Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter 8 : Memories Of an Angel

Chapter 8 : Memories Of An Angel
25 October 2011
    The beautiful slender milky white legs of Geet still wearing her stilettos , the ankles pink in colour , he slowly moved to remove it ,
    It felt like he is touching rose petals when he touched her feet . Geet moved in her sleep .
    He withdrawn his hands …
    Then see her curling her toes , it was little red , all the while in the tight ..shoes , he once again checked she is asleep or not ..otherwise he know ..with same stiletto's   she will beat his face , he smiled remembering what kind of sherni she was ..still she is …
    She is like the amazingly sweet red ripe part inside the karela .. (bitter gourd) its she who gave him first , he was closing his eyes and crying no no … he was lost in a bet with her in the tree climbing competition they had in the small woods behind their houses .their Kingdome … Where He is the King and She the Queen , He wondered why she accepted it promptly , she is not that type , He knew Indian Raja Rani stories ..Queen behind veil , no power ..Geet Handa Don’t want Power ..  Finally he asked ..
    Then she said she is very limited knowledge of History ..Even though Queen is more powerful ..How can that be ..? He wondered ….
    She laughed ..Loudly she still do .But then it was like life to him like somebody throwing sweet smelling morning wet flowers on him ..but nowadays seems something stabbing him again and again to his death …
    She laughed told .In Briton only Queen Elizebeth . Victoria ..for most their husbands do not matter at all .. That’s why in schools too they sing for queen only "god sav ethe queen "   don’t bother much about the Husbands the kings  so ..even princess Diana more popular than her ex-hubby Charles so ..
    According to her Queen is powerful so she accepts ..Then he argued ..No No I want  to be Queen , Oopsee ….she stopped stared …Then both laughed  a lot …made the day of silent trees and shy streams witnessing their friendship ….or love ……
    He scared when she asked him to eat center of the Karela the red thing ..Usually red signals danger .. Green Good ..So if Karela green part is so bitter then ..what will be the red inside …To his Surprise ..It was sweet …Very nicely sweet ..
    In his astonishment he said ..How can someone think the Bitter Biitergourd has something sweet like these inside ..
    She replied in a ver sweet calm low voice , which comes when she serious ..
    Yes Maan , Like Your Mother ..Suhasini Aunty ….
    He looked at the picture in his wall of his mother and Richard ..
    Then his Dad …. He is happy for his mom full of life and Happy blessed with angel ..Abigale
    He is now happy for .. Very happy to accept her , So that now he has a Family
    Having a family is a really great thing , Because when little Abigail is around he forget all his worries ..and he never missed Geet as much he expected ..and never tried to trace her .. He still did not understood why ..
    He got busy with his family ..
    Most of his time he spend with Abigail as Daadi was not able to accept her and Mom and Richard was busy in building the business trying to overcome the debts His dads sudden mysterious demise had brought ..
    He sighed .. In a moment thinking about his Dad , he once again experienced the tormented childhood … and loneliness and .. Then came the Geet His Angel … with her magic wand she just made disappear all his sorrows pains loneliness filled with it happiness and love .give him everything ....and vanished …
    He missed her then his busy life forced him to move on and he did , whenever hefelt he is going to miss her he took her photos , framed ,put in the walls of his own Den .. Made her painting chatted to her pictures in solitude ..as Abigail was the only witness to his Pagalpan ..None knew much about his extence of craziness …
    But being a mother Suhasini can hear his unsaid words and feel his unexpressed feelings
    So when she heard about Geet's dads death and all she tried to contact Geets Mom , but she late she heard they left India ..To their family ..
    So she stopped worrying hoped Geet will contact Maan when they get settles Down ..And she did not forgot to leave message offering Help with Handas Geets dads relatives ..And they said they will forward to her .and they did not contacted her ..she thought they may be fine or may be embarrassed angry with her sympathy .and she was busy ..
    Ironically Geet ended up in Maans college and they met , but when maan fondly approached Geet all he could see a Devil in Geets looks .. , He don’t know what his fault is ..he tried to plead sorry , then thought may be angry with him not contacting her ..but he was used to with her anger ..this is something else ..still he tried ..
    But the rivalry in her just increased day by day ..
    Seeing Geet after years that too damn beautiful , Maan himself don’t had a clue when the new hopes of dreams grown in his mind ..and what she is meant to him now he knew .. His love his wife …his queen …..     His better half …….
    Then on college day arnav's declaration just gave them answers ..all his doubts confusion ..Geet a lesbian ..No NO ….How can he accept that … No ..Never …
    Then The hidden , insulted all these 3 years pain .just started to pour out and his encounters with Geet ..to get an answer just fuelled it more …
    Yes .. His geet cant be a Lesbian a Woman Lover ..Then Arnav even though they were arch enemies ..is not a silly guy .He really respected  Arnav .. As an Enemy with standards for Maan singh Khurana
    Then he decided something , And slowly shed down his coat and waist coat , then shirt .. Removed his Shoes .. With Jeans ..He sat on bed near geets feet ..who still was unconscious …
    ( Ready to accept the rotten tomatoes u people planning to throw at me ..please wait yar ..this was all I can type today ..me busy na .OK ..will type later ..)


  1. wohooooohooo it amazingly superb.....i love u My Dark Fantasy hehehhehe

  2. @speechless ..me dark fantasy ...Noooooo ..but for you ..LOL I am always ready ..wink wink....hey do not run away ..

  3. hey awesome yaar............
    maaneet past was interesting........
    but y u stop at this point?????
    am gonna kill u.............update sooooooooon............looking fwd..........

  4. omg!awesum...
    maan has to fid the truth nw...
    update soon..
    Happy Diwali

  5. @bluepal ..u supari killer ....update karengee tho mar dalegee ..
    nahee karey tho bhee ..yar mera marna tho sure hi ..ha ha

  6. Loved it, update the next part soooooon.

  7. di,awesome/boring history again..maaneet part was intersting...
    but,i love to know that maan knows about geet...
    he doesn't accept this fact..
    this is really becoming superb...

  8. @muni kya karey ..history ..kee bina future kaisey hogey ...

    @ambiha Thanks

    @seema thank you ....for all ur commnets

  9. part 8
    have commented on IF........
    nice part.........

  10. @thank you parvatha .. who are u on IF let me check are u t-areeb ?

  11. maan already knows...

    but he loves her a lot...

    continue soon...


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