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My Wife My Seductive Masseuse : Part 1

My Wife My Seductive Masseuse : Part 1

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(Plot Outline : IPKKND Storyline : Khushi is a simple Crazy girl . Her father was extremely sick ,and to save him ,her Buaji and Mother forced her to get engaged to their paying guest Shyam Manohar Jha , with whom people started to make rumours ,which was actually Shyam’s plan to get Khushi.Arnav is a shrewd and smart handsome business man is Khushi’s boss. Arnav could not stand her for a moment as he felt immense attraction towards her from the first day they met and for not to give in he always fight with her. Later Khushi’s work had been shifted to Raizada mansion , Arnav’s home and Khushi due to her righteousness and innocence win over everyone's hearts , Aranv sister Anjali and his grandmother actually understood Arnav’s feelings for .During that time Khushi and her family found out Shyam is actually anjali’s husband and they call off engagement , but they kept their mouth shut as Khushi’s sister Payal and Arnav’s cousin brother Akash’s wedding was around the corners. On Akash’s wedding night Aranv was about to confess his feelings for Khushi and Khushi who was waiting for Arnav was encountered by Shyam once again , Shyam Hugged Khushi and arnav witnessed and heard half truth only , he started to believe khushi is wrong and when he encountered Shyam , he too dont miss the opportunity and told Arnav that he and khushi are going to be one as soon as Anjali get over from their way .Arnav when heard Anjali is pregnant decide not to tell her truth a sit will affect her baby and to save his sisters marriage he forcefully marry khushi saying if she did not marry him ( A contract marriage of 6 months ) he will stop Akash and Payals wedding and khushi agrees .Later Shyams truth is out and he was kicked out of raizada mansion.Arnav and Khushi patched up. But Anjali try to commit suicide and out of rage Arnav blames khushi for all the mishaps, Khushi too felt the same and decide to leave then Arnav realize his mistake and try to stop her but she do not listen , so as a last hope he reminds her of their contract marriage and the contract is not yet over .But she realized her presence making Anjali sad and Arnav can not be happy without his sisters happiness and decide to leave Raizada mansion before contract ends and make reason of her Aunts unhealthy she come back to her house , and Arnav understood why she left and try to get her back to his life )
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Arnav carry Khushi and was walking towards the clothes drier , then Arnav slipped and both of them fell down
Buaji and Garima rushed to the hall hearing loud noises
Buaji worried and screamed loudly arey shanka devi what are you doing , she was confident , if there is a problem then it is khushi and Khushi Only
They saw Khushi laying on Arnav , they looked at Khushi quizzically
Arnav looked at Buaji and immediately said . So cutely
Khushi ne Gira Diya Buaji ' still laying but khushi somehow stumbled and managed to stand up and her eyes instantly popped out hearing his plain lie!
Buaji really got angry at Khushi '..
Hay re NandKishore ' Kya hua ' Khushi thum ye kyun kiya
Hum ne kuch nahee kiya , khushi blabbered
Khushi looked at arnav ,very angry , He smirked
Nahee Khushi ne kuch nahee kiya , I was coming to get 'water .. And bumped in to her
By then buaji and garima helped him to stand , he know khushi needed support , as her legs got sprained , and in this situation she is not going to take any help
So he leaned over her actually supporting and figured a look as if he need support ,
Khushi , Mujey Kamrey mey Le Javo , My Back is paining and he hold her so tightly winking naughtily and she could feel her feet dangling in air
He quickly made his move to their bedroom completely avaoiding khushi's non stop protests ,once inside their room khushi cant control her anger and helplessness she forcely with all her strength pulled herself apart causing him to fell on the bed with a thud , Buaji's 50 years old bed did not forget to make its courtesy with another loud noise ,causing the anxious females outside to make a quick dash inside the room ..
They saw Arnav laying on bed on his stomach , and khushi standing shocked
Kya hua babua..
Buaji inquired , Arnav slowly turned and in a very low meaningful tone replied
i..i 'fell 'mumbled something unhearable to all '. And its paining ..
