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Return Of Raizada : Part 3

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The Return Of Raizada
Part 2: CID

Shyam ki Dhulayee
(story so far : there was a havan held at Raizada mansion , Khushi and Akash was already teamed up with the rescue mission with the help of CID they trace Arnav , and inorder to Make Shyam busy during teh operation the Havan was held ..and in between havan akash and Khushi vanishes but later they joins ..., Akash and Khushi along with CID set Arnav Free ...WHile Shyam Was busy with Poojas ...Clap , intead of handling Kidnappers and Shyam to police Arnav comes up with another plan ...Read More )
Arnav explained his plan and Akash was staring at Arnav , and by the end he was smiling …
What ..Thum Mujey Aisey kyun Dek Rahey ho …
Nahee Bhaee …app..
What .
.ap Khushijee ke sath rahthey Unkey jaisey Sochney lagee Hi ..
Its RIDICULOUS Arnav gets angered
Akash instantly agrees as it is to be ..
Yes Bhaee ..then he realized what he had done ..i mean
Arnav stares unbelievably .
It will work , definitely … her plans never fails ..i mean ..not hers ..this plan Your Plan ... ..he fumbles finally giving up ..
Akash smiled cutely patted Arnav's shoulders and trying to hold his laugh and escaped from there ..
Uncle ..rushed to ACP who had gone ahead him ..
Arnav Whatever he shook his head , throwing the thoughts of embarrassment and then looked at Khushi who was smiling shyly hearing Akash , One Moment he lost in her ….
Rabba Vey………. She too saw him staring at her ..
He moved closer to her , then her fone rings ..he gets frustrated and gets angry ..hhheesh ..
She chuckled and took her fone It was Mami …
Ha Ha Mami ….Ha …Sab Teek hi …. Kidnapper ..she hesitated …
Arnav shook his head negatively …indicating ..not now ..
Patha nahee ..mami …vo vo send by Business Rivals she looked At Arnav
Ok You talk to him ..seems mami wanted to speak to Arnav , and was very restless at the other end ..before handing over the fone , she muted one second and told Arnav ..Mamiji ko Shyam ke barey mey ..naheee ..he nodded and attended the Call …
He spoke to mami that he is alright … and all …then when he turned he saw her watching him , with tears in her eyes …she was seeing her Arnavji back ..
He ended the call looking at her ..mami I will Call later ..
Khushee…Ye ..Kya..and inched closer to her ..she tried to hide her emotions ..
No nothing ..then tried to change the topic ..laughing out loud .. It was clear that she is making fun of him , his ego got hurt ..
What he shouted ..
Vo Vo .I like Your plan ..she again laughed
Those who never like these crime - shows please ignore this paragraph
The kidnappers were looked scared , they were all worried about a small stitch near her heart , and they were discussing about it and the doctors team with CID was busy injecting some yellow color medicine on them and medical aid to them
ACP asked Daya and Abhijeeth to handle everything he is going headquarters
Seeing their organized mode of operation and the 'unique' style , the kidnappers already mentally shaken , on the verge of breaking down .. They only used to police , but this is entirely new to them and they don't have a clue how to handle them
The psychological trauma was going on then daya asked abhijeet casually , did the docs planted RW-AME ?
Yes ..and the new version of AME got better transmission than the older one , even from Air Planes we will get signals … I just love this new AME ..
Akash curious
Whats AME ?
Daya explained its RW-AME Wave -Activatable Micro Explosive , its very new technology .. Nowadays largely used in defence especially who works across border . It has a small chip , and that got a unique number and we can trigger it from any range ..
Akash blankly stares ..
Abhijeet makes it easier
Its like a small sim card , you can dial certain number and trigger it and once triggered within five minutes if not send the termination signal it blasts
Akash eyes widens
Small blast very small micro ..,
Akash sighs ..
But ,when it happens around your heart , it is fatal ..Nowadays every spies and most of the soldiers are implanted with it , some without their knowledge so in case they caught in hand of enemoes and they are about to , or tortured to reveal the truth for national security the HQ defence will trigger an d..
Akash interferes
How come we know they are under capture and about to
Daya: that's the point , it has a small transmitter too ,and GPS , it not only locates but also transmits the voice u are in a call ..
Akash ..smiles so .if they are conversing by writing
Daya smiles ..Ya , but our soldiers wont do that .. They are not traitors ..ha when we install it on the terrorists and Mafia
Akash Really ?
Daya yes ofcourse its actually meant for them more .. When the terrorists capture hostage and demands release of someof them already captured we simply installs them with it and send them back ..
It will be not at all detectable .see like this so small ..and he shows it in one of the Goons chest .
His eyes pops out …they were all hearing this all the way ..
Daya continues ..even it is not detectable in normal X-ray or any scans ..its made of amono-plastic , and silicon fibers very much similar to mico fibrils of our body ..
