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OS : Married Again Part 4 : Hum Dil De Chukey Sanam

Intro ..Married Again

Khushi was sitting in the middle of bed he made for her , in the veil of dupatta waiting for him , as if in Suhag rath…he felt his breath hitched

The diyas they lit glowed on her porcelain skin making it look like made of gold , she had barely covered herself with the shawl and has covered her face with her dupatta , he tried hard not to look at her and then his eyes stuck on the line of clothes she spread neatly on clothes line giving him complete awareness of how much clothes she might have in her body ..

He understood what was she up to .. And for what ,for whom .. but why ..
He loved her and he don’t wanted her to force her for anything but here she was completely dedicating herself…….. He don’t know what to do ..
He don’t want to shatter her dreams of dream wedding and obviously the dreamier shuhag rath , and now she is dedicating presenting all herself just for him , he thought for a while , he saw her shivering and getting impatient , worried , his turning back even to protect her dreams may hurt her and that was the last thing he wanted ,it was then his steps took him towards her in a trance
He sat beside her , he could see her glowing face through the semi transparent dupatta ..and he saw the most beautiful smile ever played on her lips , his hands as if in a spell took the end of the veil and lifted it up ..revealing her blushing , shying sweetest face ..
He kissed her forehead …he whispered

Hu ..Khushi …she slowly touched his lips made him stop speaking , looked at his eyes with sparkling eyes
Shh Arnavji ..   
But Khushi Rasms the rituals .. ..You wanted ..

Aaj nahee Arnavji ..Hum Sarey rasm poorey Kar chukey hi …
Not today Arnavji , we had completed all the rituals …….
and she softly touched his cheeks
Arnav was about to say something , they heard a sudden storm howling and the bells of mandir tolling ecstatically …
in the most rightful way..
She whispered happily ..with tears in her eyes
Arnav looked at Khushi with shocked expressions but her face was calm and happy , she w as smiling ..

Humey jinka Ashirwad chahiya tha ..Vo Humey Mil Gaye hi
Whose blessings we really needed we got it  with that said she slowly leaned on him placing her head on his bare chest hearing his rhythmic beating …
Dhak Dhak ….

He closed his eyes tightly letting the tears fall and hugged her tightly ..
She kissed on his breast right above his heart he hugged tighter

She poured a trail of kisses on his chest .. And turned looked at his eyes .. Little confused by now

He looked at her cute innocent face , and he kissed her eyes softly .She too kissed him back ..declaring she is with him in every step
He trailed down and then almost instantly he took her lips ..

He was hungry , his complains, happiness, ecstasy, madness, everything she felt on his kiss ..she responded with equal fervour assuring him that she is with him , equally in want of everything just like him ..
Finally breathless reluctantly they parted , looked at each other shyly and laughed

Arnavji .. Ha ha .. She touched his lips slowly rubbing , to wipe the lipstick and kajal marks on it .
He huskily said

Rahney do Khushi … aur bee…
Leave it Khushi there is going to be more ..   and slowly pulled her face ..towards him , she shied getting his meaning , quickly turned the other side hid her face ,giving him full view of her sexy back ..

He smirked , slowly started to draw patterns on her back , started to pour kisses tickling her
He cant stop anymore, his butterfly kisses on her back soon turned to wet ones and when bite and sucked her nape of neck , she let out a soft moan of pain and pleasure , he stopped
Giving her time to get back to her breath and immediately stood up and started to unbuckle his pants .

Khushi felt his warmth moving away and she scared did she angered him or he took her cry seriously , he dont want him to stop at any cost today  .. No way , she don’t want to let him think that she don’t like it …she immediately turned ..

Arnavji humey … hu …mey …      

His masculine figure towered in front of her , and the diya glinting behind him casted an beautiful hallow of perfection around his perfect male form ..he was only on his Inners , and his arousal was poking out of it , blatantly declaring its immense need to get its rightful place , Khushi was shocked by the view in front of her for some moments , she don’t have  a clue what to do She stared blank with her mouth in big O ,she opened and closed her mouth like a gold fish  
He lowered his gaze on her staring place and smiled shyly at his own arousal and sat beside her tapped her chin to close her mouth bringing her back to reality

Its like that when ….. He was sure he had surprised her beyond imagination , he knew well how far ,his lady loves awareness on these matters could have reached till today , not anymore …
 And don’t stare .get used to .... And he cupped her face and smirked naughtily .reading every bit of it enjoying her innocent confusion .

She was still in her frozen form stared at him ..

continued her staring at him and at his arousal , he need to do something quick he thought , what if the great Khushi Kumari Gupta started to speak …….
he quickly took her lips , then … still she was not responding , .then the new thought came on his mind , what if he scared her …… he stopped looked kindly at her …cupped her face and hold on her next to his raising heart ..
Khushi its OK .. he patted her softly ..assuring her. .. If you want  .. I can still go out and sleep .. He said controlling all his urges not looking at her , avoiding the most pleasurable feeling he was getting when her soft mounds gets pressed on his hard chest.

