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Chapter 24 : crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

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Chapter 24


After asking Khushi to wait at the Lobby , Viraj quickly entered the rest room Calling someone very important …..

You had promised me , Payal's wedding will not happen tomorrow ..Then …

You calm down Viraj , Kaisey Hoga Shadee …bharosa Rakhiye Hum pe …,

Shyam gritted his teeth in grudge


, Abhee thak he is not able to make money , I know and I am with him only ..


He looked scoffed at Shashi Gupta who was trying to talk ,plead to the Money lender .through the Glass window , He was with them until the call came, and he was sure from here also they are not going to get the Money, Shyam wanted to make sure at any cost Shashi would not able to get money , So he cunningly requested him to be with him , offered his all help, in the arrangements and accompanied him..When The Guptas turned down his offer of Dowry money  and all other expense of Payal's Wedding.He blocked every source which gave Shashi a hope masterly that even Shashi hadnt any Clue.


Viraj Viraj ,,,mera Bachey ..Ab Thak Paisey ye Jud nahee paye … abhee sirf 3 lakh thank abhee nahee jod pa..

No ..Khushiji is here to give him Money ..Do you have a clue about that , Ey Tho Acha Hua Mera nazar unpe Pada …

Ghabardar ..thuhmara nazar Unpe ..Khushiji Kaun hi ye ..

BhaYaa Abhee Joke Marney ka Time Nahee hi ..vo Lounge Pe baitee hi ..Dahej Ke Paisey Lekey .. Vo Manish raj Ko Milney ke liye ..


Tho uhnoney paisa bana hee liya ….Shyam twitched his lips ..Khushiji ….ap humesha ..humey surprise pe surprise dethey rahthee hoom ..ap kee isee ada pe tho hum fida hi ….


Ab Kya karenga bhayya ..


Simple , just do something and try to lock her someplace , so that she could not meet him till 8.30 ..That Boy's Mama gave ultimatum of 8.30 …


No Bhayya ..I cant do anything Boz aye hi .

Shyam was shocked

Boz …...Arnav Aya hi .. Vo Kaisey A Saktha hi ,Anjali Ka .. Birthday..


Sath Mey Anjali Baabhee ..bhee hi .. Viraj added


And thum Humey ye ab Batha rahey ho …Thumey Ithna Bhee Akal Nahee ..Here I am working hard to do your works and you cant even pass the news


Bhayaa ..i forgot ..


You .forgot ?!  Good ..Barkurdar if You Keeps on Forgetting things like this then I too Need to Forget many things …


I am sorry bhayya , Kal fir se daura Pada and … Payalji … mUjey Kuch Samaj nahee A Raha hi and he started to cry like a child and his breath seems strenuous


Shyam said irritated OK OK .. I will send some Guys , help them enter the mahal , they will be in repair guys uniform once they enter u help them to get change .. They will do their work   u need to bring Khushi to the same floor as they ...and .make arrangements for their exit ..

He quickly made the plan ..


Viraj sighed in releif , but then he asked


Boz is here …SO ..


They will lock her in some room and steal her money that’s it , by this news comes out it will be really late and they will only try to hide the issue , for the sake of reputation ..and you are not involved directly too ..


Thank you Bhayya ..Ap ..


Shut Up ,I am not doing this for You Idiot .. He paused ..You Told me Anjali too Here , tomorrow her birthday and what the hell she is doing here ?


She is here to do a Pooja and Arnav Sir is Planning to throw a surprise Party in the evening …So ..


Hmmm Ok ..Now do arrangements for what I said ..


OK Bhayya ..


Shyam disconnected the Call and had a small self talk , twitching his lips ..

Khushie Jee , Hum Apko Kabhee rulaney ya thakleef Pahuchaney Nahee Chahthey and ap humesha Humey Kyun Majboor Kar Rahey Hi ..


Khushei sweetie I never wanted to trouble you or make you cry , its you always make me do it , And I hate it , But I am helpless sweet heart , I don’t want to lose you for the second time .. I will get you at any cost this Time …

If you were not there my life Will be nothing …. I am Nothing … I want You …and You are only mine …


Blood flooded in to his face , and turned it to a scary darkness … and his eyes flinched ..and the sweats flow down his face making it alarmingly dreadful



( I want you guys remember SRK's KK KKK KK Kiran …Ok .>Abhas is a Good Actor and He could Do that )




Seeing her cry and viraj consoling her the girl at reception who was watching it , felt sad for Khushi, so she decided to help her by her own , Viraj had already took his leave from there and was busy in  the call .The reception girl approached Khushi and Told Manish's room No


She thanked the girl , she then got confused whether to wait for Viraj to come back or go by her own , she waited some moments then decided to go and meet Manish Raj as she was left with little time


She waited outside Manish's room , confused then the door opened and A guy came out .


App she screamed , Ap kaun hi ..


