Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 23 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

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  • A Familiar but very sad voice greeted her ..
    Khushiji ..aj aj Payal ki shaadi hi and ..ap yaha ….

    She turned ..Viraj-Bhayya ..Payals senior in college ..

    Thank god Viraj Bhayya ., Humey Jeejaji se milna …oh … Ha ..Ap yaha Kaam kartha hi Shyamji had told us
    Humara Mathlab Honewala jeejaji ..Mr.ManishRaj hi Unka Naam .. Ap Patha Kar Sakthey hi
    She spoke all in one breath , she don’t have time to waste.

    Viraj is Shyams distant relative .She knows , Viraj had visited their house many times to meet Shyam
    Viraj Bhayya will you help me to find Manishjis room ,I have to meet him , its very Important ,I am Here to give him the money Nahee Tho ..Kal Shaadi .. Aj Ka Sangeeth Se Pehley …Please Please help Me ..Hum Kiseeko Yaha Nahee Janthey ..Ap Humara Help Karengey Na.. she asked him sadly

    Barathi is hotel pe taherey hi ..?  Viraj did not know that
    (Its Rough edit Dont spend Time in Analysing It Smile , just for the scene Nyah-Nyah)clip_image001

    Nahee Sab Nahee , Sirf Maneeshji and Unkey kuch Cousins and Dost ,Reception Kal Yahee hi .., Unkey Ma Bauji and others are at Guest house .. Humey Maneeshji se milna hi … Ap Unka room Pathah karkey dengey …
    Not everyone ,only Maneeshji , his some friends and cousins, They are going to have their reception party In this Hotel Only , his Mom Dad and everyone else stays at the Guest House , But I want to see Manjishji now , Could u help me to find out in which room he is ..? These people sometimes say they are busy with their boss's visit or they cant disclose it to me its against the Hotel policy and What not .. Please help me ..Hum bahuth pareshani mey hi ..
    Humey nahee Patha Hum Ab Kya Karey ..
    Humara unsey Milna bahuth Zaroori hi .. Nahee tho ..kal ka Shadi …she wept ,

    Viraj felt sad for , people started to notice her , crying , Viraj guided her to visitors lounge and make her sit and drink water ..
    You don’t worry , u sit here , I will find his room ,and make arrangements to meet him ..OK ..Dont go anywhere else .. He took his leave then turned back recalling something
    Khushiji why do you want to meet him , and that too this time ..??.
    Vo Vo ..
    Khushiji you must trust me and tell me , because I may need to give explanations to them if they asked ..Please tell me
    Hum ..she touched her bag and hold on the bulge , hum uhney Dahej ke Paisey
    I am here to give him Dowry Money ,
    Viraj did not expected that either , oh ..Oh k …

    And he left ..


    Viraj Dobryal

    Viraj was always good in academics , In fact an excellent student always but always degraded for his being Sick .He often gets fits and collapse down , he was an Epilepsy patient( My medical knowledge is limited forgive for errors) ,Because of his being sick made him different estranged from other kids and he was alone ..all his life and he paid all attention to make his scores high .
    Even though his high percentages never helped him to secure a job , because of the disease he cant hide , being really life threatening ,if medical aid not given in right time ,he need to carry a doctors chit, a type of Id describing the preliminary steps need to be taken in case of emergency for anybody found him having fits ..and his physicians Number and all…just because of that single card all his future cards remain unturned for him .
    And when he tried to hide , pathetically failed when he had once got stroke of fit in his work place leading to his immediate termination declaring him unfit. vlcsnap-2012-06-07-12h51m06s8vlcsnap-2012-06-07-17h27m20s120
    But in spite of all the miseries in his life , love sprinkled its glitter in his heart  in the form of Payal , he mistook Payals kindness and sympathy as love and wanted to live in that fools heaven even though he realize reality very well. So even after he finished his college he still visit his Juniors just to have glimpse of her. And when her course finished One and half year before , he always made reasons to roam around her house and temple she visit often, and 2 months before one such visit lit stars of his life.

    That day he was not alone , His parents were also with him , His dad Raman Das Dobriyal was a security guard at Mallik Industries who had lost his legs in an accident some 12 years Back.
    He knows his sons love interest Payal .And when he saw the person accompanying Payal he got shocked … and a sly smile touched his lips ..
    Ghan Shyam .. His whispered

    He did not wasted a single moment and he met Shyam ,  Shyam did not seemed to be so happy meeting his old friend ,
    Then Raman Das saw Khushi , who had joined them after buying Some Flowers for Pooja .. His Eyes Widened ..And he Hugged Shyam with Immense happiness …
    Shyam understood , there is no escape ..he closed his eyes in frustration..
    He don’t know what do ..he got caught …once again … for the same 'person' according to him , and by the same person ……..

    This is not for good .Its not a good sign ..  After this much years …  


    That reunion of his father with his Old friend , as introduced to family changed Viraj's life , He got new Job in Sheesh Mahal on Shyam's recommendation .Even though Arnav did a very tough Interview for him , but here he is not judged by his disease , here Arnav choose him for what he is his real abilities , and he is very thankful and respect Arnav for that .
    Then one day when he mentioned Shyam's Kindness .. , How great Shyam is , and all ..
    With a smirk Raman Das said .." I never seen a bigger kameena in my life than him , its god who sent him back in front of me … Don’t feel that you are on his kindness , its all what you deserve , I always regretted I am not able to do anything for you my son this condition " he looked at his knees from where his legs were absent ..

    " but now I think all my suffering is just getting paid off ."
    " as long a si live you don’t need to worry anymore , just don’t hesitate to ask anything you want from him , its your right ..and he is obliged to do that "

    By then clever Viraj clearly figured out , that he can use Shyam , and he done it very diplomatically ..

    That day was miserable for him , Tomarrow is Payal's wedding ,Shyamji had promised that he will not let it happen ...
    Still he havent got any news of cancellation ...and Above all unexpected visit of his Boz and family ...

    But then he was shocked seeing Khushi at the reception , just few hours before Payal's Sangeet ...

    Khushi , here ...At this Hour ... What's going on ..?  Did Shyamji able to keep his Promise ..?  

    With high hopes he went to confront her.


    Bored ? These Guys are Important ..for the story ..Dark Past of the Scorpion King..Devil i just love this guy Abhas for his acting and without our Sweet Jeeja the story will be Incomplete
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    Please comment and let me know how is it going ...its very important 


    1. Dear... waitin for the plot to thicken..
      Hence.. jhel raha hoon yeh sab flashbacks ko.. :-)

      Waiseee... achi part thi..

      1. What do You Mean by Plot To thicken ..Zara Khul Ke Bolo .. :)


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