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Arnav Demands a Lullaby ( Part 2)


Arnav and Lullaby

Read here if you want to know in detail How come Munnu in their Bed Wink click link below or go to first page
Ok for those who are busy and dont want to know about Munnu
i will give short intro ; Khushi wanted to pester Arnav and disturb his sleep and set up with some kids , but her plan backfired and she has to sleep in between Arnav and one of the child Munnu , his mother had died one year back and hearing this Arnav developed a soft corner for him , Continue reading , but i will suggest you go through the first part to have fun

hmm .
A long night still Ahead '.. waiting them ..
..Sigh ..silent compressed .. under his breath ..

Yet Another Sleepless Night, Among the countless nights where the whole night his eyes spend capturing, drinking the angelic beauty laying peacefully in his bed in to his soul, yet controlling himself to death, holding back his emotions to pour all his love desires on her limitless, finally he will give in to sleep, some moment at night,will close his eyes when brain cells seize to be awake when the fatigue attacks

he clenched his fists and released , to control his urge , his fingers desperately desired to cross the hesitation .. ..

she was holding her breath , she know , well aware about the unknown sensation of being submerged in emotions that don't have a name ,when he is around . Every time when he comes near her and mere brushing of hi s skin sends electric currents through her spine and he , literally just a breath away '

He could hear her heart beats , Dhak Dhak Dhak ..
So close, in rhythm with his beats , Dhak Dhak Dhak and fill the atmosphere with its aura of mingling the unknown, unnamed desires .

They lied there unable to move , their body was burning hot and a slight touch will lit the spark that blast the barriers and set their bodies on fire.

They were mere man and women with complete right over each other with innocent soul full of love for each other.
Are they too egoistic to get up and walk away?
Or their in-depth emotions they hid even from themselves not letting them to move away from each other ?

They lied there counting their beats .. None knew what to do ! the were waiting for something .. Unknown to both ..


"eh ..humm //mm ///huumm ' " Munnu Whimpered in his sleep '

Khushi sat instantly patting him .."Munnu ..Munnu ..Kya hua Bacha 'olleylo " she is an inexperienced mother ..

Still the boy continued his sobbing , tormented ..

Arnav laid there watching all this, he don't know what to do ..his situation a while ago already took his grey matter on vacation , Khushi eyed him confusingly ..

she tried to stop him crying , but all gone in vain and seeing the kid in pain the all unknown pain in her got words and she too cried still continuing to sooth the kid
Khushi got pale and she looked at Arnav , who sat too , instantly two drops of tears escaped from her eyes ..

Arnav patted her shoulders Khushi ,and made her lean on him carefully patting , its Ok 'he just had some bad dreams '
Its ok .in softer tone ...and he patted the kid with his other hand'

But that just increased the cries more only '

Seems Khushi's cries just boosted the boys pain, or vice-versa .. She bent down 'patting Munnu 'Ro math beta ..o math '

Arnav frustrated.. Nothing is working out ' Stop it Khushi ..
Khushi , looked at him still sobbing ..and stared at him accusingly ..

"Don't you see Munnu Ro raha hi .."
"Hm I can see that and you too crying .. stop it , you are scaring the child"
She hold her mouth with her both hands and heard the boy still whimper .The boy , with his eyes still closed continued to cry in his sleep and in between his sobbing escaped the word ." mmm .. eh..mmm ..hhmm'aa '. " .

Both Arnav and Khushi heard what he wanted .."Ma"

Khushi after a moment start to speak .." he wants his Amma ,and she passed "
Arnav greatly irritated " I know '" almost shouting , The boy in sleep jerked ,
Khushi furious now , hold her forefingers on his lips almost instantly making him quiet. Arnav looked at her and her finger ..

both of them patted ever smoothly the kid fell back in sleep ,

she slowly took her hands away ,when she cant bear anymore his intense graze that bore in to her soul ..

she looked at the kid ..and at Arnav , Arnav saw the wrinkles in angelic face ,eyes still closed , just explained the tormenting pain he is in..

when they try to move their hands he start to cry again , and they continued softly patting one was able to move their hands ...

Arnav decided something then , shook his head negatively and looked at Khushi ..
You know how to sing ..
Kya ??
Awaz neechey Khushi , he reminded her
Do You Know Singing .. he hesitated 'like Lullaby type ..
She understood what he may be intending , but its arnav Singh Raizada telling about it so , she was just not able to digest ,the fact ,

A Lullaby Demand By the Beast !

On second thoughts she found it extremely Funny , Joke 'She decided to Play around '
With Most confused look she can ever put on her face She asked '

"Kya ??"

ps: any suggestion guys a beautiful lullaby for Arnav ..Wink , i know nobody will have lullaby in mind when Arnav is around and your heads continuously playing the desperate song touch me touch me lol
i knowEmbarrassed ...

To be continued one more Part i Will post Tomarrow Embarrassed
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