He felt her head shaking in a no, frantically in his hands ..and she quickly hugged him and hid her face in his chest .He kissed her again … Ecstatically ..He knew now words lost significance in the serenity of their closeness …
He slowly moved down to her neck and kissed her deeply making her squirm under him for more and he did not disappointed her 
He kissed her on her shoulders , trailing down smoothly ,  he kissed her on her moulds over the  sheath of clothing she wore to cover herself , she felt she will die any moment when pleasure took over her senses with desire , unimaginable ..

When finally he paused his ministrations on it , the clothe was wet with hardened nipples poking out visibly up , she has closed her eyes long back taking deep breaths , his scent of pure domination and masculinity.
When she felt the tug at the place where she tied it around her chest she immediately opened her eyes straight looking at his eyes ..

His deep voice, huskily demanded  Ih Wahnt to seeh Youh Hkhushieee …

She still looking at his eyes slowly moved her hands on her chest , untied and loosened the cloth she wore for him ,  and closed her eyes , arched her back giving him complete access to take away everything she has on her … and he did ..
His breath hitched , it was more than he could imagine ,
Her soft moulds .. Waiting for his caress , he drowned in it , played , devoured ..
Driving her insane when he was on same crazed state , he knew there is no going back , she could feel his hardness every now and then getting in to touch with her core while he was loving her madly ,

Its poking presence told her clearly the ache she was feeling down , in between her legs was definitely going to be quenched by that only , as the basic instincts of mating  took over her sanity , her legs wound around his waist , she pushed her hips up in a futile effort instinctively to get the peace , she desperately wished

She pleaded moaning his name pleading ..Arnavji ….Arnav .. ji  her moans only made him wild to dwell on her assets , finally .when she felt she cant hold anymore ..she screamed madly …ARNAV ….  …
He paused raised his head from her chest , leaving her thirsty nipple dribbling by his saliva .He cupped her face , kissed her forehead
He looked deep in to her eyes … spoke .. Khushi ….
She looked helpless … in pain of desire …he adjusted himself on her
Khushi this will hurt ..little …  Khushi mey …I ..
She kissed him ,her heart swelled with pleasure and pride ..that she is giving in to a man , who care nothing about him but all worried about her pain …what else she could wish more  ….
 hum ..hum janthey hi ..Arnavji ..and she hugged him tightly , adjusted herself quickly helping him further , as if assuring him to go ahead ..

He ,slowly but steadily little by little , tried and finally in a swift movement entered her making her scream of pain and pleasure , she hold on him tightly and bit his shoulders , and he with hard strokes swim through her femininity making her wanting and pleasing .. They felt as world come to a stop and it is only them and they are in heaven ..

Khushi hold on to him , his strength , his passion , his madness .In each stroke she felt how desperate was he all the while to have her …a smile formed on her lips thinking about his ferocious side just revealed to her

She don’t know how many times she hit the end of her sanity , and when that process repeated again and again she started to quiver and fail in his arms , he felt her losing her strength and reluctantly decided to stop his colossal demands …

And finally he with some more wild strikes collapsed on her heavily

She felt his hardness getting softened inside her , making her fill with his love ..
then when finally their heart breath caught a steady peaceful rhythm with him still inside her , completely exhausted  ,she hugged him tightly  she slowly naughtily bite his earlobe whispered softly ….

Thank you Arnavji …. .. 
What The !
She felt a sudden jolts of energy pass through his body laying on her all spent and heavy , and felt his life coming back all of sudden inside her ,making her eyes pop out in shock … she cant anymore ..not today definitely  …….. She is going to get used to be exhausted like this , but her husband  , just impossible , she realized ...
by then with a thousand lions strength her  words cast on him ,  he was above her , propping himself up , smirking at her  , demanding … and desiring ..
she blushed and pushed him back ……………

The end … ..i don’t know it came good or not please comment .


  1. tat was awesome dear......
    too hot to handle.....i m still blushing yaar:)
    good work....thnx 4 pm dear:):):)
    IF name:-shilpa09

  2. IPKKNDbigfan
    i was awesome i loved it perfect!

  3. Arey yaar Arnav!!!
    Time doo na bechari ko!!
    Itni bhi kya jaldii!!!??

    It was juz wonderful dear.. as always.. ;-)

  4. awesome dear... very hot!


  5. very beautifully written full of passion and true love feelings expressed
    thanks for the pm (IF user Laksh65)

  6. thanks.awesome.lovedit.brillaint

  7. it was hot
    nice one


  8. Omg awesome superb and great thx for pm

  9. wow it was really good mee!
    I dont know what to say about it lol but I really enjoyed reading it


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