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Episode 11 Part 5

Episode 11 Part 5
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..She hold on her mouth with her hands promptly, holding gulping the words she was about to say , because she confirmed his sugar was down by some parts of his body which gone all unhealthy after his sudden shuddering , now that as soon as she gave him the sweet , its all healthy again , and she could feel its health poking her back ..
But ''.thats not something to be discussed '
She fluttered her eyes , and lowered her head , totally embarrassed ,with hands she hid her face
Unbeleivable Man '.. Arnav shook his head , he understood every word she spoke ..even the swallowed words coming up the "apki (yours)" because when she said that he just adjusted her back , because she felt it all alive again , and Arnav knew why it got all its health back .. the way she sat 'on him

Innocently , completely naked and the extreme care she taking towards him , Everything about her was overwhelming his heart completely and making him love her all over again '
Maha Pagal hi ,
but she is cute 'and he laughed and when tilted he saw their image on the mirror ' he smiled in a naughty way 'He licked his lips wetting it , she felt her breath stop , she was watching him from the corner of her eyes then he smiled cutely and looked at her in a meaningful way and pointed her to the mirror ,reflecting their image ..

Khushi's eyes widened, she immediately tried to jump out of his lap and escape..
But too late ..Arnav hugged her tightly and rolled with her , immediately
She was under him completely captured in the cage of that iron strong arms ..
She in utter embarrassment , closed her eyes tight 'tightest and shook her head on either said as if screaming nahee nahee ..
Too late Khushi Khumari Gupta Singh Raizada 'My Sugar is Down and I need sweets... special ..growled and he took her lips again 'triggering all her senses go numb as he tried to invade and rule over her '
..when she tried to protest sensuously agitating him ..
Let me 'I want to make my sugar level down again ..let me taste it ..Khushi '..And he concluded

A perplexed Khushi felt herself melting allover again for him immersed in his wild passion

------------ Next morning --------------------------
He was smiling cutely in his sleep , he felt disturbed as the naughty morning sunshine too smiled along with him , falling on his face..still he smiled
, his eyes still closed .. as if whatever he was seeing in his dreams, he don't want let it go , he was still in his dreamy last night .Then.He woke up instantly.
He wanted to see her, her lovely cute innocent face '
He opened her eyes and searched for her , he stood up , immediately sat covering his lower half .. and quickly get in to his tracks that were neatly folded and seems waiting for him at the end of the bed ,
So she woke up and ..she ... he smirked shyly she actually placed it near me because she was sure i will desperately need it when i wake up ...
He blushed profusely , thinking everything then he shook his head to give him a break himself ..He want to see her now ..thats it ...
She was not came out of his room from the stairs he saw her coming with a cup of tea , she had already taken bath , she wore a sari ,and she was struggling to walk easily in it ,it seems , he stood there smirking ..
he stopped , he changed his plans he thought he will wait her at the room

Jab vo thney pyar se tea la rahey hi ..kyun ...maza spoil karey"
when she is bringing it with so much love why i spoil the moment by going down ..he thought naughtily
his felt was about to take retreat ,
waited for her ..
But she instead of coming up , turned to guest area and there he saw the lusty eyes of Shyam pricking khushi top to bottom and she silently went near him and served the tea , immediately turned and left ..
He felt like dieing , His eyes became red and his body shivered with anger ...!
Arnav , turned , went back to room and ..hit the table .. in anger ..

After the wonderful moments he spent with khushi , what he saw is she and shyam ..
he thrown things at table , kicked the big flowervase making it break in to peices .

And went to bathroom and stood below the shower ..and his eyes burned of salty water that without his permission escaped from his eyes ..

Khushi heard the sounds ..of him throwing things ,.
she had already expected .. But still ..still
She stretched her hand mechanically towards Shyam to hand over the tea , but before that 2 drops of tears escaped from her eyes and fell on the tea ..
ShyamAngry smiled and said extremely satisfied ,he too heard , Sounds of Arnav's Anger on poor furnitures ...He thought ...

" Jo bhee Ho Raha Acha Ho Raha Hi ..Humey Kuch karna hee Nahee Pad Raha hi ...sab Hud b Hud .ho raha hi ..and Khishiji ..apney aap ..hamarey ho jayengey ...Bas vo din ka intezar mey hum ."
"Whatever happening is in my favour only i am so lucky .. even i dont need to do anything ...they will battle themselves ... and .. finally Khushi will be mine only ,.mine ..only all by herself ...and i am simply wiating for taht beautiful moment .."

" Khushiji ..Instead of sugar seems u put salt on my Tea ... No problem ..I will drink ..." in a low tone continued ..." even poison as honey if it is given by you ..."" and smirked ...
Khushi ..stared at Him... With tears in her eyes ..
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