Aman was surprised by her questioning Mey ..I too can ask this question to you , he felt amusing


No I mean this room is my Jeejaji's and what are you doing here .

Obviously as I am not your Jeejaji I will be here to visit him only right ?


Khushi twitched her lips , hatiye ap hamara rastha sey humey jeejaji se milna hi .


Aman smiled saluted her and give her way.He was in a very good mood , the deal he done just few minutes back was in his favour .

Arnav decided to celebrate his sisters birthday at SheeshMahal in last Moment

But The Party hall was already Booked by some wedding party , so there was no hope , it seems they have to book another Hall for Party when they have their own Hotel in Lucknow , then Arnav asked him to offer the double tripple money to the guy to cancell his wedding celebrations here and arrange another Hall for him and Aman was here on that Mission ..


The Guy Manish Raj after some Bargaining agreed and to the good point is he don not need another hall too , he want that offer too to be cashed and Aman agreed .

SO the business was success though he never expected it will, be because it was somebody's wedding ..not just a party ..


So he was in very happy mood that time his encounter with Khushi occurred .

He gave her way and he saw her entering manish's room , then thought , Why she keeps on calling the guy jeejaji ..his marriage was going to happen only ..

Then he smiled and shook his head and thrown away silly thoughts as he had so much other duties to perform, now that they have the Hall , he need to arrange decorations and other things ..




Khushi thum Samjney Ka koshish Karo … dekho Thum ye shadi Karney ke liye Mujey paisey de rahey ho and vo bhee 25000 kum ..


He showed a suitcase full of money ..

Deko I am getting this much money just to cancell the hall I booked for wedding '

For Arnav Sing Raizada .. The owner of this Hotel , he wanted this Hall for his sisters birthday Party and he offered me Money ... and i am doing what he wanted ..

Paison walon se Hamesha Dosti banakey rakna hi .. Panga lena ..teek nahee hoga ..

And he was very much fair in this deal ..

So much more than you can imagine

And my parents already started to talk with another family about my marriage

Khushi whines and tried to speak .Jeejaji ap ..Mera jeeji ..Please



Khushi ab bath Karnay ka koee faida nahee ..thum hee Sochlo , agar mey ab tharas Kha key thuhmara jeeji se shadi karbee loo You father will be never able to fullfill our requirements and payal will be never happy in my house ..The New Family is already offered me a Car and Home near my work Place ..

She continued crying , she don’t Know what to speak , in her mind it was only her jeeji's face


Merey khayal se thuhmey Ab Chalan Chaiye …Ab Yaha rukh ke ..he slowly pushed ,moved her out of his room and locked ..


Once outside the room she realised she was out , she tried to knock


Jeejaji ..Please Open Humara Bath to Suniye ..Jeejaji


No response ..she tried had tried , then she heard the loud music starting from his room indicating resuming the party he was having ..




She withdraw and tried to make sense of the things , she felt her foot heavy , she roamed in the lonely corridoor not knowing what she will tell once she reach home ..


Then she heard some men shouting …Vo raheee …..


And she saw some men running towards her ..

She got scared and ran opposite direction ..

By then they reached near her and grabbed her bag …


She tried get it back .., it has the money, what if her father able to convince Manish ..she need the money..


But then one men has other thoughts seeing her beautiful looks ..he tried to pull her dupatta ..


Khushi shocked ..her dupatta was no more covering her , she realised what danger she was in in , she left the thought of procuring bag again ran for her life …


And men behind her …


It was raining heavily and her screams seems muffled in the loudness of nature …

Nobody seems to be around for her help ..

She ran and ran ,whenever they able to close her they tried to grab her and take her in their arms , Finally they reached the Terrace at the end ,

The Gundas Laughed … they were sure there is no escape one pounce on her they will make her silent and then they have their feast … they all laughed .. Approached her enjoying her pain..


She decided . And she turned and Jumped down over the Parapet ,  …..and she fall down , she closed her eyes unable to see her own death ……….


Then she fell on his arms , back to life ..she saw her saviour and then fainted in his arms




Viraj was behind the Gundas asking them to stop , from reception he got the news that she already left to meet Manish , he got bit late because of the arrangements he had to make for the Goons to enter , without any delay he headed to Manish's room ,asking goons to follow

They plotted her in the corridor and viraj signalled the goon to attack her and they did

Viraj hid himself behind the pillar


But after capturing her money , the goons seems to have other plans seeing beautiful Khushi , he did not expected that . A shudder ran down through his spine .. If Shyam Bhaee Know ..they try to ….


He decided to intervene …he ran back after them who were chasing her , but before he could reach there he saw her tripping down …. He ran faster and they all looked down scared …


They saw her safe in Arnav's Arms who were looking at them ,with fire in his glance ..




It’s a very long part . I think .please read and feel free to ask any confusion ..

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  1. Good update, Loved it..

    1. Thank You Dear , next time write your name at the end .


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