties ,

Then suddenly Arnav stood in between and blocked light from falling on her face .. And then he turned and passed a look up at the light boy

The light boy dump struck by the beauty of girls just arrived was confused what to do .. Then the Arnav's glare made him instantly come out of the dreamland and .. He turned the light ..

Arnav gave a look to Khushi , who without any care just moved the other side , Arnav just stopped to say something then ..He turned to leave ..
He came there just to drop Meera . Then he saw Khushi getting down from car and his foot just lead him there .. But then Khushi's attitude .. His eyes searched Meera ..who was watching in tears '   he just tried to smile then failed . Waved bye ...He left from there again heart broken ..
.Meera then looked for Geet .. She did not find her ..


As soon as she reached near the false tree , somebody grabbed Geet , She stopped getting scared long back 'She just looked at her Kidnapper ..
Smirked '"well hi.Maan' Is this way to welcome guests '."

He put his pointed fingers at her red lips .."Shh"

Geet uninterestingly looks at maan ..crossing her arms  turned her back waited for him ...'like do whatever you like ..not going to affect me 'like attitude '..which Maan totally ignored ..actually , he was mesmerized by her beauty ..of her back ''..

He couldn't resist himself , he trailed her back with his middle finger without any force so smooth like ..he , he scared if he touch her it will melt ..  So beautiful serene .. He shivered of enticing passion , he smiled shyly at the goose bumps and at the and hairs standing upright in his hands '   he took his hands back .  Smelled her back  ..he felt the diamond necklace in his pocket is too priceless comparing to the soft skin of her body ' but then 'he don't want to hurt the diamond necklace the coldness of it in his pocket make him feel its pain tears ..for not letting it to embellish itself  at the esteemed position that even Kohinoor would wish for

He took it out and softly , very tenderly .. Placed on her neck and locked it '..

It took a while for him to get out of the trance ..and seeing Geet not blasting like a volcano he became the happiest , tried to move ..tried to touch then decided not then ' made quick prayers hit his fist up to sky .. Jumped ' danced ' then seeing her still still he scared then went to her face 'without touching and turning her '..

She was silent .. Her face lowered .. Less light that side and he was not able to see exact expression 'she slowly touched  the necklace ' and . In a second she pulled it breaking and thrown on floor and stepped on it and walked away ...And Maan..

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  1. hey Magicia....I like the update but I don't like Geet's rudeness...maan must be hurt by her behavior...first she asked him--is this the way to welcome guest...and now is this the way to thank when a person give a gift.

  2. amazing update
    thanks 4 the pm

  3. Great update! Nice pics

  4. OMG she is hurting maan and poor him
    i cant bear his pain


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