Buaji made out it quickly ..
Ha your back is aching ' oh ..You don't worry babua humra Pass Is Ka Ek Jam Ka Ilaz hi ..I will Give you a Lakhnowi massage with special oil of your buppaji and All your pain will be Jooomanthar howey ka Gayee ..Garima Vo tel ..nikalo'..'ab you take off you're your shirt and before Arnav could say something Buaji started to unbutton his shirts '
Perplexed Arnav stared at giggling Khushi , laughing cheekily at the situation Arnav is caught .., then Buaji removed his shirt , Khushi stared a second then on next instantly turned away '
A smirk formed in Arnav's Face ,..
before Buaji catch his Vest , he stopped her hand ..and like an school boy shyly requested Buaji Buaji ..Please 'I .. I ' he hesitated . I cant take it offf..
Khushi looked at her and salman's poster and winked at her salman and suppressed her giggle ..
Buaji give him a lovely snap at his biceps ..arey .. Damadji sharmathee hi .nahee nikalengey tho malish thel kaisey lagayenga ,..
I know buaji ..he lowered his gaze , I cant take it off 'he paused and looked Garima who came there with a small bowl of malish thel ,
I cant take it off it in front of everyone ..
Ba' Buaji was about to speak , then shyly smiled ' Garima Tooo '
Buaji stood up instantly snapping Arnav again ..
Babua Thum bee ..bahuth Mazakiya ho ..ok Ok .. Apna Shanka devi, I taught her ..She is an excellent masseuse ..
Vo ithna Acha Marish kartha hi ..ki '. she explained how skillfull khushi is in giving massages ..
arnav with a naughty smile replies grazing khushi ..I know .
Horror stuck in Khushi's face , she did not expect this coming , she tried to protest vehemently and stared Arnav in a glare as if she will burn him in its fire
Arnav was having a hard time to control his laughter
He avoided looking at her straightly
Buaji stopped on her way back , and give a very hard snap to khushi waking her from his staring session ..
Garima too pushed Khushi making her land on bed , and Garima forcefully make her catch the the bowl of oil she had brought,
And with her eyes ordered Khushi to do the needful
Buaji asked Arnav Ab Banyan Utharkey pet pe let jao .Oh Shanka devi .. Damadji Ka Khayal rakhna ..
Nahee to ..swelling hojayenga '
Babua Take rest ok ..she once again give her smile and left the room with garima
Who paused one second outside turned and Closed the door smiling warmly at Arnav behind her ..
Arnav casually removed his Vests and shouted Thank You auntij '
Khushi wondered from one day how he learned to do all these nuisance pranks 'Laad governor
She tried not to look at him and cursed under her breath all she could call him , and slowly dipped her hands in oil '
Arnav with a contented smile closed his eyes and relaxed waiting for her touch ..
She saw him laying still with eyes closed , she felt a little bit relieved , she was not in state of any fight especially arnav;s sexy back revoking her determinations to stay away from him
And she thought for a second may be he is in pain really , she felt a tug at her heart and forgetting all the evens she started to apply the oil ..
Arnav ...
Arnav felt the tickling sensation , a feeling which he always dreamt of , he smiled on his own thoughts
A virile energy just got in charged the spot she touched spreading in its massiveness in his whole body as her soft palms moved along his back
He knew he cant hold any longer and he don't wanted too , but was very much concerned about khushi .
He was unsure whether it was right time ' but as her fingers trailed its path along his back , he felt the unsteady shiver in her fingers ' the hidden desire she is transpiring in to him unknowingly with her feather touches '
He smiled ' ( I am very Very sexy and I know that !)
