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Episode 11 : Part1

Episode 11 Part 1

He locked her in between the bed frame and him , now she cant escape ,


She stood Numb , she was almost frozen in the shower , but the heated fight and catch-me game , again made blood rush through her body , she was no more feeling cold , but ..when he came to her that much close , she felt she gone numb , and she can actually feel the hotness of his body in to her and she indeed felt may be her wet body would be steaming and he will see it �

She fluttered her eyes , and tilted her head to one side shifted her gaze from him,
He waited for her for some second with stretching towel in his hand .. not looking at her Embarrassed ,

she did not grab it !

He was little amused by her reaction, Seeing no movements from her taking the towel and wiping herself , he concluded it as her rudeness , like the way she refused blanket on their suhag rath ..

Actually she was thinking everything else but not him giving random prayers to the devi mayya with whom she recently patched up ,and she was not at all paying any attention on what he is doing .. only feeling his masculine scent and get terribly shockingly affected by it LOL

He took the towel and started to dry her hair first �

, still she stood still �

He thought in awe , What the , she want Arnav Singh Raizada to do her !

But ..then he know her , he made an angry face and continued � cursing himself

He was really scared of her getting sick ..

Once he dried her hair ,

he tried to gave a irritated look , OK Madam ,,Its done ...Now could u do the rest ..! he was about to withdraw his hands , but when he looked at her ...he cant take his gaze from her , the incredible beauty that always mesmerise him to forget the whole world around him .

Then he saw a globule of water slowly descending down to her beautiful perfectly carved neck , from behind her earlobe ..

It was so beautiful and he slowly tried to wipe it down with his fingertips .., like he is in a dream ..

'ehhhsh�h hh ' a sweet beautiful moan escaped from her ..shocking him , surprising him !
He never heard or made a women moan before LOL, but he is a man,

And the man in him felt so proud when he, even unintentionally made his love moan ..

Rabba veyyy... Rabba veyyy...

Rabba veyyy...

He in a trans continue to touch the very sensitive part , gently stroking �

Already him so closer near her was hallucinating her, and her ownfeeling of bareness set some unknown awareness of intense physical attraction she is feeling for him. And that feeling of submission, made her knees weak , and when he dried her hair all she could feel was the hotness radiating from him making her skin warmer and deep desires inside getting boiled in that seductive warmness , and above all his touches �

when he touched

She felt sudden spark of carnal desire, and she moaned and the little not-so-low voice of her own tried to bring back the senses, and she herself was trying too ..but then �.his seductive touches �

She tried to push him back , but all she could feel was the hard manly body , beating so fast beneath her hands �and she mesmerised by that feel and was not able to apply pressure to push him back so practically her push became a touch , to feel ..Embarrassed him

When she touched him on his chest ,he stopped . realised what he was doing and what effect he is causing to her , and sadly he concluded how unpleasant she is getting !

He stopped , his head stooped and he slowly withdrawn,

She felt him moving away , she felt her heart crush in to some 1000 pieces seeing him going away , she cursed herself for stopping him , but then she was sure she will not be able handle his touches anymore and the intensive "Dhak Dhak " she feels, will blast her heart will be out of her rib cage any moment ..and Khushi Khumari Gupta Singh Raizada ,was Damn sure that Laad Governor should never see her heart !

That's it !

Khushi started to scuttle ..

"Ap ..haitye ..Humey Jana Hi .."

"what the " ( I am already leaving , left her and she want me to move , or what she is doing ? she is ordering me move ..Arnav' big ego thought)
" Its my Bed and My room I will decide wherever I want to stand , and move OK .Not you Khushi Khumari Gupta �" he again started his crouching around her ..making her move backward ..but no space.

" dekhiye I am telling you . you don't come like this this " her voice started to tremble .." I am ..kuch kuch hota hi �"

Oopsie ..she realised what she just blabbered

"Oh really ... .." .. he smirked and tried to corner her again ..

So what were you saying ..Khushi ..Kuch ..Kuch ...or something .

Khushi fed up , its more than enough ..

In a second she jumped out of bed and shouted

" dekhiye (look) what all technical problems you have I don't know .. but when you come near me like this , I gets totally irritated ok ..i really don't want you to come any closer .."

He looked her in awe ..This was definitely something that he expected!

"what the "

Seeing him standing in shock , gave her some more energy to completely blabber all her thoughts in front of him ..all her complains all her worries , but sadly it came out like this ..

" Ha ..You don't come near me .or touch me �

You already spoiled crushed all my dreams � ,


you made silly pranks of bets , (both one second remembered the poolside kiss)
took advantage of me , (Arnav Shocked ,seeing him defeated she continued ..)

then forced me to marry you , threatening me

and a while ago what you did ! Hamara Pehala ..My first this ...u ..made it ...just ...�for you it was just a weak moment of lust ,

i lost all my special moments ..just like that ...

He passed what the ..she lost her special moments ...! ..wasnt that all special for her ...

I never wanted these all to be like this ,with you a monster

I wanted everything to be so special that I could remember it for my lifetime

Those special beautiful moments of every girls life, you made nightmares for me

(sadly when she remembered all those breif beautiful moments with him and the next moment how he crashed every bit of it mercilessly made her mad ...all she wanted is to be loved by him ..but instead what she was getting ...dejection every next second , but still she loves him madly painfully)

Those bad dreams that I cannot forget even though I desperately want it to be so

Did you get it ?

You are a curse for me ..

You just go away from me � Don't even dare to touch me �

You don't have any right �.."

That's it !

She hate all those moments ! .. She hate me going near her !

And how dare she tell me that I don't have a right �.if I don't have ..then who the hell on this earth have ����� there he paused

( ok now some may have Arnav's POV doubt : Even though he always try to get away from her , he can't take her denial ..thats the main reason in serial too i think he is not confronting her clearly about shyam and her ..his ego will get terribly hurt and he will lose himself , and end up in doing things he never meant , All these because he love her so so much , possessively that he hates even she having control over herself �! ..Ajeeb banda Hi .Extremely Passionate���.Ok .. still doubt ? comment and ask me ..i will answer , because I think ..i know and I love this wild passionate character very much ..kudos to cvs , and I can come up with explanation for his meanness : PS : It has nothing to do with his getting shirtless and be incredibly hot .. )

He got down instantly and hold her so strong shook her and asked in extreme rage

" I don't have right ??"

"No aapko koi haq nahee "

" Mujey haq Nahee "

"Nahee Naheee " She screeched

He pushed her down on bed in a jerk and before she could realise what is happening

"I will show you ..My rights on You ... I will Show you .."
he spatted and

took off his shirts and bent down to her kissing madly .her eyes , neck .asking

" Mujey haq nahe ..mujey haq nahee �" ..

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