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The Return Of Raizada : Part 2

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The Return Of Raizada
Part 2: CID

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ACP Pradyuman the Chief of CID a retired Army officer was very good Friend of Rudra Pratap Singh raizada ,Arnav's nanaji But because of his busy schedule , and after his friend's death , he was not in much touch with Raizada Family ,

But ACP knew Arnav very well liked him , met in some Parties ,And Arnav too respected him a lot , he helped ACP many times in case if the CID need some help with Business laws, opinion on business deal Why would one choose That deal like things ..

ACP was shocked hearing all these '

How can aperson Just kidnap Arnav Singh Raizada ..that Too at AirPort ..

Unbelievable ..!

He Immediately decided to deploy the special squad , a highly trained as well as extremely intelligent group of people for Arnavs search

And Akash was hesitating to tell something 'then he looked at Khushi


Khushi had earlier told him do not involve police ,when Akash said he knew the police commissioner personally and police will definitely give very importance to their case , but Khushi said no '

And she explained Akash Arnav will not be liking it to disclose , to save his Dee he will do any compromise ..and he may not want Shyam to be behind Bars soon at least until Anjali and Baby is safe..

The flashback of Arnav telling '

"Mere deedi kee honi vali nanhee se Khushi is khushi ke vajah se ' "

And if he wanted he could have already done this long back ..

Akash was totally confused ..But Khushiji '

Khushi : nahee jeejaji ..hum pehley Arnavji ko Doond Lengey and then we will ask him what to do with Shyam , because I don't think Arnavji know who had kidnapped him Yet..

She remembered him telling at the hut that he don't have a clue how many behind the kidnapping

Akash even though don't agree with Khushi , he trusted her, as always '

That's how Akash come to conclusion of seeking help from CID


Khushi signaled him to tell that ..

Akash : Uncle ..hum ..

ACP : Akash ..the most important thing here is u have to trust us completely 'whatever you have to speak , now its really important for me too I always considered Arnav as my son , and I wanted him to join us, or choose civil service , I know his potential , but then his taste was on business '

So tell me '

Akash : uncle ..We know who kidnapped himm

ACP:What !!!!!

He stood up instantly

Akash : I mean we doubt ..and then Khushi explained him everything,

Like Akash she was not able to skip the details of her onetime engagement with Shyam , And ACP being professional knows well how to let all the truth by hook or crook and it worked ..

She explained everything including her cancelled engagement with Shyam .

Akash was shocked , That means Payal knew this all about jeejaji and never told me ..

She thinks our relation don't have enough strength , she don't trust me ?? Chaos echoed in his heart

ACP was really angry for Khushi's request not to disclose Shyam before they talk to Arnav ,

ACP: Khushi Jo Ap Kar rahey hi ..vo Bilkul Galath hi .. You are giving him Hope ..

Khushi: but Anjaliji ..Arnavji ye Kabhee nahee Chahengey ..

ACP gave Up , But he warned ..Its always give more confidence Shyam if they not exposed him even getting down to this level

Then Khushi Got the call from Mami and she has to tell her that she is in CID office .

And Mami too joined 'Mami offered all her help to special squad to find Arnav and went along with them to the Jungle .

Where Khushi and Akash decided help the Old team


The CID executed their Plan very wisely

While special squad were searching for the clues in the jungle the other team went to AirPort

They were sure they might have shown some id to get in to Air Port , and Khushi told them one Guys name is Vimal Roy .. , so they checked the counter which issue the Pass , on that day , 1000 of people viisting everyday but then in computer records they found Vimal Roy easily ,But then Khushi told them that she already knew his address form Tatoo center and they went there , now she is sure he will not go back there .

But Daya one of the investigator said , there was about six people involved in kidnapping , and by instinct all might have took Pass along with Bimal only they checked some 10 addresses before and after the pass issued to Bimal .and they got enough clues .they found almost all goons address involved in the kidnapping

And then it was like cake walk , they just need to figure out the surrounding where all these guys has seen together and found exact location ..
It was Khushi's idea to arrange a Havan at home , so that she could distract SHyam untill the special CID squad complete their Operation and it was Set ..Mami was not yet informed about Shyams treachury , but she was instructed to keep Shyam and Anjali busy through out teh Havan
and she and Akash will deal everything .
Akash said dont disclose the details to his mother as he know his mom very well , she may blurt out the truth or even confront SHyam , because she love Arnav and Anjali very much , then even her wrath turn to khushi too may be start blamimg its all because of her
Akash excused himself from Havan saying he got some meeting Important to attend.
Shaym did not doubted him all CVS of the show shyam Also think Akash dont ahve any potential Sleepy ,then Khushi after awhile started to get emotional , then Mami siad ..scolded as they planned before , Khushi to take leave ...because it is not auspicious to cry at Havan Mandap ..
And she too escaped ...
Before khushi and Akash Could reach ... The special Squad already smashed the Kidnappers ..including the handsome gunda bhaeCry they boxed him so much uska chehra laal laal hogaya ...
And Khushi Saw her ArnavJi ...And she just ...
ACP was very pleased on the success of his team , happened everything exactly like they planned
then they asked What to do with Shyam , who was still at raizada Mansion busy in Havan ..
Aranv looked at Akash shocked ..Shyam ..behind all these .But then he is not much surprised., and ..Then ..Deee
Yes Bhaee ..Akash was about to explain
Dee ..Arnav screamed almost scared to death ..
nahee bhaee , nahee Bahee ..dont worry ..
Khushiji ne Kaha ..ap se poochkar . we will decide ..
He looked at Khushi all surprised .. she knew exactly what he wanted ...and all the while he ..he felt ashamed to face her ..
Khushi looked at him worriedly ..
Arnavji hum ne Kuch galath tho nahee kiya ...hum ..
Thumney bilkul teek kiya ..Thum ..Hamesha ...he paused
for that he just smiled asuringly ...
( but this time she did not went behind that hamesha ...that moment ..)
ehhumm humm //Akash cleared his throat ...
But Bhaee hum Usey Aisey chod bee Nahee Sakthey Hi na ..
Akash' blood was boiling .
Arnav nodded vehemently ...hmm ..
and he discussed his plans with them ...
ACP felt extremely happy ...
Shyammm ...grrr ..
thank you for the warm Response you Given To The Previous Part ..
Now Please Give me 40+ likes so that i will get energy to update Shyam ki Dhulaee and Return of Raizada Final part ...Big smile with some spicy Thadka .
After all our Raizada got some Unfinished Business Embarrassed


  1. Well done My dear Magical Magicia.....
    Atleast u've utilized a wonderful character to its potential...
    Loved it.. n waiiiiiiiiiitinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!

    1. Thank You .. what is your Fb id ,,How did u reach here

  2. Magicia. We must call cid in ipkknd especialy daya ko. Sham ko ekk thpad marenge tho vo zindiki bhar yad rekhenga . I am a big fan of daya and abhijeet! Loll. U blended both drama characters in one loved it yar. As i always says u r magical..

    1. so many people said it they liked when CID and IPKKND came together ...
      if they both on same channel ..the ph can think something like that they do in marriage celebrations ..


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