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OS : Married Again Part 3 : Akeley hi Tho Kya Gum Hi

To Know How They Got Married again read The Previous Parts ( Link Given Below) Or start from right here ...They just got married In a mandir again and they found a hut to stay Wink as there was storm and heavy rain with a car not starting and forgotten phones at home
Part 3 : Akeley Hi ..Tho Kya Gum Hi…

The wind Blew harder , and it bought the whole drizzle inside forcing them to break from their trans , they realized the bonfire Arnav created completely extinguished as the wind brought lots of wet flowers with it from the nearby trees and the creeps crept along its trunk

Khushi I think we have to go inside any of these Huts , lets go ..

And he started to put things back in the Anjali's emergency bag ,

Khushi too joined him helping him to arrange the collected things

She was drenched completely and was shivering visibly

Tha..Than..Thank God An An Anjali Dee has kept blanket in it

Only One .. he replied Seeing her pathetic condition he felt bad and hurried

When they get down from the steps she heard the bells again as if waving her for the best , she looked back , she saw a beautiful glow on her Devi Mayyas face , the small diyas she had lit was pleasantly pouring the beautiful aura on her face nonchalant to the wild storm and chilling coldness

She felt the strong tug on her shoulders realized they were still tied together , reminded her what they had done just a while ago , she sighed turned back , she hold his hands, entwined their fingers and walked along with him , with a small smile playing on her lips


Without much Delay Arnav found a Hut in good condition ,

They entered , it was clean with some loose hay around the corner , enough to make a bedding, some Diyas ,Then some pots of clay , and luckily the hut was equipped with enough dried woods and some other things for night stay

It seemed may be some chaukidar ( caretaker) might be using it

He was finding it difficult to move, as he and she was still bound together by the shawl and Dupatta, he removed the Shawl , something made him stop untying the dori they had tied while they took the Pheras and the Shawl clinked to Khushi's dupatta end and on her shoulder.

She looked at it and wiped the tears formed in her eyes thinking about the eventful day .He understood her plight as he was in same state and kissed her forehead comforting her. She smiled assuring him she hanged the dupatta along with shawl in a cloth line got in to work ,she lit the diyas for light, while he tried to arrange comforts they need for night stay


Arnav soon gathered some woods piled them in the centre and started to work on it , As he had already removed his shawl as it was obstructing him in work freely , He was bare in his upper part revealing his well chiseled torso. He cut the woods with the small knife ,he had to work really hard because of the knifes small size .His splendid muscles flexing was a real treat to watch ,Khushi's gaze was shamelessly flowing around each and every gorgeous movement of it , luckily he was fully engrossed in his work , to save his lovely bride from the cold , apparently who was really feeling hot of the whole situation

Finally everything was set. He spread the hay in a neat bedding and covered it with the only blanket they had so that the coarse end of it does not hurt his Khushi . Khushi was getting uncontrollable urges and she tried to distract herself by standing at the window looking outside .Trying to forget Arnav in such a sexy form present next to her, above all her newly discovered desires


Arnav saw her standing by window hugging herself .

He approached her hold her hand , brought her near fireside , she was surprised the arrangements he had made

The biscuit and water was neatly laid around and in one pot he even managed to place two big roses .

She silently thanked him and fed him , while he fed her.

Once they finished the dinner , he cleaned the place .all this while Khushi seem lost in some thoughts for him , lest he knew she was trying hard to not to lose her sanity and do the things she don't have any clue , She felt she can not look at him the same way she looked at him till today ,before they took the Pheras in that serene atmosphere ,suddenly everything seems different to her and she was scared to register its meaning, above all the demands.

He thought may be she is worried about being alone with him , he wanted to sooth her and he took her to the place where he made sleeping arrangements for her alone .

She saw the blanket spread on the hay sheet, and some jasmine buds scattered on it , decorating , she looked at him surprised equally in shock.

He at first puzzled by her look then he realized what he had done ,

Oops she caught the wrong signal ..

No No ..Khushi its not what it seems …Relax … he consoled

It was smelling the old hay u know dirty and all .. and I thought … these buds .they smile nice , you love chameli right ..

. No ..No such intentions , he raised his both hands in air to show he is out of any action , I know your beliefs and all ..its ok …ok sleep .. You need rest ..look …tired .

Khushi still in worried looks .

Arnavji aap …

He smiled , I cant .sleep here and smiled naughtily ..and humming some tune gone out of hut further surprising her , brought the red hue on her cheeks knowing its meaning , why he cant sleep there …

Then at the door he stopped turned and said .

Khushi I am here outside only , you can call me if u need anything ok ..just call ...and .. I think you should change the clothes indicating at shawl on clothes line ..i don't want you to get sick on our wedding day …. He smiled warmly and he went out

He saw her moving towards clothes line obeying him with confused steps

And Khushi I m OK ..perfectly fine , Now there is no Rain too ...dont worry about me ..he yelled back


Arnav lean his back on the wall of hut looked at the sky , now stopped pouring, the sound of music of night was really beautiful , the moon slowly peeped out of clouds and smiled at Arnav ..he smiled back and winked at it ..

Two stars in sky winked as if joining in some group giggle, shyly.

He felt he heard her voice , calling him …he stood up instantly ..

He stopped at the door , he raised his hands confusing whether to knock or not , then the meek voice came out again ...Arnav-ji ...

He immediately went inside

He was shocked beyond imagination …

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  1. Mee yeh kya? adhay mein he to be continued ker diya---itna acha to chal raha tha - jahan sy interesting part shuru hona tha wahan per khtum ker diya....not good sis, not good.....hamaray sentiments k sath aisa khelwar.......chalo shabash jaldy jaldy baki complete karo..idher betabi bar rahee hai ....k agy kya ho ga :-) By the way loved it.

    1. Noor merey jaan Shukran , waisey ithna din vo log wait kar sakthey tho thum kyun nahee

  2. next part plz..........this was nice

  3. part plz...

    -Ju (India Forum)

    1. Thank You Thank you Thank you ...
      For commenting on Both


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