Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapter 6: Fighting With Self

Chapter 6: Fighting With Self
13 October 2011
(thanks cyndi for title)

She was silent .. Her face lowered .. Less light that side and he was not able to see exact expression …she slowly touched  the necklace … and . In a second she pulled it breaking and thrown on floor and stepped on it and walked away ....And Maan..

It took a while to him understand . By then she walked away, his eyes burned , the tears burned and boiled away when the pain in his eyes replaced by the anger …..

He stood there failed .. Simply failed .Nothing more . Maan singh Khurana failed .To impress his only love , the only girl in his life when there are thousands out there he knew well waiting madly just to get a simple look from him , then smile will make them dead he know…then his ego or his love ..he followed her , his heart who was damn sure that she loves even after hearing 'gossips' it says , with sign .. Told him that she sad …go get her ….  Whatever he just followed not even mind to take the necklace which he took whole month to select ..from different shops magazines … it was there lying crushed ….  Who bothers .. 

She was at bar desk , as his heart told him , he choose the other end , bowed his head . She already started , the empty glasses in front of her told him today really too much , his heart smiled at the same time in pain to see her crash her like that , smiled because its his affect making her do it …  maan turned to Bartender , who was standing in dilemma very sad for the beautiful lady in front him , he was there for many parties … he always ready to serve her proudly with top shelve liquors but she always choose Ever clear ,By then he understood the Unsaid Undeclared chemistry between his Master and Her , He sadly shook his head … at Maan feeling very sorry , just not able to understand what is wrong with them ….

He seen Maan rising his hand to order..bartender nodded …His usual choice is Captain and cola … the bartender was about to mix it then saw again Maan looking helplessly at the lady who was going on and on ..self pouring to glasses now..she long dismissed his assistant , then he look at Maan , his face had some request some challenge .Maan ..looked suspicious for a moment then he nodded ..The bartender happily prepared the drink   while serving the man was smiling , Maan looked at him , he nodded saying 'trust me' , in a snap Maan finished , He looked OK , then he nodded and gave him permission to continue ..2, 3…  The real Man in Maan was getting gigantic …. The confidence in him was just ..oozing up and out … he smiled proudly ...Guiness mix with a shot of pernod then some other combinations …….  Maan was …hmmm…Geet was drunk bye now …

She wanted to forget everything , ….every moment her getting weaker that Maan's proximity made her a few minutes before , some how he managed to escape ..but then can she forget the goose bumps she had ,  when his breath fanned her back ,
Her inners wet …and her tickling clit cursing her making her mad with demands of her deep hidden feminity ..She was confused last one month Maan was really making her feel …those she never wanted , by then Arnav would have told him ..or is he not ??  Whatever defenitely Maan is really going overboard which should not be encouraged at all………

He need a dose like Arnav , that stupid …  Yes he need that , But to act in front of arnav was so easy , actually I remember I was really thrilled to do it …I wanted it desperately ..but why cant I do it in front of Maan ..Why ??  No he should know ..He have the right , her heart which was in its ashes meekly but tried to say powerfully … Her self shot a glare at it , ….
Heart"I just " Now her angry at Geet , What why do use the word he got "Right "  

U don’t have any feeling for him…

What right you are telling …

Geet tried to justify he was my best friend … my best …

Heart: don’t cheat yourself geet ..only best friend …

Self frowned ..

Geet got angry , Yes he is best friend only … its then he asked for whole bottle and started to pour it directly people nearby were uncomfortable by her extremities started to Move ..Before it get noticed by all …

Maan rose , his legs not in his control ..but seeing Geet getting dying like that he moved towards her ..lifted Geet put her in his shoulders ..she was trying to hit him with bottle waguely saying …"let me goe …go …u u….uuu    " even in that state when she was her self truly her lips hesitated to call him bad words  heart from ashes in its pool of blood ..smiled at self …who angrily turned the other side crossing hands

Every body shocked for a moment …Music stopped the lightboy was so stupid ..he turned the light at them..

Then Meera scared closely moved to Robindo …she was so worried she could see Maan drunk and …
Robindo ..then clapped ….
Then Adi the clever among them at another corner …confused …looked at Robindo , robindo nodded …Adi clapped too Pinky got her chirpy sensce back she happily clpped laughing in praising Maan ,the others bit confused then seeing Pinky Robindo and meera who was also clapping …the wide applause ust roared the hall …..  By then Maan with Geet disappeared

Meera worriedly tried to follow , Robindo stopped her …eyes to stop …wait …

Everything turned joyous funny ,when robindo jumped to DJ booth whispered something ..then DJ played

"le Jayengey ..Le jayengey ..Dilwaley Dulhaniya ..Le jayenge.."

Everybody started bangra disco…
When situaltion under control ..
Then Meera rushed to Maan's room …Adinky was left there at Party so that none doubt ..and Robindo  engaged Khushi  who was asking in her weak voice the bouncer who was blocking her view and pushing her back end of Hall

"koi batahiye kya …ho raha hi"

Because as soon as Maan started to act and everybody shocked that time itself Robindo
Asked one of the bouncers to make Khushi send back end of the hall away from crowd



  1. OMG megicia that was awesome..... All friends of Maan are so loyal they acted so normal.... poor khushi and Maaneet were friend?? like best friends woww

  2. @Munni Thanks ..FaceBook Comment May be is much easier for u for reply and all


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