Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Episode 11 : Part 2

Part 2 Of Episode 11 go to first page for previous parts

She stared at him one second , then she started to protest ..

Chodiye humey .. Humey Chodiye ….. she heard him asking

She shouted back ..Ha ha ..Apko koi Haq Nahee ..you Don’t have a Right …Leave me ..


ye sab apko koee mayna nahee rakthye hogey , lekin humey hi ..hum ye sab aise chahthey the ..ki ..zindagee bar yad rakhe use sarahey .. but you …ap humara

har ek ladkee ka ..jo haseen pal hothey hi ..apney ek bura sapna bana diya ..

Jo hum chahkar bhee nahee bool pa rahey hi .. humey apkey iradey bilkul teek nahee lagthey ..samjey ap ..ap bilkul teek nahee hi ..

Ap humsey door hee rahiye .. Samjey Ap ..Apko koee huq nahee ..

Apko koee haq nahee …koee huq …

You don’t have any right ..any right echoed his mind , making him an animal ..already his whole body was in fire of manly desire , he was holding himself , he was able to control his strong physical urges because .. he loves her …simply loves her ..no matter how much he deny ..even to himself ..he loves her ..

Then her shouting at him that he don’t have any right on her was more than enough to cast shadow on his bleeding heart in pain , shadow of anger ,shadow of jealousy , shadow of hatred … and pain of love

She whacked him , only to make him feel the softness of her delicate hands.

she tried to push him away from her , he hold her wrists and hold them above her head in a large fist , while his other hand he slid it behind her so he could lift her up little , push her towards him , and he continued to kiss her neck ,the sensitive spot behind her ears .

he nuzzled on her chest to the exposed softness of her curves and her towel slid down ,exposing her nipples. He continued ravishing the softness of her curves with his delicious mouth making her insane in need of him.

As he continued she long forgot she was protesting , and once he felt her hands no more protesting him he pulled down the towel and started to cares her other curves with his hands .The way the soft untouched flesh quivered beneath his hands was making him lose completely all the controls of him .. All he wanted to be in her ..

The girl he ever loved.

He cried in anguish ,kissing her even madly ..

No .. I have the right .. I only have …..You are Mine ..Khushi ..You are only mine …..

You are mine …..

She paused! . tried to listen what he was blabbering , take every word in to her heart , she felt its filling with happiness , thrilled …

You are mine..

Yes ..i am his .. why he had any doubt on that .. I am his only

She wanted to say ..i am urs only , the moment I realised you bought the bangles for me , and decided to wear it .. I know I am yours only…you should be knowing that too ..then ..why .. she sweetly touched on his cheeks gently stroking … he looked at her , he was crying ,so do she .. she felt like somebody sliced her heart in to million pieces seeing him cry like that and she pulled him beneath her neck …..

And her heads fall back , closing her eyes , she yearned to be loved by him . be his in every sense .. she caught his hair and pulling him closer and closer … parted her legs ..making him be in between .. all unknown to her in deep desire of passion and immense need to be loved to be his forever ..

The manly desire of untamed demand was really high , without stopping a single moment in relishing the feminine extravaganza of her body ,In a fever with one hand he unbuckled his belt and get rid of his pants and boxers and got completely ready to take next action

The towel meagrely covering her body was puddle around her waist loosely bound,

He yanked the towel off from her body making her lay completely naked beneath him , in jerk , then he shocked ..Realised what was he up to…

He saw her squirm and arching for more ..

NO ..He cant Do It …Just he cant ……she is his love ..his love .. and love is more than physical . He looked at the innocent beauty of hers ..

That makes him weak every moment ..utterly defeats him .. in every sense

He rolled off her body and laid beside her ..panting.. their unsteady harsh breath echoed the room ..

Her eyes winced in pain when she felt no more warmth from him , the heat inside her was burning and she looked at him shocked…

He looked at her .. her eyes told him that she did not expected him to stop now .

Pain started to draw lines in her forehead and her eyes started to fill up , in the feeling of rejection .. he cant take that .. he understood for one moment how could she have been felt in his act of dejection … he cant see her in pain …

And he hugged her tightly , took her lips , kissing .. his hands wandered all over her body , numb because of his sudden withdrawal and when it got his touches back ..

He felt like her flesh dancing under his touches ..

It was his first time , even in his dreams wildest he never ..

He slid between her thighs , gently parting her inner thighs ..

She felt her heart beats stop ..she understood there is no going back , and unknowingly she was holding back ..but when his hands stroked her inner thighs and parted .she immediately curled her legs around his thin waist ..giving him yielding him complete access ,

He kissed her deeply , raised little up and…she too raised along with him ..then he entered .

It was painful but she was desperate for that pain then , she was completely wet amazingly ready for him .. he thrust her deeply . , she bite his lips ..not to let out any sound ….

He hugged her tighter and plunged deeper and deeper .. she hold him tight completely accepting the fulfilment of her being a complete woman for her love ..


She felt the copper taste of blood that oozed out of his lips, then realised what she had done … she smiled shyly …

And stopped pulling strong his tongue .. and he looked at her smiling .

Innocently …he rejoiced seeing that sweet smile and he know he is the reason make him almost mad with happiness …

He dip his face on her heaving chest lushly sweaty waiting to be caressedd by him …

He softly bite on her nipples and thrusting harder.

“ehhahh ..” she moaned out of pain and pleasure …

He stopped ..

Khushi .. Thum Teek Ho …



Ok folks …thum sab teek ho Embarrassed

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  1. Ufffff ... girl ... that was something ;) ... and off course, "hum theek naheee hai" ... hehehehe ..continue soon ;)

  2. thank you maan ki gopi madhu ..i was thinking where u vanished after that dhmkee capital comments


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