Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Return Of Raizada : Part 1

A sensible Story : Akash And Khushi

12 June 2012



The ladies where not able to console Khushi , that news Payal Shared with her Husband ,and then Akash asked Nani what can be done , nani said ,,Yes , You try to talk to her , or arrange something , like in office that keeps her busy ( Nani knows she worked earlier with Arnav as secretary , and when boses out of station then secretaries will be busy , depending on the sort of work)

Akash Assured he will do it.

And Akash asked her to come to office and do some secretarial work that need to be done in Arnav's absence , but she was out of mind and she simply turned down ..

Then Akash decided to speak ..

Khushi looked at him , her sweet jeejaji , who was always with her tried to understand her , and his cute face gave her confidence

Khushi finally shared her tension with Akash .And Akash always believed her , he only had the strong belief that whatever Khushiji do , there will be something behind it !

And he simply believed , but Shyam as culprit , that was hard , He tried To convince Khushi

Khushiji apko koee galath Faimi Huee hi �

Nahee Nahee Akashji .. And then she decided to show him the truth ,

And she went To Shyams room and ask him sorry , and Shyam cupped her face and ..


The way Shyam touched her was enough for Akash to understand everything

He felt Shocked ! completely devastated by the fact that his Dee's life is in complete ruins ... , He is opposite of Arnav Calm and composed ,� He really wished , Bhaee with him , and he got angry for one moment for not sharing his this pain with him ,Khushi already told him that Arnavji too know About it ..

He then turned and saw Anjali smiling and coming with her Pooja Ki Tali , she was struggling with the Thali sari and her handicap-ness , Akash's eyes got filled Up , he immediately get down and hugged Anjali ..

Anjali wondered what happened ..

Dee �his words gloated in his throat he saw khushi shaking her head in NO �

Akash fumbled �dee dee �Dee You are so sweet ..

Anjali smiled cutely and patted her cheeks and put teeka on his forehead �

Akash took Prasad and went out , Khushi wait for awhile then thought of something and ran behind Akash jeejaji �


Outside Raizada Mansion ..Khushiji �Ab Humey Kya Karna Chahiye ..Mujey Kuch Samaj Nahe Araha �

K: Jeejaji ..the first think you have to do is Shyam should not have a clue that You too know about it

Akash: what You mean by ..You too ..Who else with us

Khushi: Maami ,and Nanhey ji ..But they don't Know about Shyam Jeejaji behind all these and Shyam's intentions towards � They cant undersant , Vo samaj Nahee payengey ..When Arnav ji nahee Samaj paye Tho ..

Tears escaped from her eyes

Akash: Its ok Khushiji , Its ok ..everything will be alright and he patted her shoulders and Khushi leaned on him and started to cry ..

Akash hugged her and consoled �

Payal was closing curtain and she saw Akash hugging Khushi , she was not able to see their faces , but she felt uncomfortable ..


The no 1 Private detective Office in Delhi ,�CID �

Akash decided They will go to Them '

Ok �Now Give me 40+ Likes ..

I will Update CID office part �

Otherwise lets just leave it here


  1. Wow.. never thought Akash of a help.... but i soo want Payal to get her thinking caps on...

    1. i just laid stones for CVs to think further develope track in future if they want ...
      i just wrote what it could be shown on episode only


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