Impressive .. And Akash use his brain in case if they want to cheat on us ..then we can …
Yes Mr.Raizada ..and the funny part is , if they know they are installed with it they cant disclose it to their team too , why , the moment his partners realize it they will kill him instantly because why they would carry a GPS along with them … HA ha ..
Brilliant ..Akash cant stop appreciating
( sorry biologists , chemists , physicist .. For the paragraph above the people to be blamed is Mr.Byomkesh Bakshi (my dads friend , my father is too much deshpremi he incists sherlock homes is less clever than byomkesh bakshi .. , NCIS,CSIs,Lost and what not …When I am in extreme vengeful mood I do watch all these brilliant craps and quench my thirst to do something , because these prove me I will get caught , lost comes in this list because of the wonderful blunderous technologies it introduces .. :) )
Then he heard Arnav shouting ….Uff they fought again ..Bhaee ..he tried to interfere
Khushi questioned him ..what if they do not agree to your plan ...
Arnav : they had to ..i am offerimg double Money ...
Khushi .: What ...I dont think So ... They are very loyal To Shyam
Arnav : far less than that to Money ..
Ap Humesha ...Aisey hee sochthee Hi ..
Kabhee Bhee ..
You are taking thsi convo to something i did not meant ...
Yes .>you said It saying i did not meant ..what do you think i meant ..because u know what it is ...right ??
Khusheee ...
he controls ..
lets See...
Arnav concludes it is upto you .. Either you go along with our plan or ..
Sir we agree for whatever you say , the answer was unanimous ..
Ok then deal is done …
Shyam enters suspeciously ..
For last 6 hours he was not getting any response , khushi joined them back in the middle ..Akash too..Havan was ended 2 hours before, then Mami inssited some special Pooja that she "mannath" for Anajli and Shyam's Baby …another 1 hour , and he excused himself about some important work and he tried to contact the kidnappers ..
He was not a fool ,
He without going straightt to the den , roams around the area no sign of anything abnormal
Finally he decide to go inside …He was shocked seeing the door was locked from outside
What he saw was unbelievable ..
All the goons was laying in pain taking care of each other .. He instantly got hold of the handsome leader of them ..
Arnav kaha hi …??
He spatted flaring his nostrils ..
He escaped ..we went to give him food and he attacked us ….and …
Idiots ..You don't even know how to handle ..
Shyam cant hold of his anger anymore he hold on the neck of the goon and started to strangle him ..
You should die idiot ..he will behera ny moment with police ;/
It was paining ..and finally he retorted ..
One straight punch between his ribs …
Shyam was floored ..he stared back at the Gunda Bhaee ...
The Handsome Gunda
Hold him on his collars ...
We are tired of Your Stupid Antics ...and when it comes about payment ...
(shyam ke pass paisa bilkul nahee Cry )
He punched him again and again ...
Then they covered his face with the same black cloth and tied him ..
What the hell are you Doing shyam Shouted
Another one Punched ...Shut Up .
then he heard one voice ...
Lets move from here before him bring back police ..
yes ...
And Iska Kya Karey ...
A laugh ..follows ..
ha ha ..This guy dont ahve anything ..he need to get it from Mr.Raizada and then give to us why dont we ask ..him straight ...
Will they give ...another voice ..
Defenitely ..they dont know he is behind this alll ...
Ok then ...
then A hnadsome guy , nods at the Goons aprreciating their performance ..Shyam wondered why all of them got suddenly silent ...
Then ... He felt like next moment he saw hell .and the fire of hell followed by a blast was in his abdomen ... he cried out loud ..
Arnav cancelled his London trip an returned ..according to the world and the other Raizadas ...
Anjali applied teeka on arnav and wondered where Shyam had been
Akash siad ..he met him on the way , he wanted to pass the information was he will be away for a while for an importnat work ..
Anjali cribbed lekin hum se tho .kuch kaha naheee ...
Yes ... I asked him to tell You , But he said thats why he is not telling you , because if you come to know about it , you will never let him because it will defenitely take ...more than 4 months ..
All these days he was here only now ...
Anjali face dims , she was baout to cry , iska mathlab ..vo vo ..
Khushi complained ..Dee ap Inkey Aney pe khush Nahee hi Kya .Jeejaji Nahee hi ..lekin Arnav ji
Arnav hugged anjali making a puppy face ..
Anjali wiped her tears ..and smiled ..hugging him .
He looked at Khushi ..thankfully ..smiling ...
she smiled back ..then she remembered their argument a while back and twitched her lips and looked everywhereelse . Arnav smirked ...
Arnavs bedroom ...
Now Unfinished business remaining ...
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PS: Now YOU may be thinking why that AME remote trigger Part , i dont want Risk Arnie Boys Life anymore , SHyam is very Shrewd what if he turned the kidnappers again against Arnie ..
Now that they fear for their lives they will never Dare ..i Hope Open-mouthed smile


  1. Awesome update dear, Loved it :)



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