Hushi .. He called her name seductively , her already mellowed mind just melted in to some sort of non-existence to think anything else but to give in urges unknown to her , she knew well the effect he is causing on her and knew better she has to fight , fight to herself
Khushi ' he called her again , little louder , he wanted to measure the extence of his effect , little naughtily , a feeling that he is so proud , his effect on his very own lady love and he want to enjoy every bit of it
There is only option to make her talk , provoke her
He wispily said Thuhmey tho bahuth acha laga na ki mey Gira '
Quiet just a fluttering eyes in response.. And next moment in a swift moment he hold her in his arms and push her down to the bed with his chest , Though she was in a state not to respond , he took precaution , haul his entire body over her and hold tightly on her lithe arms
She squirmed under him , in slight trial of escape and questioned
Arnavji ap yeh Kya Kar rahe hi .. She meekly asked
Jab Thum Chup hoti ho , tho thuhmarey ankhem sab sach bol dethi hi khushi kumari Gupta singh raizada
Isliye 'thum Kuch der Chup baito ' and winked .. And slowly started to move closer to her
Kya 'nahee '..
Shhh , he made her quiet and was gently closing his eyes feeling her smell and continued to move towards her face '
She sensed danger , and made a frantic movement to push him , as her own body deceiving her in the hell of carnal anticipations
Ap Aisa nahee Kar Sakthey ,..
Kya ..nahee Kar sakthey ..
Ji ..Ji ap humey aisa ' kkk 'ki'.
Kya Khushi 'K K ki ki ... again his cute lips moved forming a smug
Hum ..Hum she fumbled Hum ..I am working for you and you cant take advantage of it like this , finally she let out and satisfied by the point she had arisen but was least confident in his action , what if lad governor put any other clause in his deal ' she quickly added ..
Ha ..and ap ab . Aisa vaisa behoodah ...kuch bhee nahee add sakthey hamarey deal mey ' ap .hatiye '
He stopped , he is very much amused by his wife 's antics , as always ..as it is meant to be ..
OK .. , yes It is a bit unprofessional ... You are right ... And sat leaving her looking uninterestingly on her and casually said ..Now ...Youcan Take a Break ..
Kya .. She was shocked , she never expected him to leave her like that , because some part of her really don't wanted him to leave like that ,when his weight suddenly left her she felt an agonizing emptiness sweeping her body
Ha ..Thumney Teek Suna , you can take a break .. You may be knowing AR ka kaam karney ka ek thareeka hota hi , and AR always take care of the best of their employees , especially ladies '
He paused looked at her seriously ..
And if they are not comfortable we wont ..force them ..either ' and when ...leave it .. he relaxed on his back on bed ' smiling ..and closed his eyes sweetly ..
Acha ' with a wide grin she quickly stood , Th .. She thought herself Thank you kahney ki Koi Zaroorath nahee Khushie , ek tho shukr mano lad governor chod diya ab thank you bola tho what if he ask "For what "..ab chup kar and escape from here , she muttered everything very much audible to him ,he softly chuckled
She once again stared at him doubtfully and quickly tried to dash out of the room , she was about to reach the door and open, he quickly jumped out Of the bed and blocked her way , making her stumble and fell on his bare chest
Khushi gasped ..
He hugged her closer and kissed her head and hugging tightly closed his eyes ..
Khushi pushed him back with all her strength , and panted heavily
Ap .Ap ..you told me take a break , The women working IN AR ..what ?You are doing complete bathameezi .. you guys do like this 'Giving breahk ..
She opened her mouth in to a big O of a huge realization ..
You people trouble them during their break!
he quickly give her a peck and made her shut up instantly , but she was on fire , more than anger the feeling of jealousy doubt overpowered her thoughts , he can easily understand
He took her in his embrace again and said ..huskily ..
Yes You are on your break , not working for me , so I thought I will do little romance with my sweet wife he paused . ,she squirmed in his chest , giving him shudders of tickles ,
Mera biwi , who already mujey uska pathee maan chukee hi ' paused and now I think when I have such a sexy wife I should seek her help for massage , not some hired help ..
Who don’t even know how to massage properly , like my excellent wife ..and he pecked her again , this time her cheeks .
Hum Hum , she don’t know what to say , all the arguments she thought so far just vanished in the deep colour of her cheeks ,aftermath of his little peck
Ji Ap .. Ap ..he mocked her fumbles ..

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